You’ve had enough of PM Malcolm Turnbull

You’ve been hearing a lot about the changes to the Age Pension due to kick in in early January 2017,

You’ve been hearing a lot about the changes to the Age Pension due to kick in in early January 2017, but you have also been quick to express your dislike of them. Now a new poll reveals just how much you’re opposed to what Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition Government is doing to the baby boomers.

More than 8,5000 voters were surveyed between October and December as part of a newspoll for The Australian. It revealed that since the July 2 election satisfaction for the Government has plunged seven percentage points, from 49.9 per cent to 43 per cent.

Not only are you dissatisfied with the performance of the prime minister, two thirds of those surveyed have indicated they would rather see a Labor Government in power, while the other third would give their votes to independents or minor parties.

Looking solely at those voters over the age of 50, this latest poll shows the gap has narrowed between the Coalition and Labor from some 20 points to just eight.

You are largely unhappy about the overhaul of superannuation taxes, the changes to the Age Pension assets test and reforms to aged care.

Has your opinion of the Government changed during 2016? What issues of importance to you should they be focussing on?

  1. Anton Drew  

    This mega rich, pompous, self righteous, out of touch twat has lost touch with reality and has NO concept of the struggles of every day citizens and especially pensioners. To him, he relates every day pensioners in the same mould as his cohorts with their exhobitant pensions and tax rorts. FANTASY WORLD thinking.

    And that pompous, selfrghteous speech he gave over Christmas just shows HOW out of touch he is …..

    • Dee  

      Thanks, Anton. I couldn’t express it any better and as for the speech….it took me 2 secs to find the remote. I can’t abide him at all. (also, still fuming over the pension cuts)

    • Not happy with the decision to changes
      The polititions need to be assess the same as the general aged pensioner
      Stop the double dipping and tax the high end business appropriately
      Chase the non tax payers and get the taxes that should be in the budget

  2. Bruce Moon  

    The Liberal Party are out of touch with the community. The Prime Minister can talk the talk (after all he was a barrister), sadly he cannot walk the walk. I now fit into the unfortunate position of being too poor to be okay, and too okay to receive any benefits that might make my life a bit easier. I have been a rested on Liberal voter till now. The rust has been cleaned off and there are other options that are more in tune with the aging population.

    • Rod Sumner  

      With all due respect Bruce, it’s people like you ( both liberal and labor) who are what’s wrong with this country. There should be no such thing as a rusted on voter. We are not supporting football teams here for gods sake, they are playing with our lives. We need swinging voters, who will vote on performance and policy, not just because ” I’ve always voted liberal or labor or ” my parents voted liberal/ labor”. If they don’t perform kick them out, regardless of party- it’s not rocket science.

      • Ken Brown  

        Absolutely agree 100% . It’s the ‘rusted’ on voters that the politicians rely on.

  3. Lidia  

    Yes very unhappy, I bet all the politicians would be to if they took their pension of them to

    • June McDonough  

      How can they even think about cuts to old age pensions, while they sit on their huge nest eggs..

  4. Unice Smith  

    Yes not a bit happy my late husband and I worked all our married lives till we retired . Now been told I am to have my pension cut which will not even cover the rent and loose my pension card. Members of Parliment receive another pay rise and have super the rest of their lives while we who worked to help make this country what it is get told to get lost your to old and useless.

    • Be Bowen  

      You are the one paying these leeches by your tax. How about all who pay tax down tools and see how far this country would survive. You are the bosses they are your workers one day you people will wake up and fix it. SO ALL WORKERS WILL PAY TAX NO LOOPHOLES FOR ANYONE

  5. Bruce  

    The Liberal and Labor parties have completely lost the plot, neither have anything at all in common with average working class Australians. They’ve both been hijacked by noisy self serving barrow pushers who don’t share the views of the vast majority of Australians. Menzies, Curtin and Chifley must be spinning in their graves seeing what their former parties have degenerated into. I think the usually apathetic voters have had enough, there will be some big shocks at the next election.

    • John Edwards  

      Bruce, you are completely wrong about Labor.
      They actually have decent policies, did you know that?
      Probably not, as our pathetic media is too busy with stupid stories on One Nation and the like.
      I see that lots of voters still stupidly support independents and minor parties.
      This may keep the Liberals in power even longer, as the preferences will flow their way.
      It’s sad to see many fellow oldies getting hurt by government policies, but if you hadn’t swallowed the blatant lies the LNP have been spouting for the previous three years you may have realised the the LNP were corrupt through and through, and that you should have voted against them at the last election when you had the chance.
      It’s sad to see that self-interest has finally opened your eyes.
      Hopefully you will also realise that Rupert Murdoch’s papers have been telling you all outrageous lies for years.
      Maybe next election you’ll put a bit of thought into who you vote for and maybe realise that the LNP government is the greatest calamity to involve Australia since World War ll.

  6. pauline  

    we have the grey power to stand up and be heard so vote them out
    and let the next government know they cannot treat us like they are doing
    We have all worked hard payed our taxes so leave us alone

  7. Dallas Gray  

    I will be writing to my local MP about the changes to the aged pension, while I can accept that I will not get the pension next year I cannot accept the double dipping by losing my aged pension card I will be no better off than if i was on the pension

  8. So now everyone is unhappy with what’s happening with the Liberal party idiots and what they are doing with aged related issues.Why are you surprised? How many of you voted in the last election for the Liberals? When will people realise that the Liberals don’t care about the aged sector of society they believe that we are a drain on the country. They believe that aged pension is Welfare not a right because you have worked all your life and paid taxes.
    Countries like the UK and New Zealand treat their aged people with respect and pay aged pension as a right with no asset test. The aged in NZ get their aged pension as a right and if they still wish to work they can and pay a different rate of tax without their pension being affected.. That’s the difference here we are treated like second class citizens or a drain on the public purse.
    Next time there is a an election think carefully about what you are voting for ot a party but.for policies, not just because you have always voted that party. I am definitely a swinging voter and will vote for policies that I believe will be good for the country and myself of course.
    Don’t whinge now if you voted for this shower.

  9. Allen Hunter  

    If the politicians had their privileges cut i.e. their super rate reduced to match ours, unable to draw on it until they retire (at the same age that applies to the rest of us), have the same asset tests applied, no travel allowances after they leave office, etc, etc, etc maybe there would be more funds for those who really need it and to spend on necessities rather than cutting programs. I think it is time that Australians stood up and said enough. They will only listen if we band together and make our voices heard. Anyone out there who agrees?

    • Leon Collinson  

      Totally agree we act like sheep follow the leader when the leader is an idiot we become idiots as well whoever comes up with a policy that looks after the aged who have fought for and looked after our country and listen to the people will win the next election. They should be all held accountable as THEY WORK FOR US WE ARE THEIR EMPLOYERS NOT THEIR PARTIES SO WE SHOULD BE CONSULTED BEFORE THEY TAKE AWAY OUR MONEY AND BENEFITS IT IS NOT THEIR MONEY

  10. K. Scott  

    In New Zealand they piggy back their spouses when one partner gets the pension then the spouse gets one too even if they are not of pension age . That is why so many are returning to NZ.It doesn’t matter whether you are born in NZ or not . If one is born there and not actually worked there for years they still get it with all the priviledges that go with it . It is not right

    • L. Kenneth Hortin  

      Nothing can be done unless enough of us voters stop yapping about these thieves go out and DO something. Annoy the local pollie, no matter what party or no party. Remember the whole damned country belongs to us (I include our indigenous here), all of us. Time has come to “rattle our hocks”.

  11. Veronica  

    I do not know who to vote for next election. There is hardly any difference between the Liberals & Labour – both as bad as each other! Even Pauline Hanson’s party is in disarray! Can’t the parties see that it is better for retired people to get a small part pension than running out of money & needing a full pension? The politicians need to stop most of their perks in solidarity with pensioners & the rest of the community & they may be more respected by everyone. Pigs might fly!

    • John Edwards  

      What utter rot.
      Why don’t you find out, really find out, not just trust the useless media, what Labor has on offer.
      I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
      Don’t trust the media, especially Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp papers.
      They ae full of total lies and refuse to report anything positive about Labor, especially their policy initiatived.

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