‘Easter’ no longer printed on chocolate eggs, what’s next?

Another Good Friday has been and gone, and the posts about Cadbury taking the word Easter off a lot of their chocolate

Another Good Friday has been and gone, and the posts about Cadbury taking the word Easter off a lot of their chocolate eggs came hard and fast through my Facebook feed over the long weekend. I don’t know why everybody is so hot under the collar about it considering Cadbury became halal certified quite a few months back, and that was when I stopped buying their products. Imagine if all the offended stopped maybe then when Cadbury started losing money in sales they wouldn’t be so worried about offending other religions and the word Easter would be on all the eggs.

Why do foreigners want to be in our country if they are so offended by what we eat, how we dress and traditions that we love, why do we have to change to accommodate. After all, if we go to other countries they change nothing to accommodate us. If they don’t like eating pork, fine don’t eat it but be willing to accept that we love it, they don’t like dogs, simple, don’t get one, but accept we love dogs – they are our best friends. I am so glad I was born in an era, and had a normal childhood before the madness took over. The children of today are not going to grow up with the same traditions that we had.

I use to think money and sex ruled the world but in todays climate religion would have to take the number one spot. I wonder what is next to go, maybe our coastal lifestyle will be banned, maybe in a few years we will go to the beach and see nothing but water, the sand will be empty of bikini clad sun worshippers because we don’t want to offend.

The world has gone mad, everything offends somebody, why can’t we all just accept everybody is different and just get along?

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    • We don’t object to Easter eggs., being Jewish. we came as migrants in 1968 from the UK. Admittedly we could speak the language, etc. Let’s face it, if you go emigrate to anothet country you should adopt the laws of that country and integrate. The whole thing is blowing out of perspective and it’s time that something should be done about it.

  1. Angie B  

    My grandchildren received some Cadbury Easter eggs this weekend and the word ‘Easter’ was not evident on any of them. Bad form, Cadbury! To appease the minority!

  2. Lyn  

    I’m with you on this. Every country has its traditions and special days. Here we have Christmas and Easter celebrations and public holidays and, like it or not, they are both associated with a religious background. If you are here in Australia, as a visitor or a citizen, you don’t have to be a Christian but you do have to respect and live by our laws and rules. When I am in another country the same thing applies to me obviously. I am not a Buddhist but, for instance, when in Thailand and I am visiting a Temple, I remove my shoes and make sure I am modestly covered to their conventions. It is the same anywhere in the world – stay within the expected and respected practices surrounding religion, customs, laws of that country or pay the consequences. As for the word ‘Easter’ printed on Easter eggs – how on earth can that offend ANYONE! If it does the advice is simple – don’t buy them, don’t eat them, and don’t take the holidays or participate in any of the other general celebrations associated with Easter or Christmas. Australia accepts and celebrates these days. If you don’t want to be part of that well no one will make you, but just keep it to yourself and the rest of us will continue with our traditions.

    • Who owns Cadbury now??? In new York at Easter time you dont get Mon as a holiday also you have to search for stores that sell Easter chocolate and then they are not just a plain egg it has to have fillings in them..there is a very strong Jewish society in new York..??

  3. Who are the minorities who manage to get these restrictions enforced? Banning of Christmas carols at school concerts, politically correct non sexist titles, as far as I’m concerned a female performer is an actress, a manhole cover is still a manhole cover regardless of who removes it & climbs down. I am not a neutral “person” I am a woman & a Mrs not a Ms. I refuse to be politically correct to suit a few who may be offended & since when did Easter eggs need to be slaughtered under halal conditions? We are being thoroughly conned by a radical few & our Government is weak enough to comply with their demands. I’m not offended by other cultures following their celebrations & festivities as they add colour & variety to our own traditions, but not if they try to impose their beliefs on us. We embrace Chinese New Year parades with the brilliant dragons, Greek festivals with their food & wine, music & dancing, Highland gatherings with pipers & caber tossing. What if we tried to make everyone eat haggis & wear a kilt? What if I shouted “Racist” at the next person who calls me Jock or Scottie? ……..rant over.

    • Have never been to any function or school event where Christmas carols are banned – in my Grandsons’ very public school all Christian events are respectfully discussed. Don’t get sucked in by the bigots who distribute their vitriol.

  4. Ishtar – pronounced “Easter”.
    Easter was originally the celebration of Ishtar, the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex. Her symbols (like the egg and the bunny) were and still are, fertility and sex symbols (or did you actually think eggs and bunnies had anything to do with the resurrection?)
    After Constantine decided to Christianize the Empire, Easter was changed to represent Jesus.
    But at its roots, Easter (which is how you pronounce Ishtar) is all about celebrating fertility and sex.
    Why do you throw in all this controversy about different customs and religions at every opportunity. Just to get us oldies riled up and create an “us and them” climate? Sucked in, bigots!

    • Stephen  

      Actually it was Eastrae, the Celtic god of the harvest, her celebration day was the 4th full moon after the Northern Hemisphere winter solstice on Eastron. Ishtar is a Hindu god. The Catholic church in the dark ages roped in Eastron as Easter to placate the Celts which caused a major division with the Byzantine Empire which is now basically the Orthodox church. The guy who put the Ishtar thing up did it for a joke and has since apologised and withdrawn it. He didn’t expect so many anti-religion and Christ people to jump on the band wagon.

  5. colin  

    who cares, what have eggs and rabbits got to do with Christian Easter anyway, But why should I as an AUSTRALIAN born Buddhist have a hypocritical, murderous,discriminatory religion shoved down my throat. and thanks Ally I never knew that…

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  7. I thought Easter was really for Ester, an ancient god of fertility. Hence the eggs and rabbits.

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