Boycotting Halal

Pauline Hanson made a big claim before Easter, but what did you think of the call to ban Halal products made in Australia?

Just before Easter, One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson called for a boycott of Cadbury chocolate because of a Halal certification. Below is Barbara’s response to the controversy.

I have rarely heard anything so ludicrous and unpatriotic as Pauline Hanson’s call to boycott Cadbury’s Easter eggs.

Cadbury’s has factories in Australia employing Australians. Those Australians probably have families. Those families buy goods and services from other businesses and thus help keep the economy ticking over. They may have a mortgage on a house or be paying rent. If a boycott was successful and nobody brought Cadbury chocolates what would be the consequences for those workers? Unemployment, less spending money and hardship for them and their families. The impact, however, extends beyond them to the businesses they once supported as they can no longer spend money there. Unemployment in Tasmania is high so why would an Australian politician want to make it worse by closing a Cadbury factory? If there are no sales in the country they have their factories why would a company stay instead they would succumb to the lure of cheaper wages and go overseas.

In an area of country South Australia with a scarcity of jobs, a small manufacturer managed to score a lucrative contract, and he increased his staff by about 35 people to make the new product. The product was going into an overseas Muslim country and had to be certified Halal. The business owner was threatened as were his children. The intimidation worked, he cancelled the contract and sacked those workers. Years later many are still unemployed.

Businesses get Halal certification, not to appease the just over 2 percent of Australia’s population that is Muslim but so they can export to Muslim countries and expand their markets. This trade is potentially worth billions to Australia and results in employment for Australians. This site is the Government site explaining Halal. 

It was apparent from many people’s comments on the Halal boycott they don’t really understand the way certification is done. It is not necessarily every individual food type that is certified, so no the Chocolate eggs or Vegemite aren’t specifically selected to be certified Halal, but the factories and supply chain. Many foods are naturally Halal but certification indicates that a check has been made that the ingredient suppliers, transport companies and the factory itself can’t accidentally contaminate the food. This may mean an ingredient in one product has to change so ‘contamination’ can’t occur impacting other already naturally Halal foods. Once certification of a production facility is done everything coming from that facility is Halal. Most products are aimed at the export market or a hoped-for export market, and some hits Australian supermarket shelves. It is not possible to certify one and not the other because it comes from the same facility.

Many people express concern that the money raised may go to fund terrorism despite AUSTRAC finding no evidence of this. There is silence however over fuel companies continuing to buy oil from ISIS captured oil wells or TABCORP being found guilty of money laundering some for terrorist groups. Have these people also stopped putting fuel in their cars and pulled all support from TABCORP?

I find Pauline Hanson’s anti-Halal stance incredibly unpatriotic as she is asking you to help axe Australian jobs. I’ve checked One Nation website her policy is that the Australian Government do the certification for Halal. I doubt they could or would as they outsource or privatise their functions regularly and it would probably end up back with the one or more of the same organisations and if a Government body did it will the importers accept that. After all, there are all sorts of requirements put on exporters to meet other countries requirements, (labelling, packaging product size, chemicals used are among a few).

If you feel strongly that you won’t buy Halal, or you won’t buy products with palm oil, or foods or products sourced from child labour, products from animals or any other thing you may feel strongly about I can understand and support that even if I don’t have your concern. However, are you doing it though with a full and clear understanding of all the issues?

Do you agree with Barbara? What do you think of products with Halal certification?

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  1. rus  

    Im with Pauline Hanson on this one. Animal rights should go before profits.

  2. Janis Parbery  

    Thank you for your explanation regarding Halal and the Easter Eggs. Cadbury did put Hunting Eggs on their products, but when you think about it, they are Hunting Eggs, most children do HUNT for their eggs – Hence HUNTING EGGS.

  3. Denise Ogilvie  

    Does she also have a problem with kosher certified food? If not, why not? Like Halal, kosher also requires certification, at a cost. Where does that money go? Just saying, because I’m not fussed about either. Taste and cost are usually my criteria when it comes to buying food,

  4. Don  

    The last time I looked the muzzas don’t celebrate Easter

  5. Peter Smith  

    It is not about animal rights. It is about paying money (incorporated in the price) to an organization whose basic beliefs include beheading non believers, Female genital mutilation, domestic abuse, child marriage.
    These are the values they must condone and support in order to belong. No ifs or buts. I don’t think it is ok to support that in ANY way. That is where your money goes.
    This will impact on your children and grand children as it is doing now when they are taught that this is an acceptable belief.

    • Krystal  

      Well said! I understand in other countries there is only one halal certified organisation so why do we have all these various ones collecting money here? Also hear that if one prays over the food before consuming it is considered halal. If true, another rip off!

  6. I demand a boycott of all products which may provide monies back to those contributing to the war machine which illegally and reprehensibly dumps depleted uranium on innocents

    • Dale Hennessy  

      Read the article!!!!! There is no evidence whatsoever that money raised goes to ISIS. Check your facts! Give me ine scrap if evidence that this happens! It’s already been explained to you….. although some of the words were of more than one syllable so you may not have been able to understand. I am ashamed and embarrassed to say I come from the same country as people like you.

      • Krystal  

        In this article there is no reference the money goes to support ISIS but if you do other research it seems to support that that may be the case. Also why would feminine hygiene products or cat food need to have halal certification? Just wondering. I also have heard, that if nothing else, halal monies go to support Muslim schools. If I wish to support a certain religious teaching I will do so but do not want to inadverntly be contributing to one that I do not believe in.

  7. Therese  

    I tend to agree with Peter Smith. Fine export it with Halal certified on the packet, but halal exports goes to non Christian countries – they don’t celebrate Easter -. I’m trying really hard to be fair – but I’m a little tired of being fair when no-one else is

    • Chris Nairne  

      Singapore is not a Christian country, but they celebrate all of the festivals lavishly. I am sure that all religions in Australia are impacted by the excessive advertising and shopping centre displays, and enjoy the chocolate and hot cross buns as much as anyone else. They have children who see it all and would like to have the fun of the season, even if their religion does not celebrate it. I don’t hear anyone denying sceptics, and non-believers the right to a chocolate egg. Halal, Smallall – it is all nonsense and Pauline is more dangerous than most with her hatred and bigotry. 20 years ago, she didn’t even rate the Muslims – then it was people from Asia who were the Big Bad Wolf at the door.

    • Norman Johnson  

      Easter (and Christmas) is celebrated by many people in Muslim countries, such as Indonesia, the largest Islam country in the world. We lived there and the biggest Christmas tree we have ever bought was from a man outside a mosque, raising money for the local poor. Our son is married to a lovely Lebanese girl, whose (muslim) family always give us Christmas and Easter gifts, and wish us Merry Christmas/Happy Easter.

  8. So much has been said about Paulines stance on this, and the subsequent outcry by certain people regarding job losses. Have these people forgotten of haven’t read, Cadburys are closing down a factory here in Australia with the loss of many jobs ??? The American giant that owns Cadburys are just here to make profits, if it doesn’t pay shut it down, to hell with Aussie jobs…

  9. Terry  

    Look at the bigger picture. There are so many products that are being Halal certified that don’t need to be. Eg, Cheese and Dairy products. The Inman that is speaking out about certification has hit the nail on the head. It’s all about raising money for Islamic Propaganda. As has been pointed out, if christian groups and churches started to push for food to be certified as suitable for Christian consumption, think of the public out cry from the same people that are supporting Halal Certification. As the Inman has pointed out, Muslims know what they can and can’t eat, so why are they demanding that Australian supermarkets cater to their demands. Why don’t they start their own supermarkets to cater for their Halal needs.

  10. Pamela  

    Halal certification fees in part fund terrorism via zakat tax.

    If you want to pay for moslems to kill non-moslems, including yourself, go right ahead!

    But don’t whinge when terrorist acts occur if you are part of their funding support.

  11. Leon Gould  

    Kosher and Halal at what cost. It is easy to be blase about chocolate eggs and easy to claim it is a harmless classification, but accepting such classifications gives succour to the inhumane Kosher & Halal slaughter of animals right here in Australia. Don’t accept these classifications until the un-stunned-slaughter is banned. See the following on the RSPCA site if you think it is banned in Australia.

  12. Gerry Bowen  

    Barbara, Why buy the chocolate in the first place. Just send your money to ISIS

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