How some feel inside when someone suggest a party for their birthday

Surprisingly for some not everyone likes having a birthday party.  Jessica was about to turn 70 and has never really

Surprisingly for some not everyone likes having a birthday party.  Jessica was about to turn 70 and has never really liked having a party. “It’s not that I didn’t like the effort or that I didn’t appreciate it.  I just don’t like a fuss being made about my birthday” Jessica said.  Jessica’s friends and family felt differently and were constantly badgering her to have a party, “I didn’t want to be rude and tell them to go have a party for themselves, so eventually, I let them plan one.  It was ok, but I would have rather had a gift certificate than the money spent on the party.”

Next year, Jessica, you can tell them that you have already planned a party.

Just think of the size of the gift certificate that would get.

Are you a big birthday celebrator or would you rather not bother?  Do you have any pictures that perfectly shares how you feel about birthdays?

  1. Anthea  

    Had Dinner with a few friends’ for my 50th, which I, & they really enjoyed.

    No more, as holds no interest for me.

  2. Bette Campbell  

    I went out to dinner with family and close friends. Only 14 in the party but thoroughly enjoyed it,Do not do it every year but this was a significant birthday.

  3. bussawon  

    I stayed home but I pretend I went out and it was so exciting lol

  4. I would be delighted if my loved ones planned a party for me. The only birthday party I ever had was when I was six years of age. My birthday was the busiest time of year on our farm and often my birthday fell on or close to our agricultural fare so our family did attend that generally for a few hours in the afternoon. For my 21st my husband and I went out to dinner. My parents had said they would come but then chose not to and that was disappointing.

    I think if family and friends wanted to celebrate a birthday with a party people might like to appreciate that they cared enough to do so.

    My late father in law had never had a birthday party so for his 90th so I invited for family and friends to visit and supplied refreshments. Relatives and friends came great distances to celebrate and he enjoyed it immensely. He died a week after his 91st birthday and I am so glad that he had his party.

    Celebrations do not have to be expensive, it is wonderful that loved ones care.

  5. Patricia  

    High tea at the Windsor Hotel with sisters, nieces and daughter…………..lovely

  6. Terri Rice  

    Do not like big get togethers. On my 30th bought myself a Porsche & hubby & I nightclubbed with a few friends ( in England still then ). On my 40th my parents came out to us from England for 7 weeks! & we hosted a party which I had to do all the catering for whilst all the guests had a great time – not impressed. On my 50th had a buffet meal for all guests with music & dancing at a local restaurant – not really what I would have wanted but they all seemed to enjoy it. I love music & dancing but dislike being the centre of attention. However, for my 60th I was determined that it would be my choice – so I booked a cruise for just the 2 of us on the Regal Princess around Europe & wow! What choice could have been better? We met some wonderful people, had a great time & spent my actual birthday shopping in Istanbul – no stress, no party planning,no cooking, no organising – just relax & enjoy. The turning of the new decade went with no pain ( apart from carrying all the shopping goodies from the markets in Istanbul back to the ship). I had no depression of turning 60 – we were too busy having stress free fun.
    For Hubbys 70th in January we have booked a cruise which actually travels through the Panama Canal on his birthday – something to always remember & cherish in our memories.

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