Woolies and Kmart suffer embarrassing self-serve checkout fail

A whole host of Aussie businesses have been left red faced after failing to be properly prepared for the release

A whole host of Aussie businesses have been left red faced after failing to be properly prepared for the release of the new $5 dollar note.

Woolworths, Kmart, TAB, poker machines and a bunch of vending machines are scrambling to catch up as their machines keep rejecting the shiny new bill.

The fancy $5 note has been designed to stop counterfeits with a transparent strip that makes it difficult to replicate. The only problem is the self serve checkouts at Woolies and Kmart and betting machines won’t recognise them.

The back of the new $5 note.
The back of the new $5 note.

Nick Aronis, president of the National Vending Association, told The Daily Telegraph it was a major source of irritation.

“The note reader starts to read the note and sees the clear strip, it identifies that as the end of the note and of course it can’t recognise it, so it spits it back out,” Mr Aronis said.

“The cost to the industry is massive,” Mr Aronis said.

The front of the new note.
The front of the new note.

So why weren’t the businesses ready in time? Coles, Target and Big W haven’t reported any problems, leaving many to wonder what on earth Woolies and co were thinking.

Erin Turner, from consumer advocacy group Choice, told News Corp there was no excuse for not being ready in time as they had been aware of the change for more than 12 months.

“This clearly seems to be a failure of planning and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be accepting the new $5 note,” Ms Turner said.

“They need to get their act together and fix it as quickly as possible.”

Have you seen the new $5 note yet? Have you had any problems with it?

  1. Steve  

    Saw one for the first time last week, never knew it was coming. Could have been fake for all we knew. Where was the publicity?

    • Jamie  

      I defiantly knew about. I had seen multiple articles in the news paper about it and on tv a few times. It was defiantly publicisied.

    • Heather Margaret  

      Was on the news and in print news for several weeks/month before appearing in the banks.

  2. sue  

    Same thing happened to a friend off mine at a hospital car park,it would except the money.She was lucky someone swap her 5 dollars for a older one

  3. Judith  

    It’s not the shopkeepers fault the notes don’t work, wait until they bring out the 10$ note then they can fix all at once .why they have to change things has me beet. The next thing they will get rid of all the money and we will use cards only wont that be fun.

    • Heather Margaret  

      The change of notes is an excellent idea for the seeing impaired, also good for when there is very little light to know what note you are giving/receiving. Should have been brought in years ago.

  4. Lillian davies  

    Don’t use self. Cheque outs you are putting people out of work do you want to be these people

    • Maureen  

      I agree totally. How can you ask a machine how their day was?

  5. Tim  

    Must bee leaf a comment if ewe Kant spell day.

  6. Stephanie Cocks  

    I won’t use self serve check outs – jobs down the gurgler. This week I interested to note, that most if not all the people using self serve check outs were people that would have to have been under 30+-, don’t they get it, the jobs????
    Hospital carpark management should have known and been prepared, especially state govt. hospitals.
    Pokies, well the ‘poker’ can go and get it changed at the bar or somewhere.

    • Heather Margaret  

      You’re right there Stephanie. My 16 year old grand-daughter was telling me how great they are until I asked if she had managed to get a part time job after school or at the weekends. Of course a “no” answer was received, patiently I explained about self serve checkouts. Guess who refuses to use them now and passes the information on to her friends.

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