Happiness – Appreciate what you have

So much happening in the world to make us miserable. Wars and uncertainty. It is enough to make a grumpy

So much happening in the world to make us miserable. Wars and uncertainty. It is enough to make a grumpy person even grumpier.

However, I am a glass half full person. I can’t understand why so many people carry on about their lot.

When I was young I wanted to be part of the crowd. If I didn’t have a date on a Saturday night I was devastated.  But wanting to be accepted and following my peers was quite stressful. Now at age 65 I have a lovely group of friends and I don’t need to get drunk or act the fool to keep them. Actually if I got drunk and did some of those things I did in my youth (I cringe when I remember), I would have no friends left.  Now I listen to my friends, keep in contact, and know they are part of my life and not the revolving door of my youth.

Now for money, so many people complain about it. Say for instance you are surviving on a very limited income. Many are in the same boat. But you do have a car, can put petrol in it, have clothes on your back, a roof over your head and even though you can’t afford steak you do eat. There is no point in complaining. It will fall on deaf ears. Write a letter to your local member or join an activist group.  You have to look outside the square. I can’t afford a car so I bus it everywhere or team up with a mate and offer to pay for some petrol.  If you look back to the depression years in Australia that is when people really struggled, not just to buy necessities but to waive off starvation. I may sound haughty but I do get fed up with people whining about their lot, when I am no better off than them. So I intend to surround myself with happy people. Not everything costs, look around at the beauty in your area. I suggest looking at activities for seniors which usually don’t cost a lot.

This blog is not for those suffering an illness. I can empathise with you and understand that your illness or ailment causes suffering and that you may not be happy. Constant pain would make anyone grumpy.

Volunteering is a great equalizer. When you see people much less fortunate than yourself you appreciate what you have. Think about what you can bring to the equation, what talents you have that you may be able to share with others. If you are a carer, you may be able to take that person along.

Some say they are lonely and that is why they are grumpy. Smile at strangers. Introduce yourself to your neighbor and invite them in for a cup of tea. They don’t have to be the same age. Young people can be delightful. Join a group. Laugh, it is catching. Get a pet – they make everyone happy. Plus if it is a dog and you walk it, you will meet people along the way and get exercise at the same time – a win/win situation. I realise some are happy in their own company and don’t need friends. This is for those who do need company.

I don’t let things get me down now. I’ve had ups and downs all my life. If I am feeling miserable I think of the things I am grateful for. The thing is not to dwell on the bad and appreciate the good.
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  1. Cynthia Power  

    So often we can allow ourselves without as much as realising we have slipped into a certain way of living. My life has been one of ups and downs, and I have travelled many various paths.
    I was a widowed relatively young, and bought up my three sons through the difficult teenage years. It was a time in my life when I lost many of my friends, being the one without a partner, and involved with my kids. . By the same token, I neither had the time or inclination to seek out another relationship and went back to work to support my family.
    Then life moved on I became a Grandmum, and due to a relationship breakdown between my son and daughter-in-law a very hands on one, being the primary caregiver to two small babies. Again my life changed and once again I was a housebound, the new pursuits that I had picked up on retirement bowling, tennis, lunching out, visiting, sleeping in, all changed once again. But it kept me young as through the play group, kinder years I mixed mostly with young parents. And though it was difficult at times to keep my mouth closed and words of wisdom in, I met many delightful young people.
    Now my grandkids are at school I have that valuable time scenario back, but no, nature had other ideas, from a very fit and healthy sixty year old, I developed an infection in my foot, which necessitated most of my foot to be removed. Seemed like a catastrophe at the time, but as limited as I am with my mobility not much love given to me as my youngest son has a spinal disability and has been in a wheelchair for most of his years. No point in whinges about my new mobility problems, only jokes at my expense. Yes life gives us many curveballs, but one thing I have learnt is that each day is a blessing. Through this new technology I have been able to again renew old friendships. Who would have thought nearing my seventy years I would find social media. I can play Minecraft as good as my grandsons, and life is back on track and although I have a good home, and lots of spare time again life is what you make it and I sure am enjoying this new phase.

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