Explaining how a person’s astrological predictions are done

Everyone, I think, knows what their sun sign is but what many don’t realise is they don’t have only sun

Everyone, I think, knows what their sun sign is but what many don’t realise is they don’t have only sun sign characteristics, the astrological signs the planets were in on the day they were born contribute to their character. This makes everyone an individual especially as, added to that, the place and time of birth makes a difference too Even twins born minutes apart are thus different because of the gap in time between their births. The time element also gives people their sun ascendant which is the trigger point for working out predictions, but first I’ll explain something about birth charts and how they make up a person’s character.

I’ll be the guinea pig. I was born when the sun was in Virgo but the ascending sun at the time was 3 degrees in Sagittarius. Virgo is my basic sun sign character and the Sagittarian sun ascendant gives me my outward personality making me friendly and quick to make conversation. The moon which effects emotions was in Aries so my emotions are a bit fiery as Aries is a fire sign. As is Sagittarius incidentally, whereas Virgo is an earth sign (practical and analytical). Next in line is Mercury which influences the way we think and communicate and it was in Libra (an air sign) so balancing things up to bring harmony is a characteristic. Venus was also in Libra and Venus “concerns relationships, marriage and attitudes to pleasure and the arts”, to quote from Nicholas Campion’s The Practical Astrologer, who goes on to say that Venus-Libra people’s “expectations of relationships can be high” – that’s been proved true!

Next: Mars which “shows the individual’s general energy level, the way practical problems are handled” I’ve Mars in Aries and so this makes a person energetic and assertive. That’s the good side, the bad is that Mars-Aries people are “impulsive, impatient and not good at coping with opposition”. Hence I’ve always worked better when self-employed or been allowed to work under my own initiative.

Jupiter follows Mars and Jupiter influences how people “try to expand and grow”, I have Jupiter in Gemini, an air sign and in air signs it “stresses personal growth through analysis and the use of the intellect.” Geminians like to amass facts and inform others of them hence they can be chatterboxes, also they can be restless.

After that I have Saturn in Taurus, an earth sign and Nicholas Campion says when in an Earth sign I may experience difficulties and challenges in physical and practical affairs and in Taurus this leads to “conservatism and stubbornness”- Saturn is the planet of restriction to stop a person taking risks.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are so far away that, viewed from the planet Earth, they appear to be very slow moving thus they pass very slowly through a sign, e.g. Uranus started transiting through Aries in March 2011 and won’t arrive at the next sign, Taurus until March 2019 this means people born between those times will all have Uranus in Aries. So children born since 2011 will, according to astrologers Julia and Derek Parker, have “the energy and assertiveness of Aries complementing the forthright, nervous energy of Uranus.” They also say “Uranus should endow plenty of originality and the motivation to use it in positive ways.” Nice to know that when they grow up the world will probably benefit from them.

Uranus rules new technology and is the planet of change of established systems, and when it entered Gemini just at the time when I was born, 1941 not leaving until 1949 it brought about these changes in the world – new inventions for war weapons, first by the Germans then by the allies. The Parkers say the effect on people born then meant they were endowed with “originality, quick thinking and often brilliant ideas” – unfortunately my ideas and inventions weren’t brilliant enough.

Neptune (rules mysticism and the arts and affects lifestyles) and it was in Virgo from 1928 to 43 and the worldwide influence was “materialism in belief [and] conservatism in fashion” (style of clothes – the Charleston dresses ceased being the fashion).

There is lots more to a birth chart but here I’ll end on Pluto. Pluto causes “challenge to established structures” It was in Leo from 1938 – 58 and the Parkers say “Domination and power were highlighted” and Campions says that’s when there was “authoritarianism” and when “individualism clash[ed]” – example Hitler’s invasion of Poland and the start of the 2nd World War and in 1941 the bombing of Pearl Harbour by the Japanese.

When Pluto enters a new sign there’s rapid change – as happened to the financial market in 2008! That’s when it entered Capricorn. Nicholas Campion predicted that when Pluto is in Capricorn there would be “a material revolution and profound conservatism worldwide”. His book was published in 1993, long before we started experiencing all of that! Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2044, then the Planet will enter Aquarius and Nicholas Campion predicts that Pluto will veer thought away from materialism and turn it towards humanitarian ideals, that’s reassuring, however he says there will be an intellectual revolution and intolerance.

Having given you an idea about worldwide astrological predictions, in part two I’ll explain about personal forecasts.

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