Woolworths scraps another brand from its shelves

It looks like the competition from Aldi was too much for Woolworths as the company has announced it is axing

It looks like the competition from Aldi was too much for Woolworths as the company has announced it is axing its popular Select brand in a bid to save ailing sales.

Select has been a popular brand with shoppers since it was launched by the supermarket in 2005, but the company says it had to go as part of its new strategy to boost sales and growth.

The announcement comes only a few months after Woolies pulled the plug on its Homebrand range, leaving customers with few options when it comes to choosing cheaper options.

The company’s new chief executive Brad Banducci said he hopes to increase sales and profit through other brands and alcohol sales instead.

It's goodbye Select...
It’s goodbye Select…

Woolies and Coles have struggled to keep customers in store since Aldi landed on Australian shores, with both supermarkets slashing prices and launching rewards campaigns across the country.

Homebrand and Select struggled to compete with Aldi and Coles products, with many customers preferring the quality and price of the competitors instead.

The news has been met with disappointment by many shoppers though, with some saying they relied on the discount brand to keep costs down when they were buying groceries from Woolies.

The Select range covered over 1000 products throughout the store, which will slowly be phased out over the year.

Do you buy products from the Select range? Are you disappointed to see it go?

  1. Pat Eastham  

    Looks like I will be moving my shopping to Coles.

  2. Shirley McDonald  

    I gave up on Woollies after they changed their rewards programme. Everything I used to buy went up in price & the orange ticket items were things I never used.

    • Jennifer Dickson  

      My actions too. Their new Rewards are a total waste of time.

  3. wayne  

    Another reason to shop at Coles and I.G.A

  4. Carol  

    YES! I am a big fan of Select – if that’s the case I might have to start doing what a lot of other people do and have a day trip out across to Coles and Aldi in the LaTrobe Valley.

  5. Unfortunately we don’t have the choice here in Tasmania to be picky We always seem to lose out.

  6. Denise  

    Is this CEO the one who introduced Masters, and colluded on price fixing on laundry powder. Some how, I wouldn’t trust his judgement.

  7. John Cooper  

    I avoid the Select Brand and the generic brand of goods. For far too long such marketing has been used to force established brands out of business. Woolworths and Coles have been manipulating the retail market for far too long. The Woolworths reward system no longer has value. Aldi concentrates on its own brands as well and many of our previous manufacturers have either gone overseas or out of business.

    • Terryw  

      There is nothing wrong with their Select brand coffee pods for the Caffitaly machines. The pods and contents (like Map and Moccona etc) all are from Italy. Does this mean we will be forced to purchase the “branded” almost twice the price items now?

  8. Jacqueline O'Connor  

    I only ever have used just a few Select or Homebrand things. Items like Sugar, Butter and Flour. Their Jams weren’t the best, too runny and not enough fruit (I like Conserves). I prefer name brand in Cereal, Bread and Syrup (Lyles Golden Syrup at that). I do find many of the things I buy are often on special, like my Moccona coffee. I never buy their milk as I don’t like the flavour or the fact that it leave a scum around mug, which the name brands don’t. People tell me that the other stuff is just as good, but I’ve tried them and thrown most out.

  9. brian amos  

    just use your vote ,and dont go to woolworths ,there are others that want your business ,try them if you like stay with them time will tell woolworths that customers come first before profits ,no customers no profits ???

  10. Maureen Mccrystal  

    I buy select , when I can , it was very good so will be missed luckily we have aldiopening just round the corner
    But I will miss Woolworths as I go every day , to socialise , so shame on you Woolworths , pity you didn’t bother to check with your customers first ,your profits will go down big time now ,

  11. Carolyn Ninnes  

    I am distressed to know that the Select Brand will gradually be phased out. I have about 8 items that I purchase religerously. It is such a shame that Woolworths seem to be declining quickly. Our local store has a much reduced quality of meat with a high increase in cost. I may be the only one thinks this, but I believe if Woolworths Board had not decided to venture out in already serviced Hardware business this would not have happened. I suppose greed has its repercussions, but unfortunately we the consumers pay the price. Additionally living rural we don’t have the luxury of going to Coles or Aldi

    • Crickett  

      I also live rural and don’t have the luxury of choice. It is over 40km each way to our closest woolies. For anything else we need to travel over 120km each way. Having said that, being a farmer myself I try to buy Australian name brands whenever they are available, althjough our woolies has gotten rid of name brands in favour of Select so I won’t be sorry to see them go. They may get my favoured brands back in stock now.


    Admitting they are going to push alcohol should send alarm bells. This is not responsible in light of today’s culture of violence and alcohol. So hypocritical of governments etc to allow this to occur.

    • Yes i agree Alison, We talk about young people and Alcohol I believe it should stay in its own outlet and have to be over at least 18.
      In Britain you can get it anywhere , been in supermarlets for ages and Yes they certainly have a etoh problem there, Not surprising as families all have their” Local” and celebrate the comming of age all together getting tanked. I love the country and the people but not that part of their ” Culture” Sending the wrong messages out to the Young.

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