Government using Nauru detainees as pawns

As pawns in a Government policy to stop people smugglers from smuggling people to our shores, Nauru Detention Centre houses

As pawns in a Government policy to stop people smugglers from smuggling people to our shores, Nauru Detention Centre houses about 543 detainees in conditions that some say are third world and others say satisfactory.

Some detainees have been in detention for up to three years without knowing what fate awaits them. Others, particularly children, have been given temporary visas, or are in community detention, whatever that may mean.

For three years detainees have lived in limbo, without identity and without country. Their requests seem simple but their arrival has caused public servants complex problems. Our current Government has made it clear that none of the detainees remaining on Nauru will be settled in Australia but they are welcome to go back from whence they came or go to Cambodia with whom Australia has done a deal.

Detainees have allegedly fled from persecution in there homeland fearing death, imprisonment torture or rape by invaders or insurgents. Some are people of means others are poor but personal circumstances are not important, the fact is they all have their own reasons for attempting to enter Australia as a place of safety. All have paid people smugglers to make the trip with no guarantee at the other end.

Most Australians are immigrants from any number of countries around the world, if not the current generation the one before. All have made the journey for their own reasons and have settled into the Australian way of life accepting Australia’s culture whilst maintaining some traditions of their past. Many ‘ten pound poms’ remember the journey with their parents arriving in Australia and being housed in hostels no more than corrugated sheds prior to finding their way across and settling Australia. Take away the persecution there is only one difference between these immigrants than those on Nauru and that is they came through proper channels by making correct application and awaiting the decision.

Our judicial system gives defendants less than three years detention for rape, serious assaults, burglary and child offences, surely three years in detention with minimal facilities for attempting to escape persecution is more than enough, it has become inhumane. After three years the Department responsible for assessment of detainees would have sufficient details and antecedents and Security Departments have had more than enough time to offer an assessment on each detainee as to risk, there can be little left to do but for the Governments stubborn determination to send a message to people smugglers using these detainees not as human beings but as an example of Government power.

There has to be a humane solution as Australians can not accept this situation much longer. Australians must not cloud their opinions with thoughts of terrorism or radicalisation it is purely a humane issue.

Legal immigrates go through a process that takes only a relatively short time in most cases. Having been in detention for three years detainees have surely done more than their fair share of waiting time, they can no longer be considered as queue jumpers so why can they not be put through the the normal process of application to come to Australia and be accepted. They should be given a time frame and the time frame kept.

Australia is a country that, all but the eastern board, is sparsely occupied and many towns would welcome new residents and given the opportunity the detainees would welcome the chance and, like us all, win or loose by their own efforts. Forget the politics, the name calling, the point scoring, these people deserve a chance of life and we have ample room to accept them given the circumstances.

People migration from one country to another is a world wide problem as is people smuggling. Whilst Australia should maintain a zero policy on the latter they must also remain open to the plight of genuine people in need. Remember it is in our DNA. Detainees should be brought to Australia with open arms in the true Australian spirit that we found when we came here and to hell with the politics.

How do we get our Government to think of the welfare of the detainees before their political games? Do you agree that the time is right now for these detainees to be granted access to Australia?

What are your thoughts on this issue? Share them with us.

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  1. maszki  

    Quite right. An Australian funded off-shore camp is not the right place for any asylum seekers. The right place is a UN run refugee camp were they can be adequately identified and processed. Our government should immediately close off-shore centres and transport everyone to the nearest UN camp. Full stop.

  2. Mandy  

    Why should we? Don’t we have enough. We dont even look after the elderly or our homeless and u want to bring these ppl to Australia. Why should we foot the bill? Many different cultures here have apted to Australia rules etc why should we bend backwards to accommodate these ppl. Australia gives out so much money to aid all over the world, but can’t aid the ppl who need the most the elderly and homeless. Im sorry but I’m sick and tired of our Australian money being wasted on ppl who don’t deserve what we have. I’m not racists or anything. But tired of everyone wanting what we have but don’t want to work for it or enter australia the right way. They should be returned home not come here

    • Michael  

      Have you ever thought that these people may have been happy with their lot in the country of their birth. However, the circumstances in their country have taken that happiness away through no fault of their own. Take a look at the scenes in TV from Syria and tell me I am wrong. What would you do if someone invaded your country and caused you to run for your life. A man with a boat offered you hope by travelling to New Zealand. It might worth chancing your arm rather than hide or live a camp where you know that all you can do is wait and hope that something will happen for you. But you have no control. Little say. Some will accept the risk and pay for the trip to NZ. Make it a bit personal, walk in someone’s shoes for a little time. Don’t judge others without trying to understand. By the way I AM judging you now.

  3. GUY  

    Both Labor and LNP governments have allowed this “refugee” problem to fester and cost Aussie taxpayers $billions.
    These people should have been immediately sent back to whence they came. They are just criminals who were seeking to sneak into Australia illegally – most of them being single males trying to take advantage of our welfare system. Not too many desperate, horribly persecuted families included in the numbers either.
    To make things worse this scum have been treated like princes with quality accommodation, air-conditioning, free medical, cash allowances, etc, etc.
    Our current government really does need to sort this financial embarrassment out quickly by getting rid of these parasites ASAP. Give the pathetic, Commie Greens the one fingered salute and toughen up to meet the requirements of the majority of Australians.

  4. Lets get this straight, they are not illegal, under the United Nations agreement that Australia is a signatory, anyone who gets themselves to Australia can ask for political asylum as a refugee. It is then up to Australia to prove or disprove whether they are genuine refugees. In most cases they are genuine but since the Howard government , looking that they might lose an election , started the whole rotten system of labeling the Tampa refugees as illegals. Since then it has been almost impossible for any government on Australia to show compassion to the refugees. New Zealand will take any genuine refugees but Australia will not allow them to be settled in New Zealand for fear of being shown up as heartless in their treatment of the refugees. Sooner or later the people of Australia will see through the Goebells like propaganda of this present government and the tide will turn and we will once again be the country of a fair go for all. Hopefully this will happen soon and my faith in my fellow Australians will be justified . To Malcolm Turnbull and his bunch of right wing twits who see attacking the refugees and the poor as ways to be re elected I say, Not in my name.


      Jeff, let’s really get this straight. These parasites/ “refugees” are illegal. They chose to try to enter Australia by illegal means and this discounts them from claiming political asylum – absolutely in accord with the UN agreement. If they were true refugees they would have been sponsored and applied for asylum through the correct channels.
      Government research indicates that the majority of these people are illiterate and innumerate single males seeking to bludge off our generous welfare system. Do we really want the gargantuan problems facing the European countries at the moment?
      I completely agree with the Government’s 18750 pa refugee policy – providing the majority are horribly persecuted (mainly Christian) families. I also am very much in agreement with the 48% (realistically far higher) that wish a moratorium on Islamic immigration into Australia. These people loath our culture, will not assimilate, could well be radicalised and follow the dreadful Sharia laws of female genital mutilation, polygamy, hatred of gays, child marriage, summary execution and total disrespect for females.
      As for the Government’s attitude to the poor, I could not disagree with you more on this fallacy. I’m an old age pensioner living happily on my fortnightly payment from the so-called “right wing twits.” Plus I receive all the other “poor” benefits of cheaper car rego, free medical, $5.20 scripts, energy discounts,, etc. etc. – plus a lovely public housing unit I was lucky enough to obtain.
      BUT there are currently 200,000 low income Australians seeking public housing across the country. These people have a REAL need for assistance but are denied same due to “refugees” being given priority over them. AND, the bloody imbecilic Greens want our borders opened up completely to accommodate at least 50,000 more of these
      so-called “refugees” !!!

  5. We can’t look after our own people, the majority of these will be young single men like every where else in the world.
    They should of all been returned to the country they came from years ago.

  6. I do think the women and children should be better protected however they are illegals and need to go to another country. I do support the govts stand and we need to take our migrants from those in the camps who come here legally. Never before has the world seen such massive displacement of people and with the best will in the world we cannot find homes for them all.europe has been almost destroyed by the massive influx of people most of whom are not refugees from Syria and financially the countries can’t afford o pay for them. There is no perfect solution the numbers are too great.!

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