Would you turn down a $50 million win? This 67-year-old did!

Imagine winning the lottery! Imagine all the things you could afford. Luxury cars, new houses, international holidays, gifts for your family, donations

Imagine winning the lottery! Imagine all the things you could afford. Luxury cars, new houses, international holidays, gifts for your family, donations to charity!

You probably wouldn’t do what Canadian man Friedrich Mayrhofer did after winning $50 million, right? Which was absolutely nothing.

Mr Mayrhofer finally came forward this week, ending almost two years of public speculation about the mysterious lottery winner. Though the 67-year-old had his reasons.

Mr Mayrhofer said he decided not to come forward earlier, due to the fear he couldn’t handle such an enormous amount of money.

The Mayrhofer family also described their concerns about becoming local celebrities. “We are regular people, private people. We want to keep it that way,” they told press.

Their hesitation has cost about $500 000 in lost interest, with Lotto Max officials saying, “This has been a very unique situation for all of us involved, let alone the winners”.

Something tells us that the Mayrhofer family will get by, even if it’s just with the original $50 million. What incredible luck.


Would you claim your lottery winnings immediately? How would you handle $50 million? Would that much money change you as a person?

  1. Probably not. I have it all planned out to the letter, but secrecy is the main element.
    I just tweak my plan at regular intervals.

  2. That is a wonderful win but do people really need that much? I would rather see it shared by more people. I don’t buy tickets, but if I ever on I would hire a cruise ship and invite all my SAS friends to come cruising 🙂

    • That’s very generous of you Libbi, I would definitely share mine around however I do have a big family so I would see them all right first then what is left over do the same thing, it would be wonderful!🎅🏻🌲🎅🏻🌲🎅🏻

    • Wo!Ho!..start buying tickets Libbi 😅..I’ll start getting my cruise wardrobe together 👗👖👠👙

    • I’m with you Lyn…start buying Libbi! LOL…I have trouble imagining that much money, but if I did win $50 million, I too would help a lot of people that I love 🌸

    • Okay Libbi you’re on! Will do the same, after paying my families’ debts off first and giving them a little nest egg each. Merry Christmas. Bought your lottery ticket I hope. Lol xx

  3. I would give most of it away, you would not spend that much in 10 life times

  4. When I can’t sleep I imagine what I would do with a lottery win. the amount, for some reason, is always $33 mil. I have it all figured out. My former spouse, hubby’s former spouse and each of our children get $1 mil each. They can do what they want with it provided they consult a financial advisor before spending any. With the remainder $27 mil I would pay off the mortgage for any of our siblings, set up four trust funds and the annual interest would be donated to my favourite charities. The rest I would invest and live off the interest. All organised. Now, all I have to do is buy a lottery ticket!

  5. I would set myself up first home car holiday home for all my Family . Then I would help my other siblings then my Children . Donate money to the underprivileged Countries to make sure they have clean water sewerage and a roof over there heads. But also leaving enough money for myself for retirement.

  6. I won a small lottery in my early twenties.. 6,000 pounds… Doesn’t seem like a lot now but in those days it was….. The house we had built a short while before only cost 4,500 pounds.. We did some major changes to the house & lived in it for the next 55 years.. If I won now I would give most to my family because there isn’t anything I really want to do that I didn’t do when I was younger & fitter..

  7. I’d make sure all my family were secure. I’d donate to research for my granddaughter’s syndrome. I would fly to Siem Reap and set up an educational charity to assist the people of Cambodia. Yes, I’d also make sure we personally were secure for the future. The rest I’d invest and get advice as to what to do with it.

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