How did we lose the plot?!

It is lamentable, but the truth is, that it is much more than lamentable. It is sheer tragic! I and

It is lamentable, but the truth is, that it is much more than lamentable. It is sheer tragic!

I and most of humanity had bet on the wrong horse and we have lost just about everything!

Such as, paradise, peace of mind, deep intuition, interconnectedness; the society that Marx yearned for in the Communist Manifesto, where the ‘free development of each is the condition for the free development of all’. That is, because, our sense of belonging to Mother Nature has now been severed for at least the last six thousand years. And the long list of devastating losses resulting from this, just keeps accumulating. I, at least have the excuse that I became lost simply by getting borne into an already lost world. And this world has the excuse that it grew out of a world that had been degenerate already for those thousands of years.

But where, when and why did things go so wrong in the first place? How did we lose the plot?

Let us start at the current chapter and work back from the individual to the whole.

When I came into this world, that day is celebrated as my birthday. But it is my mother who gave birth to me. So why is it, that I am celebrated on that day, rather than she, who put up with nine months of pregnancy and then with the pain of giving birth to me? And she held me in her arms, continued feeding me and ensured that I survived and was nurtured. So why is she not the one who is the centre of celebration on my birthday?

Because we lost the plot; because we refuse to honour the fact, that mother is at the centre of creation. We still pay lip service to Mother Nature. But that does not stop us raping her every time when our short term interests conflict with our ongoing need for her survival. ‘She’ll be right’.

Look after the present and the future will look after herself’- on we go, living in denial. Never mind that slowly but surely we have been strangulating her, pretending that in doing so, we have not also been degrading ourselves.

For Mother is not just Mother Nature. She is foremost the Mother of Nature. So Nature is Mother’s Nature. And as we cut Nature off her Mother, she becomes a neglected orphan who can only go deviant, taking us with her. We have indeed become disoriented, living in a world of false consciousness, because we lost our soul.

In Hungarian ‘soul’ means ‘lélek’ and ’conscience’ means ’lelkiismeret’, where ’ismeret’ means ’acquiantence’ or ’knowledge’. So the literal meaning of ’conscience’ in Hungarian is ’the knowledge of the soul’. But since we have become lost souls, or rather, since our awareness lost contact with our soul,

we no longer know our soul. Yet it is the soul, which, when known, is conscience. Hence, we cannot live conscientiously because we lost our conscience! The absence of conscience means living without an innate, spiritually (cosmically) connected, natural moral rudder. So we are afloat on the sea of life without having a clue, as to why we are here and where we need to go. Thus we busy ourselves with our material existence, governed by our alienated surface, false consciousness, devoid of conscience.

Our alienation from ourselves and the Cosmos began with our sacking Mother as our Goddess and  replacing her with Father as our single heavenly divine parent. From that moment, we ended up with a broken home, in the custody of a single heavenly Father. No wonder He needed the Holy Ghost to try to make us conscientious, but since our conscience was with heavenly Mother, even the existence of whom we have been denying, we remained left out in the cold. When Father sent his Son to save us, we killed Him, as we had no conscience to guide us to do better. He said he died for us to wipe out all our sins, but without conscience, we went on sinning, as if nothing has happened. We pray to Father to save us from ourselves, but he cannot do it alone without Mother. But why do we insist on continuing to see the Godhead as a single parent Father, rather than say, a happily conjoint couple? Because our male predecessors decided many thousands of years ago to overthrow the Matriarchal natural order of society, that is inherent in Nature and the Cosmos too. They forcefully established Patriarchal power-over-Mother-Nature world order, where males are masters and the females are their subordinates.

Do you agree?

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