Young rookie cop hailed a hero after shooting Berlin suspect

A young Italian police officer is being hailed a hero this morning after shooting and killing the man responsible for
The man who ran down dozens at a Berlin market has been killed.

A young Italian police officer is being hailed a hero this morning after shooting and killing the man responsible for the attack on a Berlin Christmas market.

Last night, the Tunisian man suspected of the attack was apprehended at a petrol station in Milan where he was asked to show his identification by the young officer and his partner.

The suspect shot officer’s partner in the shoulder before trying to escape, but was thwarted by the rookie officer who shot and killed him.

The 29-year-old officer has only been on the job a few months and was no doubt feeling the pressure in the heat of the moment.

This morning he is being praised and hailed a hero around the world after staring into the face of terrorism and remaining calm.

Our police men and women around the world have such a difficult job and many put themselves in harms way every day just to protect the rest of us.

Recently, we’ve seen our own police officers here at home put in the line of danger as they try to deal with increasingly irate ice addicts and terrorism on our own shores.

Yesterday, police in Melbourne arrested four men accused of planning a Christmas Day attack in the city centre.

It’s sad that so many of our officers are treated with such disrespect by so many people, but it’s nice to see this young cop being praised for his hard work and his cool under pressure.

Do you think our police officers deserve more respect? Do you worry about the threat of terrorism at home?

  1. John Grech  

    good on the police officer for killing that scum,, and I wish the judicial system would punish the terrorists accordingly.

  2. Bruce Taylor  

    Our police do a wonderful job. It must be so hard for them to see the judiciary time after time handing out such ridiculously lenient sentences.

  3. Bob Frood  

    10 out of 10 from me. Being a rookie can be a time of uncertainty and hesitation. The offender/ terrorist is dead. Probably only an inquest is necessary. No expensive long drawn out trial followed by expensive imprisonment, where prisoner could conspire with others inside and outside gaol to further terrorism. And be released while still physically able to commit crimes. The young cop deserves a medal !=

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I totally agree. Our Police Force do deserve far more respect then what they are given. The young people of today can only abuse them, but then again they have no respect for anyone.

  4. Joan Marshall  

    Thank God for this young Cop who put his life on the line for people all around the world. If more Cops were allowed to stamp out crime it would be wonderful. When I visited italy we were warned before we got in to Italy that we should be aware all cops are armed if we said anything offensive or did anything offensive the Cop would shoot and ask questions later. All over the world we have an epidemic of drugs and it becomes dangerous when Cops approach them. A famous Doctor said if you try ICE once you are hooked for LIFE so why are the Cops not given more authority to shoot and ask questions later. GOD BLESS THIS COP.

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