Conclusions and how we jump to them!

How we all jump to them. I have been commenting on SAS articles for a while now and for the

How we all jump to them.

I have been commenting on SAS articles for a while now and for the most part enjoy reading different opinions.

I’ve regularly been called a Leftard a do-gooder among other quite insulting names.

I thought I might just comment. I suspect like many of my co-accused we are aware of the problems Europe is facing with the flood of Muslim refugees and no we don’t want that to happen here. I think the UK incredibly foolish to allow Sharia Law any legal status and hope our Government has more sense. Personally I have an issue with the burka mainly from a security issue, but I respect the right of people to worship any religion they choose and follow their religious teachings but Australian Law is first every time.

Wanting a group of refugees currently in offshore detention to be dealt with humanely and brought to Australia is not a desire to open the “floodgates”. It is purely a desire to see human beings who have done nothing actually illegal, be treated as human beings. There is an economic benefit too as housing them in Australia would be considerably less expensive than off shore detention which is costing us billions.

I’ve heard “they won’t integrate into Australian society” and people hold up previous immigrants as an example. Surely I can’t be the only one who remembers the suburbs of English, Italians and Greeks and later the Vietnamese. Virginia the market Garden area near Adelaide used to be an Italian area now it is predominantly Vietnamese. Elizabeth filled with $10 Poms from the UK working in the manufacturing industry.

“They get all sorts of handouts” I hear and “that no other immigrant group got such help”. “Sort of” would be my answer. The $10 Poms got housing and jobs as the skills shortage brought them here. Many other groups lived in hostels until jobs and housing could be found. The economic reality of the time was we needed workers and usually it didn’t take long to find work. There are also many blatant untruth circulating about what the current refugees and immigrants get, so much so Centrelink has somewhere on its site the facts around this.

However despite what our Government might say boat people aren’t illegal if they come ashore and ask for asylum. The persecution of this group over and above all the actual illegal people who come to Australia by plane on other visas and just choose not to leave has puzzled me. Peter Dutton can stand around and call refugees and asylum seekers illegal all he likes but that doesn’t make it so.

Another gripe around conclusions and jumping to them is the conclusion because someone supports one Labor or Green or Liberal or any other party’s¬†policy they support them all. Why? I suspect we look at all issues and policies without prejudice and judge each on its merits and failings.

Just because you saw it or read on the news doesn’t make it so. I’ve been reading about the Hillsborough Football Stadium deaths and the initial reporting of the circumstances around them and how it created the opinion ‘the fans were at fault”. Lies, sensationalism by newspapers, not surprisingly a Murdoch paper one of the worst, and misinformation. It just goes to show how wrong conclusions can be even at high levels.

So I guess I’m saying conclusions: just try not to jump to them.

What are your thoughts?

  1. Cynthia Power  

    Have to agree with your comment Barbara. I often have to remind myself not to jump to conclusions. Recently I was critical of the parents of the small child who fell into the gorilla enclosure, till someone reminded me that years ago my then 2year old over active son put his hand into the wild dogs enclosure at the zoo. A stranger quickly grabbed him back from the fence and shrubbery and no harm was done. Forty years on the incident was forgotten. My excuse at the time was I had three little boys under four and was preoccupied looking after them all. I immediately looked at the story in a different light when reminded of my own incident.

    • My eldest son was taken to the zoo by my next door neighbour, a paediatrician and got into everything with several children in tow he and his wife couldn’t control them all. How many times has it happened to a parent momentarily distracted, that a child has done something unexpected. My two year old took of through the car park at a run after his father who nearly at the car remembered he forgot something and headed back into the mall. Two cars nearly hit him before a lady scooped him up and brought him over to me, stuck at the car momentarily struggling with new baby half out of the pram, car doors open and shopping all about. We nearly had a boy drown with adults supervising as we watched the “look at me” boy swim across the pool cheering him on and took our eye off the others for short time. We weren’t neglectful, we were just coping as best we could and learning along the way.

  2. Geoff  

    The point you are missing is that most of these people are Muslim and will never integrate like the Greeks,Maltese,Italians etc did in the 60’s.I have grown up with them.
    I dont want Muslim immigration to continue I dont care where they come from.They will eventually do what they are doing in UK & Europe and that is not the way for Australia.

  3. Susan Gabriel.  

    Thought your article very positive, Barbara.

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