Woolworths under attack – does this go too far or do you support this “hijacking”?

By now you’ve probably seen Woolworths’ Christmas ad campaign, which is all about families, with nary a celebrity in sight.

By now you’ve probably seen Woolworths’ Christmas ad campaign, which is all about families, with nary a celebrity in sight.

But some say Woolworths’ family-friendly marketing is contrary to the true ethos of the company, which owns six per cent of pokie machines in Australia, B&T reports.

Activist group GetUp! has been campaigning this year for Woolworths to be forthcoming about the profits it makes from pokie machines. According to a GetUp! report, Woolworths is the largest Australian owner of the gambling machines, with 12,000 machines in its licensed venues.

The company came under fire earlier this year for plans to launch a rewards card for frequent gamblers.

In an attempt to “hikack” Woolworths Christmas campaign, GetUp! has launched its own ad. Campaigner Natalie O’Brien  explains the reasoning behind the campaign: “Woolworths is exploiting the sense of family that the holiday season brings while its poker machines betray Australian families every day. We’re shocked by the hypocrisy,” she said.

The idea is that every time someone sees a Woolworths ad, they will remember the GetUp! version and think twice about the family-friendly image the supermarket portrays. Considering the millions of dollars Australians will spend in supermarkets over the next couple of weeks, it’s a particularly well-timed time to strike.

The ad is certainly confronting, take a look below and tell us what you think:

What do you think? Is this an important message? Should it be screened on TV?

  1. I was not aware of this. This ad should be screened. Gambling addiction is a huge problem in this country and the public should know that Woolworths profit from peoples misery.

  2. Great ad….. And should be screened. Gambling already is advertised far too much, this also shows the result of addictive gambling.

  3. How about we get of the “Pokie” bandwagon. I agree that millions are spent on them each year, but let’s face it, someone who wants to gamble will do so, poker machines or not. How about Keno, Housie, lottery tickets, chook raffles, horse/greyhound racing two flies crawling up a wall?

  4. Yes I think it should be screened. I wasn’t aware of this, and they are going to far to make money.

  5. Yes it should be shown on TV. Anything that can be done to show just how manipulative this supermarket and others can be when dealing with their suppliers.

  6. Shaking my head in disbeleif.
    Woolworths are not a community service but a business…what about their wine shops…oh Coles have them too.

  7. It is not any sort of news when we hear of things like family friendly Woolworths having a huge stake in the poker machine market, particularly here in SA where many pubs are owned by them and are always the pubs that concentrate on pokies as their only in pub entertainment. What would be really newsworthy would be a company, who pays their workers at least the minimum award rate, pays overtime for all overtime worked, pays all its suppliers a fair price for their products and doesn’t try to influence the market by anything more aggressive than a bit of bartering, doesn’t try to disguise shoddy products as something better than they are, doesn’t try to sell useless extras …. the list is endless.

  8. What is the Getup agenda? Are they trying to destroy Woolworths or stop gambling WHAT about all the Aussies retirees that have shares in Woolworths and working Aussies who have shares

    • I think if you don’t like a business’s business practice then just go somewhere else and that’s it

    • I agree Florastine, let every other company show all their involvements in other activities! I’m sure they wouldn’t be so self righteous either!

    • I agree some of these pages are looking like Aldi lovers or Coles lovers.
      Running a Facebook page you would be aware of the Company internet sprookers who come on pages like this to run down the opposition. I was told about this by the father of such a person. It maybe true or it may not. They are very careful not to defame and infiltrate Facebook and blogs under alias names.
      Some of the recent attacks on Woolworths are looking just like this.

    • Getup should getup and go. I don’t need sanctimonious people like them to try and persuade me to stop shopping somewhere because they disapprove of it. I didn’t watch the ad and I won’t!

    • So Florastine White, you are quite happy giving support to an unprincipled business enterprise. There are a lot like you out there, which obviously explains how the Liberals keep getting elected.

    • Robert. I think many businesses have investments that they would prefer to keep hidden. I do not like pokies because I think they have ruined the pub music scene and I know they are addictive for some. Like all businesses the bottom line and return to shareholders is all important.

  9. Well worth watching. DEFINITELY SHOULD BE SCREENED ON TV. With Woolies it’s all about profit and not the damage they are doing in the process of making big bucks.

  10. Firstly I don’t like this type of investment.
    Woolworths, Westfarmers who own Coles and Metcash who supply IGA and Foodworks are Australian companies owned by our super funds and Australian individuals. They employ thousands of people.
    It is easy for us to find out what they invest in.
    I ask you to find out where Aldi, Costco and other international companies that sell their stuff here invest? They are bigger than our supermarkets.

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