Best of 2016: Living with Muslims

The Muslims are copping it at the moment, not just here but throughout the Western world, it would seem. The

The Muslims are copping it at the moment, not just here but throughout the Western world, it would seem. The irony of it is that I am sure the vast majority of these people just want to get on with their lives, just like the rest of us — it is a vociferous, fanatical minority who are responsible for most of the problems besetting us at the moment, and an answer to it is very hard to find.

It’s not even as though this was the first time such a situation was dumped on an unwary world; it has happened many times before and will undoubtedly happen again too.

Just take your mind back to the late-1930s (or look it up, if you’re too young to have experienced it), when a particular German gentleman named Hitler gained power in Europe, with a comparatively small band of henchmen to assist him, plus an amazing ability to mesmerise masses of people into his way of thinking. It took about 10 years to get rid of him, five of them in a war that killed millions of fine young men from all over the world.

Since his day there have been several other contenders for the throne of ‘world ruler’, people like Idi Amin and Gadafi in Africa and now some religious zealots in the Middle East, calling themselves ISIS! This latest lot is just about the most dangerous of them all, prepared to kill anyone to reach their ends, even themselves, and to do it in the most cowardly fashion, hiding behind masks and radio controlled devices which kill women and children as much as any military opposition.

I suppose the destruction of the World Trade Centre was about the most awful thing these zealots have done, with thousands of individuals slaughtered at a single stroke — the leaders of ISIS no doubt looked on that as a great success.

The most horrible thing about all this is the fact we have no way of knowing who the perpetrators of such atrocities are. They look and act exactly as the moderate members of their race do, they wear the same clothes and many of them work at ordinary jobs, just like those all around them. They don’t have uniforms on, they don’t display weaponry, except when they are about to use it.

In my opinion, the Federal Government is going about this whole problem in the wrong way. It is showing the world just how weak Australia is, prepared to put up with all sorts of inconveniences, simply to avoid angering a minority group. It’s swiftly getting to the stage where Christmas can’t be celebrated, food has to be specially prepared, to a foreign standard and special laws look like being created just for the benefit of these people.

Unless the Australian Government ‘bites-the-bullet’ and figures out the way we can eventually beat the trouble-makers, we are in great danger of completely losing our carefully assembled Western identities, to be governed by laws that are foreign to us and religious thinking that is outside our own system.

I’m not a religious person at all, but I do appreciate that the religion they wish to follow is important to them, but it should NOT be at the expense of our beliefs and customs. If they are offended by our ways, why did they come here in the first place. They only have to accept that our laws take priority, with anything they believe in coming a distant second, just as it would be if we were in their homelands.

Follow this simple rule and we can very easily exist, side-by-side.

What are your thoughts on those who come to a new country looking to call it ‘home’? Do you agree with what Brian has to say?

This piece was originally published on Starts at 60 as ‘Living with Muslims’. It was one of our most popular contributions by the Starts at 60 community in 2016.

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  1. Guy Flavell  

    Fantastic article Brian, well said. It appears to me that a large majority of Islamic immigrants, both
    legal and illegal, have chosen Australia because of our extremely generous welfare system.
    Polygamous families enjoying multiple handouts, rorts to our child care system, illiteracy and
    innumeracy disallowing worthwhile employment opportunities probably for decades to come,
    have made many, many Australians uncomfortable with Islamic immigration. The Sharia laws are
    also an abomination to our culture and I firmly believe that all new Islamic immigrants must be
    encouraged, no forced, to deny these despicable laws under signed oath. Breaches of same
    should result in immediate deportation back to their countries of origin.
    I truly hope that our Government will heavily vet each ‘refugee’ from these Islamic countries and
    be reasonably certain that they can assimilate into our society without the frightening influence of Sharia Law. Perhaps emphasis should be placed mainly on the horribly persecuted Middle Eastern
    Christian families desperate to escape the evils of trying to exist under Islamic dominance.

    • Don  

      Well said Guy, but as usual the leader of this once great country and his herd of sheep have no Balls to stand up to this invasion of non respectful bunch of Islamic infiltrators, come to Australia who ever you are respect our culture or Fck off !!!!

    • Sheila  

      Totally agree with you. But it seems the politicians are too weak to do anything

  2. Mark  

    I agree with you Guy, i have seen this lot in action you have to read the Quran and its motive
    wait till they become the majority i fear for our children

  3. Rosie Koina  

    I agree with what you have written. We concentrate on differences rather than similarities. Our government needs to bolster our customs and values. Choosing to live in this country where they are welcome to share our freedoms and lifestyles requires acceptance of our ways. We can respect religious difference and cultural perspectives just us those coming here need to respect ours.

  4. Pamela  

    All moslems follow the same evil, barbaric instruction book the quran/koran.

    The myth of your ‘friendly moslem neighbour’ will show its true colours when their numbers increase.

    Look at all countries where moslems are, particularly the EU currently.

    If you want that for Australia, just keep your head in the sand; it will be easier for them to remove it!

    • Gregory  

      Look what Wayne’s ‘friendly Muslim neighbour’ did to him a couple of months’ ago, just for the hell of it, because he (Wayne) was a ‘westerner’.

      They’re evil, barbaric, & mentally sick believing what’s written in that garbage book.

  5. Vicki  

    Totally agree. Also l think Muslims should strongly denounce Isis and all the other copy cat groups who oppose modern western civilisations. These groups are not Muslims, they have hijacked the Islamic faith and l would be mad as hell if it were a faith l belonged to!

  6. Diane Caravelli  

    Well stated Brian, I could not agree more. In my opinion, if the Muslims come to Australia to live they have to accept the Australis ways, not try to make us assimilate to foreign ideals.

  7. Hans de Rycke  

    Check out facebook “No sharia law – Never ever give up Australia”. There is a documentary about a ‘normal’ family preparing their 7 and 9 year old daughters for a suicide mission. Later a approximately 9 year old blew herself up in a Damascus police station, killing none but herself. These people are sick.

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