Explaining how personal forecasts are done

Read Part 1 in this series here. You could say we’re puppets, our strings being the rays from the sun,

Read Part 1 in this series here.

You could say we’re puppets, our strings being the rays from the sun, the moon and the planets. However, remember, those rays helped make up our characters when we were born – although, of course, our parents’ DNA made us into little beings upon conception.

Ok, so those planetary rays pull on our strings – not only physically but mentally and emotionally – and we can’t help but respond. Nevertheless we react in different ways according to our characters.  For example, when Jupiter returns to the place where it was at someone’s birth (which happens every twelve years) Jupiter’s rays encourage that individual to expand and grow, to broaden his/her horizons.

Jupiter gives us hope and aspirations, itchy feet to get us climbing hills to see new horizons. Jupiter’s rays also give us a feel good factor and puts rose tinted glasses on our noses. They, figuratively speaking, make us look up at what seems an insurmountable mountain and think we see the sun’s rays glinting off a crock of gold at the top when in fact it’s icy flint stones reflecting the sun.  Our deceptive view gives us the aspiration to climb the mountain to get the gold.  Maybe a third of the way up Jupiter’s rays switch off (having moved from the birthplace position) and the rose tinted glasses fall off and we realise it’s probably just flint stones.  But in climbing that third way up we’ve come to realise we have the capability to climb what we thought was an insurmountable mountain.  The mountain being an ambition to try something we thought we weren’t capable of doing.

Using a zodiac circle for a birth chart, we note the positions of the planets at the time of birth, Jonathan Cainer explains “that the zodiac, like every circle has 360 divisions or ‘degrees’.”  Usually astrologers divide the zodiac into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each and Aries starts the circle, then Taurus, Gemini and so on.  For the birth chart the planets’ positions are noted around the circle at the degree point in whatever astrological sign it was at the time of birth.  The sun was 15 degrees in Virgo when I was born, the moon 17 degrees in Aries.  These positions are all in the ephemeris, to quote from the Oxford dictionary: the ephemeris is an ‘astronomical almanac or table of predicted positions’ and the passage of the planets are all noted in it, the planets’ positions in the zodiac help sailors chart their passage at night.

So, having noted all the positions of the planets in the zodiac circle at the time of your birth, you can then look at the positions of the planets in say a couple of months from now and, my goodness, from the 14th to 22nd June, 2016 Jupiter will be 15 degrees in Virgo – on the spot where the sun was when I was born 74 years ago.  Looking up the transits of planets and their effects on a person in Nicholas Campion’s A Practical Astrologer, he says that when Jupiter and people’s sun sign are in conjunction, they’ll have “vital energy, desire for personal freedom, possibility of opportunity and reward for past work; long journeys likely” – that’s to happen to me on those dates.

For a reference, I’ll look back to see what happened when the same conjunction occurred around 12 years ago: that was 14th to 21st November, 2003, after that Jupiter moved on but when it reached 18 degrees, it went retrograde i.e. backwards (this seems to us to happen because, viewed from Earth, our planet’s ‘wobble’ causes this to appear to happen) so after a while in its transit (passage) Jupiter returned to the same spot of 15 degrees and was again in conjunction with my natal sun, that was 18th to 25th February 2004. It carried on going retrograde until it reached 8 degrees, that was in May 2004, then once again it went direct to carry on its way and so for the third time it arrived at 15 degrees and hovered there for 5 days, the dates were 12th to 17th July 2004.  Those days coincide with me selling my small hotel and moving to where I live now.  So what’s to happen to me when Jupiter is again in conjunction with my sun sign?  More in part three.

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