Woolworths removes broccoli from shelves after mulitple redbacks found

Shoppers might be looking for their broccoli elsewhere after Woolies was forced to remove it from its shelves due to two

Shoppers might be looking for their broccoli elsewhere after Woolies was forced to remove it from its shelves due to two customers finding redback spiders hiding in the veggie.

Woolworths says it is removing broccoli from three suppliers and is working to ensure they sell safe produce to their customers.

It comes after a Queensland man found the dangerous spider in the broccoli he bought from Woolies in Nambour.

He said he was cutting up the veggie when the spider lunged at his fingers.

After contacting the store he was gifted at $20 giftcard.

He was later contacted by the Woolworths head office who gave him a $30 giftcard.

On Sunday a second redback was found, this time by a woman. There is no word yet on whether or not she was lucky enough to also receive a giftcard.

A Woolworths spokesperson addressed the issue, saying customers would still be able to purchase broccoli in-store as the supermarket has a number of suppliers.

“Supply of this batch of product has been temporarily suspended while we work closely with three of our Queensland suppliers to ensure we are receiving the best-quality produce,” they said.

“We are currently in contact with customers who have brought concerns to our attention.”

It is thought the redbacks could have found their way into the broccoli thanks to an integrated pest management system that favours using fewer pesticides to make use of bugs that eat pests.

Will you be wary of buying broccoli from Woolworths for the time being? Where do you buy your fresh produce?

  1. Farmers Daughter  

    Really??? The spider ‘lunged’ at him, what a crock. It’s not a funnel web for Pete’s sake. Why don’t woolies wash the Veg inbtge way in? Some sort of washing would omit all bugs. If those Veg were discarded, that is gross obscene waste. We are being over fed and we waste way too much.

  2. Claire Hancock  

    The spider “lunged at his fingers”? No spider I’ve ever encountered had a tendency to actively hunt humans. 😉

    If I “had my druthers”, I’d certainly feel more comfortable with finding the occasional caterpillar rather than the occasional redback. But if it’s a choice between having my food bombarded with pesticides and insecticides, or running the risk of occasionally finding some unexpected wildlife, give me the wildlife any day.

  3. Kez  

    Well that says to me that who er grew the broccoli did not use too much spray. Terrific.

  4. Nancy Knox  

    Broccoli and spiders won’t bother me from Woollies as I will not shop there for fruit or veggies due to their high costs.Who would want to pay $5.50 a kilo for broccoli or potatoes etc when I can go to the Spud Shed here in Mandurah W.A. And buy beautiful fresh Broccoli for 69ceach and unwashed potatoes for 69c kilo.The potatoes in Coles and Woollies were $4 a kilo Savoy cabbage $5.50 each in Coles yesterday!I am just waiting for Aldies to open near us in June so I can do some more “budget shopping”

    • My cousin does contract spraying and has said that broccoli is sprayed 15 times before we buy it. This may have changed over the last few years.

  5. Janet Potsch  

    Nope , haven’t bought fruit and Veges from WOOLWORTHS for years. The quality is poor and now after all these insects …….no way !

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