You might be getting screwed on prices by this hardware chain

It’s claim is ‘lowest prices are just the beginning’, but hardware chain Bunnings is hitting home renovators and builders in

It’s claim is ‘lowest prices are just the beginning’, but hardware chain Bunnings is hitting home renovators and builders in the hip pocket, inflating the price of common building products and materials.

According to The New Daily, the claims by Bunnings that it has the lowest prices are “rubbish”.

If you’re considering doing a renovation or even just some maintenance around the home, you might want to shop around for things like concrete, paving sealers, plaster board, paints, doors, nails, screws, brushes, sinks and lighting to make sure you’re getting the best price.

A comparison of prices in a Bunnings catalogue from January 2015 with that of January 2016 shows up to 54 per cent mark-up on these items.

If you have a green thumb there is some good news out of all this. The most aggressive mark-up seems to have been on a wheelbarrow (up 20 per cent on its 2015 price), but things like potting mix and popular plants remain unchanged in price over the 12-month period.

It’s likely such price hikes have made a hefty contribution to the overall profits of parent company Wesfarmers, which also owns Coles, K-Mart, Target and Officeworks. The group announced an operating profit of $2.1 billion for the first half of the financial year (to December 2015), said to be an increase of around 1.6 per cent. Of that, Bunnings had a profit of $701 million.

Perhaps most concerning is that Australia’s biggest hardware chain was earlier this year set to become the country’s only hardware chain and with such a monopoly consumers could well be taken advantage of.

Have you undertaken any renovation or maintenance work around your home? Do you like or loathe Bunnings?

  1. It just shows how you can then compare prices in the bigger stores, in the area where you live and also then go and find the same items at a cheaper price at your local hardware store and support them instead.

  2. Bunnings are a scam, you will always get better prices from your local supplier especially if they have a number of outlets eg; Bowens Timber & Hardware, Burdens Plumbing, etc.

  3. It’s not always about the prices. Often, we’ve found their service knowledge is useless.

  4. Mary  

    We bought a kitchen sink at Bunnings and asked a plumber to install it. On his advice, we took it back and he found a much better quality one at a shop in town. ( It was reduced because of a scratch but we never did find!) It wasn’t only that but it fitted better into the old space. He told us that some people had had found rust in their Bunnings sinks and not long after that very thing happened to my sister-in-law. It’s a great nuisance and expensive to get it out and replaced.

    Apart from those problems and the monopoly, I think Bunnings run a good business. The service is great but the trolleys are lousy. I have filled out their complaint forms saying how awkward, long and heavy their trolleys are for the old and decrepit members of society. They are so heavy to push and it is so easy to hit someone. I can’t see why they don’t have some of those lighter supermarket trolleys for us. I used to go to Bunnings with my husband any chance I had (and bought lots of plants), but now tend to stay home or take my walker. This means more work for him getting it in and out of the car, so I am even more likely not to go.

  5. colin  

    who can be bothered keeping catalogues 12 months to prove some point on 3 items?. May not really be Bunnings but could be the distributor or other factors. poor reporting in this article.

  6. bruce taylor  

    A couple of years ago I was off to Bunnings to purchase an item I needed for home. Believing their motto “If you find a better price elsewhere we will beat it by 10%” I thought I would put it to the test so called into Mitre 10 on the way and got a price. When I got to Bunnings and checked the price I found it to be a fair bit dearer than Mitre 10.
    I asked to speak to the person in charge of that department and when he came I told him that the item was cheaper at Mitre 10. His reaction? ” WELL I GUESS YOU HAD BETTER GO THERE THEN”
    Now only go to Bunnings for something I can’t get elsewhere which is not much.

    • Dorne Chadderton  

      I priced some wire mesh at Bunnings, and was quoted a price well above what I’d paid at our local co-op ( unfortunately, they had sold out ). Told the salesperson at Bunnings, and was promptly and cheerfully given the mesh at the lower price.

  7. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Shame on Bunning’s I always shop around for anything. Masters, and other hardware stores.
    I find the things that Bunning’s have are not the same as Masters. I use to buy a stain from Bunning’s years ago and find now that Bunning’s keep more expensive brands in that area. I went to Masters and got the product. Bunning’s are not always the cheaper some little hardware stores are cheaper.

  8. Rikda  

    I think, over the last 10 years, I have spent more time at Bunning than I have doing the actual jobs.
    You have a greater chance of finding Lasseter’s Reef than a hardware assistant in that place.
    They should have stations in each department with with a communication pager.
    It’s hopeless.

  9. Linda Cross  

    This week let’s all be Bunnings bashers, last week it was Woolworths. Who will we whinge about next week? Please don’t forget Bunnings are one of the largest employers of over 60’s, oops I forgot who posted this article.

  10. Lindsay Gordon  

    It just goes to show people that maybe we should have supported Masters a bit more to give Bunnings some competition, I used them and was blown away by the service of all the staff there, Leave Bunnings for dead in that department, and their pricing is equal or better than theirs.

    • Mary Delgado  

      That works if you have a Masters nearby – my nearest one is over an hour away, so Bunnings it is!

    • Ria Young  

      I shopped for a security door some years ago. Went to Bunnings and wasn’t impressed with their range, but would come out to measure and install for a price. I am 70+ and single, so the price was reasonable. Tried Masters, smaller range of security doors, different designs. Salesman wanted to sell me a security door that needed to be cut down to size. No option to get a measurement done, door size adjusted, or installed. My comment “back to Bunnings” was greeted with a comment that to get a better security door was to go a bit further up Middleborough Road to a small business specializing in security door. Tried that, could not find place. Finally went to security door place in Bayswater, cost a lot more, but measured doorway and built security door to fix. It also kept burglars out 3 months later. Price is not everything/

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