“You’re just being hysterical”

Radio and television personality Steve Price has shocked a Q&A audience with his response to a question about domestic violence

Radio and television personality Steve Price has shocked a Q&A audience with his response to a question about domestic violence and Eddie McGuire’s controversial ‘drowning’ joke, claiming a fellow panelist on the ABC show was being ‘hysterical’.

The question came from family violence campaigner Tarang Chawla who told the room of his sister Nikita’s shocking death at the hands of her partner. He also referred to the incident involving The Age’s Caroline Wilson, who was the subject of a joke made by Eddie McGuire at a charity event last month.

“How will politicians and the media play a better role in bringing about long overdue culture shifts so tragedies like what happened to my family are not normalised?” Chawla asked.

Responding to the question, Price stated he knew Sam Newman, Eddie McGuire and Caroline Wilson very well before saying, “Eddie apologised immediately. If you listen to that broadcast in context, it was a bunch of blokes laughing about things they shouldn’t have laughed about.”

Price says he thought far too much had been made of it.

However, columnist for The Guardian, Van Badham, responded by saying the issue of domestic violence needs to be discussed seriously, and suggested Price was making apologies on behalf of McGuire and Newman.

“It’s one of the reasons why we have to look at the cultural attitudes around the different treatment of women and the disadvantaged treatment of women in our society because what you see as jokes made by a bunch of blokes, you know, from the position of being one of those blokes is probably being in on some of those jokes I see as a woman who is part of a social world where violence is…” Badham says.

Things got heated and Price insisted Badham retract the statement as it implied he was in on those jokes.

“Don’t tar me with their brush, please,” Price said.

“Steve, do you know what you’re doing? Do you have any understanding what you’re doing? This man [Chawla] has given us an extremely upsetting story about what happened and you are defending yourself in the context where we have to have a conversation about cultural attitudes that treat women differently and you cannot create paradigms where there are blokes…” Badham says before Price interjects.

“Thank you. You’re proving my point very excellently about the attitudes… We have to stop creating these ‘binary men are this, women are this, masculinity is this, feminity is this, men have high status, women have low status’. We can make jokes and it’s all jokes and, yeah, they apologised and that fine but on the receiving end is the ludicrous proportion of women who do endure violence,” Badham says.

“I think you’re just being hysterical,” Price then told her.

How would you have responded to the question originally asked by Tarang Chawla? What’s your opinion on the debate between Badham and Price?

  1. Vicki jordan  

    I believe far to much was made of the joke the guys were having,Caroline just wanted to make headlines,she wanted to be in the boys club ,now she is crying fowl.i think she was hoping this would bring the COLLINGWOOD club and its president down,firstly with Eddies job,the the club by loosing all it’s sponsors ,well it didn’t work,and the most shocking thing about all this is,she has with others put this under the name of Domestic Violence ,that’s where it’s sad,because I personally know some victims and they would be so pleased if there’s was only 1 stupid joke.

    • Bob  

      Good on you Vicki, Caroline has made similar jokes about men and was this ostracised? It’s amazing how some people only take the one side of the story and highlight it to the death. Wake up you PC brigade laughing is a good form of medicine.

      • Christine Banks  

        I couldn’t agree more with the above comments.

    • Patrice Morrow  

      What a load of rubbish Vicki . Sorry but it’s. Caro didn’t start this. The media did. We have to stop the “boys club” mentality that exists today in the media . These morons are meant to support the campaign to reduce domestic violence. Any referral to denigrating women can insight others to putting women down and may lead to situations where vulnerable women are disrespected and hurt. We have to make a stand and the media must lead by example

  2. elena  

    I believe that if we would stop calling men “blocks” they probably would feel human beings instead of an object. Human beings have feeling and conscience, objects don’t

    • Pam&foss  

      I have never heard a man being called a block

  3. Roberta Hiskins  

    I agree with Steve Price. Just can’t see why this argument about Eddie McGuire is still going on. I personally can’t stand the man but do not agree with what is happening regarding this incident. All this is doing is taking away from the real issues of domestic violence.

    • Pauline Wilson  

      Perfectly written and totally agree. I neither like or dislike Eddie but this the biggest media beat up and the joke is on the media.

  4. Alan T  

    Steve was correct, Eddie made a poor joke while supporting a charity but Caroline did pretty much the same. She just tried to use the poor Woman cry after kicking her way into the boys clubrooms which is exactly where she wanted to be.
    Eddie’s comment was not in anyway related to the statement made on Q&A.

  5. Stephen  

    It is because we have the “boys club” that we have the problem. It is not about Eddie or Caroline, it is about some semi drunk idiot sitting at home and seeing and hearing this banter, that then justifies in his own mind his “punishment” that keeps his own wife in place. It is not the first domino that falls that is the problem, it is the last that has women repeatedly ending up in hospital and the morgue. Eddie, and Steve Price are in a prime position to do something constructive about the first domino, their “boys club” attitude simply does not care, that is the real problem. If they want an income in the public light, in what manner are they leading the public?

    • Jan  

      Well said, your anology relating to dominos is perfect. As it has been said before, disrespectful attitudes doesn’t always end in violence, but violence always starts with disrespect!

  6. marianna  

    I think that Steve was put in very difficult situation last night and that woman is very,very poisonous female, words coming from her mouth were very hurtful, she attacks like a “snake”! Steve had nowhere to go after hers poisonous mouth opened! Unbelievable!

  7. Roy Bridges  

    She talked a lot of rubbish, instead of trying to get more understanding she just went on the attack.
    Sick of people trying to make things out of nothing .

  8. Paul Hoolihan  

    Steve Price did well against a strange operator. He made light of something which was light. To keep this argument going is just stupidity.

  9. Roger  

    I have never heard of Steve Price; never seen him before and never listened to him…………thank God!

  10. norma dyer  

    I admit I did not watch Q &A but from the beginning I have said this has been blown out of all proportion. This was a stupid mans joke that should not have gone any further after Eddie apologised. I am no Eddie McGuire fan but I dont think he meant any harm. If you cant take it Caroline leave the men to talk football.

  11. marilyn willson  

    I notice how the fellas make like and intimidate women as being hysterical but the comment about abuse always begins with disrespect is a valid one, and any jokes that are derogatary to women is not acceptable, and it’s way past time aussie men take note

    • Peter McKenzie  

      I think its way time that feminists stop denigrating men everywhere. If a women is in trouble in the public arena anyway she will always be defended by men. OK there are some mongrels out there on both sides and I really don’t know how to sort this problem on the home front but giving men a bad rap constantly isn’t helpful.

  12. Csongi Biacsi  

    So am I right that Hysterical is now a sexist word …like Guys… Omg it’s totally out of hand … I only watched part of the show and that woman talked crap and spewed her rubbish non stop …. Typically Tony just let it happen as it was balanced on the politically correct side. I don’t support any aggressive behaviour but a joke is a joke , and maybe it wasn’t that funny but so what …no one was seriously contemplating a homicide…. Get a grip you people

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