You’ll never guess who’s singing at Donald Trump’s inauguration

After weeks of speculation a singer has finally signed on to perform at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration and her name
It took a while but Trump has an act for his inauguration.

After weeks of speculation a singer has finally signed on to perform at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration and her name is, Jackie Evancho.

Never heard of her? That’s okay because neither has anyone else outside of America – and even there some people have been left scratching their heads.

After failing to secure any big name acts to sing on the day, Trump’s team signed Jackie, who is a former child contestant on America’s Got Talent.

Jackie, who is now 16, appeared on the show when she just 10 as an opera singer and has gone on to release a whopping six albums since then. While it’s a big achievement for her, the fact that Trump couldn’t convince a superstar to perform on the day is being branded a major embarrassment.

Barack Obama had the legendary Aretha Franklin sing at his 2009 inauguration, while megastar Beyonce brought the house down for him in 2013 when he was sworn in for his second term.

Over the years, there have been some truly amazing acts take to the stage for the new president, with Frank Sinatra performing for John F Kennedy, Barbra Streisand for George H Bush, and Ricky Martin for George W Bush.

So why doesn’t anyone want to sing for Trump?

Just a few weeks ago, his team announced that Elton John would be signing on the big day, only to be publicly shut down by Elton’s publicist who said there was no way in hell that was going to happen.

During his campaign, a number of artists threatened to sue Trump if he kept playing their music at his rallies.

The Rolling Stones, Queen, Adele, Neil Young, R.E.M. and Aerosmith all gave Trump a warning and forced him to press the stop button on their songs.

The snub from the entertainment industry is a far cry from the relationship many celebrities have had with Obama over the past eight years.

The first family has become friends with some of the biggest celebrity names in the world and have used their friendships to help promote charitable work and raise awareness for important causes.

Like it or not, many say that having that celebrity influence is important throughout the presidency, especially when it comes to getting through to the younger generation.

Others though say they’re glad to see Trump isn’t surrounded by celebs and have accused many entertainers of sticking their noses in political issues they really know nothing about.

Do you think Donald Trump will make a good president? Do you think celebrities should stay out of politics?

  1. Peter McKenzie  

    I’m actually sick to death of b grade actors and so called celebrities backing suspect people, Hillary Clinton comes to mind, proud that she used to be a member of the Gold Water Society which was against the Black Civil Rights movement. She is also a advocate for abortion right up to the last day,she also told Russia she would turn them to dust,she also blamed the women that her husband Clinton either raped or forced his sexual advances against and even said that she would crucify them in court. Okay Donald Trump against all this acted like a red neck buffoon with comments which definitely should of been confined to the locker room
    but he almost looks like a saint in comparison. As a free thinker I can see that the media and these over rated actors all are part of the sheep like status quo.I sincerely hope I have offended some of these sheep.

    • I’m with you on this. also, as much as I enjoy Over 60, I wish it would stop its political bias. Trump won with 62 million votes and the majority of the electoral colleges. This is the American system and is designed to stop states like California having too much control over policy. NZ had this system for years and now have a system where minority parties have more say than their voting numbers suggest

      • Mareela  

        Brendan Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote but Trump won the electoral colleges. That’s why so many people are so upset.

    • Faye Dapiran  

      Check your facts, Hillary Clinton was never against Civil Rights, she does not advocate abortion right up to when the baby is due – how ridiculous, she never told Russia she would turn them to dust, and her husband did none of those things either, just ridiculous. Donald Trump is the celebrity in politics now, so I am not quite sure what the criticism of Obama would be for because celebs like him.

  2. Chris  

    People look at things so negatively. What if Donald Trump asked this 16 year old girl to perform at his inauguration because he thinks she has amazing talent and wanted to ‘give her a go’ at having the spotlight shined upon her. Good on him. He isnt mainstream – thats for sure. And for this reason, he will be a huge success for America………

    • Mareela  

      I don’t think so Chris. I think he will be America’s nightmare. The reason he asked this child to sing at his inauguration is that he could not get anyone else. Surely that tells you something.

  3. Brendan Grainger  

    I wish Trump would have heeded this advice … to stay out of politics.

  4. Time will tell if Mr Trump will be a good President. I think it is refreshing that he is having a young relatively unknown singing st this event, and also refreshing that he does not have a crowd of celebrities as his side kicks. It seems to me, that Mr Trump will shake up the Oval Office and has the courage to make America great again. New brooms sweep clean.! I feel he will do just that! He definitely is not taking on this job for his own financial gain and does not seem to be influenced by money and celebrity or the mafia as others have. I feel he will be a breath of fresh air and stand firm on what he has promised to do. He is not a career politition. I believe we just have to wait and see and have faith and respect.

    • Mareela  

      Christine I fear you are deluded. Trump won’t be able to help himself and will use his position to feather his own nest and that of his family. He has never even paid taxes in his own country. That surely tells you something about this man. He will be a prime target for corruption due to his business interests. The rich will get richer and the poor will continue to be the working poor. God help America.

  5. Joan Marshall  

    Too many people conveniently do not want to hear or see that Hillary is so crooked she lost the election and what is more she is also a bad looser she cannot take a beating of loosing for the second time. Give Donald Trump a chance he would not be corrupt. Donald does not need the tax payers money. Hillary would swallow the tax payers money and more with the Clinton Foundation.

    • Mareela  

      Joan, Trump is a prime target for corruption due to his business empire. Do you really think he will divest himself of his empire? Do you really think he won’t want to add to the Trump empire via corrupt and insider dealings? He will probably end up being impeached due to his corrupt dealings. Oh dear, I can’t believe anyone believes that Trump will help the working poor.

  6. Derek Forkgen  

    I think we need to look ahead to 2024. Kanye West has said he will nominate and, if successful, (anything is possible, it seems) America will have a Kardashian as the First Lady! That’s assuming they are still together, of course. What an amazing world we live in……..

  7. Richard Gray  

    Ya’ know what………there are plenty of us “deplorables” who would gladly sing at his inauguration……….who needs the Hollywood undesirables……..Give the NYPD a call and ask for their pipers to perform or the USMC ‘ President’s own band’ We don’t need anyone else.
    PS Jackie is a beautiful singer, we’ve followed her since she began singing.

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