A look into a new Vegetarian’s life

No one said changing your lifestyle was easy, Jeanette shares a look into her life as she decided to try vegetarianism in the New Year.

Vegetarian Diary

Day 1: I will not eat meat in future. I will eat those foods that will give me all the vitamins and minerals that meat used to provide. Hopefully, this won’t go the way of previous New Years’ resolutions  – broken within the hour. Two days was my previous best.

Day 3: One minute I’m on top of the world, next I’m a grumpy old woman. The husband seems out of sorts having to cook his own pork chops. I wonder if these mood swings have anything to do with lack of meat?  I’ll blame the weather.

Day 5: Woke to the aroma of bacon cooking – love that smell. It lingered in the house all day and pissed me off. I’m sure my partner is doing this on purpose.

Day 6: I’ve been online and ordered 8 vegetarian cookbooks. Luckily I’m not doing this lifestyle change to save money.

Day 8: Vegetarians are supposed to lose weight not gain two kilos.

Day 10: Have noticed I’m not getting heartburn anymore but with all these fruits and veggies am definitely sitting on the throne more often.

Day 12: Chickpeas are so nutritious. It is a pity they taste so bland.

Day 14: Have realised everything tastes good with chocolate. Herbs help also.

Day 16: The carnivore’s  birthday today. Took him to lunch. I’m over salads. He had lamb roast, and I decided a little fish would be OK for me. It was just the once, and it won’t happen again. Hopefully.

Day 17: Our daughter’s birthday. BBQ at her place. I love, love, love the aroma of meat cooking on a BBQ. I got my bouquet fix and then ate my veggie burger patty while they had their meat. They said how lovely the meat was – my veggie burger was dry and tasted like cardboard. Can I still call myself a vegetarian if I love the smell of meat cooking? Reminds me of when I gave up smoking and hung out with the smokers for the second-hand smoke.

Day 19: Our shopping list has changed to include half the amount of meat and twice the amount of veggies, lentils, split peas and pulses. The man is pulling the remainder of his hair out wondering where they would be located at the supermarket and what the hell tahini is.

Day 21: Am I doing this right? I feel better even though I’ve gained four kilos. Will make an appointment with the doctor as my annual blood test is due and will ask about checking my vitamin B and iron. He will probably suggest a dietician, but I’ve done my research and know what to eat for different nutrients.

Day 28: Why do people who eat meat keep looking at me as if I’m stark raving mad when I tell them? “You will get an iron deficiency, ” they say. Or, “why do you want to do that?”. It is quite offensive, and I feel like saying that my cholesterol will be OK even if my iron is a little low,  or ask why they want to eat dead animals? I only tell them I’m vegetarian when we are eating out.  I’ve even been told salami isn’t meat.  You sure learn who your friends are when you have a change of diet.  

Day 30: My gut has settled to my new food regime. I’m feeling good even though I’m heavier than I’ve ever been. I’ve found a recipe for vegie burgers that is tasty and am experimenting all of the time with different foods.  I’m wondering if there is a similar group to Alcoholics Anonymous where one can go if they have a sudden urge to eat a steak?

Have you had a similar experience with being a vegetarian?  Are you still a vegetarian?

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  1. Pam  

    As an “old” vegetarian, I identify with much of this. Yes, although health concerns weren’t the reason I stopped eating animal products, my health has improved immensely – but I haven’t lost weight either.
    However, I still haven’t developed a love for vegie burgers and the like, I find them bland and unpleasant – so I’d really like your recipe for vegie burgers that are actually TASTY!

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  3. Lisa  

    I totally relate to this, especially when hubby wanted to know what the hell tahini is. I hear you can make great sunflower butter, not as hard on budgets. Check out Dr Groups GlobalHealth Center

  4. marilyn flynn  

    i’m so glad another person has seen the light. It IS a healthier way of eating – vegetarians live longer. (that HAS been proved). Even though it is healthy it wasn’t my primary reason for giving up meat. I just felt really really terrible eating animals that had to die to give me a taste sensation. Even so called “free range” animals still have to go through the very stressful and painful trip to the abattoir and hopefully a merciful killing. Look on the Animals Australia website, this will give you added incentive to keep going. There are also heaps and heaps of website for vegetarians with recipes and places to buy things. Good luck!

    • Jeanette  

      Yes Marilyn, that was what kicked me off too. I kept seeing in my mind animals lining up to be killed and knowing their fate. Also after seeing so many documentaries about ‘free range’ and items put up by animal advocates last year it was a done deal for me. I’m still debating whether I should eat fish or not though. I guess when my blood test comes back I will know.

  5. Maxine Breeze  

    Good luck Jeanette. As a coeliac I know how hard it is to change your diet but it does get easier

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