Woolworths scores a major win in the supermarket price battle

Ever since Aldi hit Australian shores, Coles and Woolworths have been fighting to win customers over and keep them from

Ever since Aldi hit Australian shores, Coles and Woolworths have been fighting to win customers over and keep them from deserting them for Aldi instead.

Now, it looks like Woolies has made a big leap towards achieving that goal with official stats showing the supermarket is finally cheaper to shop at than Coles.

According to a survey by Credit Suisse, a basket of 110 packaged groceries and fresh food at Woolworths cost $573 last week, compared with $586 at Coles and $465 at Aldi.

While it’s great news for anyone who likes to shop at Woolies, it might not be enough to deter customers from shopping at Aldi or make them return to Woolworths.

Since landing in Australia in 2000, Aldi has increasingly dominated both Coles and Woolworths in the supermarket price war, winning over customers with their alternative and cheaper range of products.

The German supermarket plans to open 60 new stores across the country this year, bringing its total to 470 Australia wide.

Try as they might, neither Coles or Wollies have been able to compete, with both supermarkets being consistently beaten by Aldi on price.

The supermarket has become hugely popular with families and pensioners, both of which are often on tight budgets and say they appreciate the savings Aldi offers them.

Aldi has become kind of a phenomenon in the country over the past few years.

It made headlines in May when people lined up for hours just to get their hands on the supermarkets winter ski gear sale, proving their dedication to the brand.

Where do you shop? Do you find Woolworths to be cheaper than Coles? Do you shop at Aldi?

  1. Wayne Watkins  

    Mainly Aldi these days , but as I am a coeliac buy my gluten free bread from Coles or Woolies as Aldi G/f bread tastes like cardboard . Aldi’s meat is definitely far superior and cheaper .

  2. Mary  

    Firstly we don’t have Aldi in CAIRNS…so l can’t compare prices…and secondly, ski gear is not food…
    But l do agree that Woolies is cheaper then Coles on the same items…and has been for some time…

  3. Aldi’s is definitely the place to shop. Only go to Woolies to get my brand of tea and coffee beans. Being on pension can’t afford to shop at Woolies/Coles, but would shop there even if I was still working and had a decent wage.

    • Brian Lee  

      We used to buy our coffee beans at Woolies, ($33 a kilo). Then we discovered Aldi, where we get a kilo bag of excellent beans for $11! THAT is what I call a saving!

  4. Deanna  

    Never Aldi unless they get more products from Aussie not China, shop Safeway

    • Terry  

      Perhaps you should check the labelling on the items from Safeway (Woolies) i.e peanuts, cashews, tea. Same with Coles.!!!

    • John Brants  

      Open your eyes (and mind) and save many dollars. Of course if you are filthy rich you don’t need to.!

    • Peter  

      Most products are from Australia. Don’t be so ignorant.

    • LOL we are extremely discernable about the products origin that we buy and Coles would come first for their affordable items like frozen vegetables, etc, then the next would be Aldi and Woolworths comes dead last in that area. I think you need to look a little bit better Deanna. As for price its Aldi and only recently Woolworths and now Coles. Coles have just done what Woolies did and thought they had bought everyone’s loyalty.

  5. Carol  

    Love Aldi, so many products are Aussie made, more so than the other two

  6. Coral Abrim  

    I shop all 4 Coles, Woolworths, Aldi & IGA a couple times each over the course of a month. I have found that when go to Woolworths the prices have jumped even on the Homebrand products I buy..

  7. Catherine manga  

    I think we should have aldi stores all over new zealand especially in kaitaia far north

  8. Vera Rimmer  

    I shop mainly at Aldi but they don’t have everything there that I require so I go to woollies for the rest. I spent about two thirds of my money at Aldi and the other third at woollies.

  9. Brian Abbott  

    I always shop IGA. They always pour money back into our local community, Geraldton WA.

  10. margaret hinchliffe  

    I shop at Woolies now because when going to Aldi’s I find it difficult to stand in a long queue as they only have one checkout open & only on occasions do they open two checkouts. I know their prices are cheaper but they aren’t Australian makes.

  11. Barb Bishop  

    Woolies is cheaper on SOME items but not all. I know of many products that are dearer. One in particular that I buy every week is actually $2.59 dearer at Woolies so I buy it at Coles, along with many other products. There’s usually a price difference between .59c up to $3 So I don’t know how Woolies can say they are cheapest. The amounts in story above have Woolies at $573 and Aldi at $465, so how is that a “win”? Just asking

  12. Geoff  

    Being a pensioner I do shop almost everything at Aldi. I realise they sell non Australian made products a lot but I cant afford Coles & Woolworths as they rip everyone off like all retail in this country does.

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