Woolworths angers shoppers with new campaign

It seems like Woolworths can’t catch a break lately, as the supermarket giant faces backlash over a free fruit campaign aimed

It seems like Woolworths can’t catch a break lately, as the supermarket giant faces backlash over a free fruit campaign aimed at kids.

The campaign, called Free Fruit for Kids, sees baskets of fruit placed around the store for kids to take and eat for free. It sounds like a great idea and an excellent way to encourage kids to eat more fruit but not everyone is impressed and some have even reported accidents happening because of spilled fruit.

In a shocking incident in New South Wales a woman was severely injured after slipping on a piece of fruit in the supermarket.

“My mother slipped on a piece of banana at Woollies in Mount Annan, breaking her knee in four places three days before Christmas,” Andrew Roberts said.

“The piece of fruit was part of the kids free fruit campaign.”

Some shoppers have also branded the idea unhygienic, suggesting the fruit baskets are a breeding ground for germs.

“It’s unhygienic,” Kathy, a Sydney shopper, told news.com.au. “Parents should be responsible for feeding their kids, having foods there unmonitored is a bad idea.”

So is this a case of Woolworths making another cringeworthy mistake, have we become too scared of germs, or are people overreacting?

Not all shoppers are upset with Woolies with some pointing out it’s not just kids who handle fresh produce.

“Yes wash your food, but not because kids are touching your food, because literally everyone has touched your food,” one shopper said online.

Do you think fruit baskets for kids are a breeding ground for germs? Would you let your grandchild eat fruit from these baskets?


    • I actually haven’t seen Coles doing it, but I agree with you Teresa! I think it’s a really good initiative for our big supermarkets.

    • I think SAS have it in for woolworths, they constantly post negative articles about Woolworths

      • Lauretta Ramadge  

        I agree with you Lyn, it seems Woolworths are the go to supermarket to whinge about, and I find it funny that SAS always have all these positive comments about Aldi. Makes you wonder who starts the comment going, then people follow like sheep to agree.

  1. Nothing like that in my store. And it occurs to me when would kids realise the fruit was available to be taken free or it is not – ie: it’s for sale?

    • There is a stand, (which they call a bin), and it is clearly marked “free fruit for kids”. I don’t think this encourages any one, be they children or adults to steal anything, I think it’s a great idea that encourages children to eat fruit.

    • I totally agree – would sooner see kids eat fruit any day rather than fast food. I didn’t know how they lay the fruit out – we don’t have this in my local store. Thanks.

  2. PAUL  

    they should be put in bags so they can take them home & as far as unhygienic well i will debate that one have you seen how many people handle the fruit then squeeze it then put it back you would not touch it if you had

  3. My grandkids enjoyed a beautiful free banana as we entered to do my weekly shop! Stop complaining smile. Clean up at store level to avoid messy customers!

    • Bianca Ciccia i made them share a big banana. They didn’t have a picnic lunch! We were polite and yes my peel went home to our bin!

  4. It is a VERY BAD idea, teaches kids to think they can help them selves to fruit with out paying, and we the customer is paying for the free fruit.. Teach our kids the right thing..DO NOT eat any thing in shop UNTIL it has been paid for .

  5. Damed if they do – damed if they dont. Not a great fan of Woolies management style but for goodness sake – breeding ground for germs? Fruit? Really? Who’d a thunk!

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