Your internet speeds are getting faster….slowly

The latest news on your internet speeds is one of those “do you want the good news or bad news”

The latest news on your internet speeds is one of those “do you want the good news or bad news” situations. The “Good News” is that new infrastructure that has been put in place has made the Australian internet speed standing raise six spots in the worldwide rankings. The “Bad News” is that we are still ranked 48th in the world behind Hong Kong, Indonesia, and South Korea.

Singapore is our regions most improved with speeds three times faster than Australia’s top speed. This news isn’t going to fair well for the current government as the NBN and Australia’s internet as a whole has been a hot-button debate item since, well, since the internet was introduced in Australia.

To put our speeds into perspective, the average speed of Australian Internet means that you should be able to stream that funny Lee Lin Chin YouTube video SAS posted this morning in your home.  However, if you tried to watch an HD NetFlix video while someone else watched that YouTube video you watched earlier than you would probably both suffer the dreaded “buffering” symbol.

While both political parties have promised to improve the speeds to our web devices neither, have been able to make any detailed commitments that would mean a huge difference. While the Turnbull government has shied away from the net issue, Labor has said that they will install fibre connections to more than two million homes if elected. However, this would leave people with pre-existing arrangements to the old copper systems out in the cold.

Laurie Patton, the chief executive for Internet Australia, has stated that there should be a bipartisan agreement to review your internet connectivity and the results of the latest ranking. Patton told “New Zealand outperforms us and Singapore, arguably our biggest regional competitor already delivers broadband speeds faster than ours.” If Australia is to compete in the digital age, this will need to improve no matter who wins the election this Saturday.

With so many services like television and radio migrating online and even the July 1 requirement for people to register online to receive Medicare benefits, it is more imperative than ever that Australia’s internet speed needs to be addressed by the government. More Australians would probably complain online, but they can’t afford the data usage or don’t want to interrupt that hilarious YouTube video.

How is the internet at your place? When is the internet fast enough? Do struggle to have enough data and speed to do things online?

  1. July 1 requirement for people to register online to receive Medicare benefits, What, where?? I did not know about this?
    I am very happy with the improved internet speed I now get from the NBN fixed wireless to my home. I was connected early this year. And I love the new much cheaper bill I get every month now. My grown sons, who live in Brisbane and Sydney, are impressed with the speed of my internet and wish they had that type of speed in the city. Not bad for out in the country.
    Mind you I do not stream Tv or Movies on the internet. If I want to watch something later I still just record it off the free to air TV. Old fashioned, I guess.

  2. I live on an older estate, around 30 years, in the middle of up and coming new estates in what-was rural Cranbourne. Our Internet speeds – and indeed our Telstra phone line (don’t even bother with Optus) – are atrocious. Slow at the best of times and non-existent at least once a week. There is no “streaming” for us and no chance we will have the NBN for years, despite being in the middle of the new growth housing that forms most of Cranbourne nowadays.

    Even our road is still unsealed. It’s like living in the 50s.

  3. Jean Wallace  

    We are so far behind the rest of the world it is embarrasing. My daughter, who lives in London thinks that we are laughable….and when I stay with her and experience how quickly I can do things on her computer I have to agree.

  4. Clark  

    I’m getting tired of these ill informed articles about internet speed and comparing us to places like Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore et al. Do yo know the size of these places. It’s like having to provide internet to Adelaide with 20 times the population. . . .relatively simple. Take another look at the size of God’s Country. . .yes, Australia, how does that compare! Also check the number of users, the people who have to pay for it, within those tiny areas. We have about 18 mil users, comparative countries like the USA have 280 mil users and they are ranked only 4 places above us.

    Please, if you’re going to do these sorts of comparisons, use sensible, realistic numbers that take ALL relevant factors into account.

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