As I see it: Sharia law is not going to take over the mainstream governments

Ram Dass once said “As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be you can’t see how

Ram Dass once said “As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be you can’t see how it is.”

For months, there has been more and more disapprobation in regard to Sharia Law, ISIS, Jihad and Muslims in general. Religious fanatics citing Walid Shoebat as one example and a host of radical videos appearing on You Tube. Alarmist websites that are there for one purpose, scaring people and engaging in fear mongering. They’re designed to scare you into believing everything they say is correct – it is not!

Let me state one thing here, and let’s be very clear about it.

Sharia law is not going to take over the mainstream governments in the Western world. Normal citizens will not be forced to pray toward Mecca (officially: Makkah al-Mukarramah). Women will not be forced to wear the burqa. As a matter of interest, wearing the burqa, or niqab, or forehead veil by Muslim woman is not an obligation, it is a matter of local traditions and cultures. In other words, it is found to be popular in some countries while not in others, according to a specific area and their tradition. As for the traditional Islamic belief, it is to be favoured only if a woman fears to be harmed or to cause harm for others, or, if she is very beautiful, for example.

It doesn’t have a specific shape or form, every woman can have her own style, neither a specific fabric is recommended, even a soft transparent cloth is fine. In effect, the aim is to make face expressions not so apparent, but without hindering the woman’s ability to look, talk, and breathe. (Many thanks once again to my researcher; Dr. Hanay Qoulaq PhD. MPhil. (Middle Eastern Studies)

When I was in the Middle East last year, I spent a good deal of time with many locals. They were gentle, kind and welcomed me into their humble homes, treating me with the utmost respect. Me, a Westerner! I learned a great deal from these people about their religion and culture. I was also surprised to see a number of women in the hotel I was staying at, sharing their breakfast and discarding their veil.

Sadly we have been indoctrinated by a few misguided radical groups, they have managed, like most other cultist factions to install fear into many of us. It’s sad because once again, every situation is deeply seeded in religion.

Here’s the thing, I do not support terrorism, just as I do not support domestic violence, abuse or discrimination of any kind! Unfortunately, there will always be radical groups, ready to cross the Rubicon.

All they need is one person, just one person to look at their website, listen to their message, it reverberates, and they’re off! You know the saying: “One tells one, two tells four tells eight” etc. I’m pretty sure you get the idea!

The biggest coupe for these radical miscreants has been social media – it’s like bees to a honey pot! They have new and powerful platforms: mobile phones, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

My dear friend Hassan will tell a very different story. He owns a small kebab shop. His wife and their sons, who are studying at the local university, one to become a doctor, the other, a Marine Biologist, work long hours to pay their way in this country. They fled from their war torn remains, fleeing the corruption and desolation that surrounded them.

Under the rule of the Ayatollah Khomeini, life was never to be the same. A nationwide referendum resulted in a massive vote in favour of the establishment of an Islamic Republic. Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed the next day, April 1, 1979, as the “first day of God’s government”. It took a number of attempts and much planning for Hassan to get his family out of their country. They did it with the help of friends and family and are now settled here. The scars run deep and every day they are reminded of the pain of leaving loved ones behind.

Sadly, we have no concept of what their life has really been like. We only see what we want to see and will read into it what we will, but at the end of the day we only ‘know what we think we know!’ We have made our minds up as to how it ought to be and that is that!

The point is this: because we are all so wrapped up within our comfort zones, the minute there is a post or a media report about an attack or coupe we react! Sad thing here is, every hour of every day there is some attack or gun fired somewhere on this mortal coil. A child molested, a wife bashed, an Indigenous, elderly, gay or disabled person berated, a child going hungry because dad, or mum spent the lunch money on the pokies or cigarettes. Another homeless person forced from their shelter because the Church does not like them sleeping in the foyer and on it goes…

Just stop for one moment and look at your surroundings. You are probably reading this post in the warmth of your home, comfortable with a nice hot cup of tea or plate of food, relaxing and thinking about what tomorrow might bring.

You don’t spare a thought for those suffering. No doubt you will watch the news on television, read it on line or in tomorrow’s paper you may or may not pass comment. That’s fine – it’s your choice. But think about this: my friend Hassan will once again be spat at, berated and cursed. It continues on a daily basis. He does not react publicly, but inside, cries in pain. He feels sadness for those that do these things to him and his family. Sad because they are not young kids, but mature adults. He does not call the police because he knows there is nothing they will do. These so called Christians, yes, they are Christians from a nearby church, spout forth sayings they have been parrot fed because they sadly believe what has been indoctrinated into them by these cultist groups!

As Ram Dass said….“As long as they have desires as to how it ought to be ….they will never see just how it is.”

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  1. Pity you didn’t visit England as well! Might have changed your view. If we have nothing to worry about, why did your friend leave Iran? Why is he so pained because he had to leave friends and family there? If the religion is so peaceful he could have stayed. Why are millions fleeing the Middle East and occupying Europe? Why are there continuous cries for Sharia Law to be implemented everywhere they go? You and Waly Shoebat have something in common – you’re both a bit simple!

  2. All one need do is consider the numerous countries that were not Islamic that have been taken over by Islam to realise this opinion is largely misinformed.

  3. Paul Hoolihan  

    If any immigrant comes to my Country, Australia, and wishes to live peacefully within our laws, they should be able to do so. There have been many more crimes carried out by “Christians”, or in the name of Christianity. Have a look at the Albigensian beleivers and the Holocaust, which was against Jews, but also against Slavs, Unionists, Communists, deviants (which was their term for homosexuality or transgender people.

    When was the last time you heard of a group formed to complain about a fundamentalist Church or even a mainstream Church?

  4. David Lewis  

    Yes, I’m afraid I’ve been guilty of sharing these types of posts. I think deep down it is fear for the future of my kids & grandkids. Books like “Nomad” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, have re-inforced my fears, as have the youtube appearances of the likes of Pat Condell who is a very good and convincing speaker, and does indeed make some very valid points.There is one point I would like to make about this issue, and it is that there are so many people who have to live with 24/7 security after having criticized Islam. Ayaan herself is a prime example of this. Islam does have a history of silencing it’s critics, demonstrated many times by events such as the murder of Theo van Gogh in Holland, Charlie Hebdo, and the Danish newspaper cartoons. These types of events don’t help to foster good will towards muslims living in Western countries, and I do feel for people like Hassan, and wish this type of discrimination didn’t exist. This is exactly what the extremists want, having muslims and non-muslims hating and fighting each other. I believe we all need to recognize this and try to stay above it.

  5. earn it  

    I worked in UAE for many years. One of the young ladies I worked with took her veil off outside the workplace whilst talking with friends. One was a male. She was never seen again. One of her friends told me her father took her into the desert. My experience was that wearing of the burqa is compulsory if one male family member requires it.
    A sad fact is that whilst the majority of a group (sect, religion, culture , etc .. ) may be honourable etc, it is the vocal extremists from that group who define it. If majority of terrorist attack perpetrators have muslim connections then it is totally logical that suspicion and wariness exist. Human survival mechanism.

  6. Sue  

    As an Australian female who was spat on by a group of young males in a Melbourne street because I was an “infidel”, ie not wearing the head gear, I am not reassured by your well-written and admittedly persuasive article. But if it makes you feel better to ignore what is really happening to unaccompanied women, then that’s good – for you.

  7. It has already happened in parts of the UK, and will happen here if we are not careful

  8. David Ronald  

    I too have travelled widely within the Middle East. People are all different. Some are tolerant, some extreme. I was disturbed some years ago when a young Muslim male, born in the UK said that the only law he would obey would be Sharia Law. His manner was calm and his accent educated. I feel there is an incompatibility between Islam, and other faiths, not just Christianity that will be difficult to reconcile.

  9. Tom  

    I also do not think sharia law will replace our laws in Australia but some of it has already been forced upon us which I don’t like. The meat that you buy from the butcher was more than likely killed and prayed over under the rules of sharia law and you also get the pleasure of paying for the privilege. A tax is now levied on most food items to suit sharia law whether we want it or not. These taxes go directly to the Muslim community not to the general population of Australia. If you think that this is ok then I think that maybe you are a bit too close to the Muslim society.

  10. Robert Green  

    The mans a moron. His research is lacking one vital component, the satanic book and supporting writings that govern the day to day existence of every Moslem in the world. Read the end of the Koran, it tells you what is in store for every non-Arab in the world. Even Moslems who are “not of the true blood”.

    His previous drivilous articles all evidence the same lack of research and bias towards an ill informed opinion.

  11. Ian wright  

    There is a sleeping dog out there, that is very tolerant, and it will let you walk by ,with your beliefs and opinions, but should you kick the dog that feeds and looks after you, too many times he will bite ,and you dont realize how savage that dog can be . So explore your surrounds and embrace a lifestyle we can all enjoy and get on with it life is too short.

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