Wondering why your internet might not be working?

If you’ve been experiencing difficulties with your internet use, and you are a Telstra customer, don’t panic — it’s just

If you’ve been experiencing difficulties with your internet use, and you are a Telstra customer, don’t panic — it’s just the company having yet another network issue.

Telstra announced that users of its NBN and ADSL services are experiencing an interruption across the network.

“Significant restoration has occurred but we still have some residual customer impacts,” a Telstra spokesperson told Perth Now

It is the fourth such problem affecting Telstra this year.

The telco was quick to apologise to customers affected by the outage, but not before customers had taken to social media to complain.

This latest outage has affected 375,000 phone and internet customers across Australia.

The outage blames “a large number of reconnection attempts from customer modems”.

It says one of the major issues faced by the company with its network outages is when customers reconnect to the service after the outage, which causes a further technical fault and ‘digital traffic jam’.

It follows network disruptions with iiNet, Virgin and Optus in the same week.

Have you been affected by network disruptions this week? Tell us how.

  1. Kathy Black  

    On/Off On/Off On/Off all day! Still is! Sunshine Coast QLD

  2. Marg warr  

    I’m in Howlong, NSW and it has been on & off, also their Foxtel went down. Both are back at least for now.

  3. Neta Williams  

    I am in Toowoomba and have not long got it back after all day outage.

  4. Jean nightingale  

    Fed up with Internet on and off all day today I have people trying to contact me I really think seriously about changing back to vodaphone and I won’t expect to pay fee to change over!!!!!😖😩safety beach victoria

  5. Pamela  

    1000 out in Wallsend/Maryland near Newcastle for over a week now – phones and internet. Internet back on sporadically but phones still out. Telstra sent us a satellite phone to cope until fixed.

    They are putting in a new exchange but instead of waiting until it was completed and then switched us all over at once, they cut the cable then proceeded to work on the new exchange. Don’t know when we will be reconnected.

    We have been offered a credit for current month’s bill plus extra for cost of calls made on mobile.

    But only because we complained enough apparently. Not so for the rest! 🙁

  6. M.Leitch  

    Something I’ve come to expect from Telstra. This is one of the main reasons it was privatised.

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