Wonderful news: Mother Teresa to be made a saint

The Vatican has revealed that after years of speculation, Mother Teresa of Calcutta will be finally made a saint. The

The Vatican has revealed that after years of speculation, Mother Teresa of Calcutta will be finally made a saint.

The Nobel peace prize winner died in 1997 at age 87, however her gift of love and compassion can still be felt today.

Now, Pope Francis has cleared the way for her sainthood by approving a decree recognising a miracle attributed to her intercession with God, reports the ABC.

While Mother Teresa was beatified in 2003 by the late Pope John Paul, she had not made the last step: sainthood.

The miracle that now will allow this selfless, beautiful woman to be recognised as the saint she was, was the inexplicable healing of a Brazilian man who was suffering from a multiple brain tumours, according to Catholic media reports.

Relatives say they prayed to Mother Teresa and he recovered, leaving doctors shocked and unable to medically explain it.

The canonisation of one of the world’s most important people will be in early September, though it isn’t yet clear if the ceremony will take place in Rome or if the Pope would travel to India to preside over it.

The Pope has told of how he met the late nun in Rome in 1994 when he was a bishop, and joked last year that while he admired her strength, he “would have been scared if she had been my mother superior”.

According to Sunita Kumar, a missionary spokeswoman who worked closely with Mother Teresa, the late nun, “read the Bible but her main understanding was to serve the poor,” she told the NDTV network.

“Look at the work she did, not a day’s holiday, not a day’s rest”.

Tell us, is this the perfect way to honour Mother Teresa’s memory?


    • I didn’t realise these things about her. I don’t much care for religion so tend to turn a deaf ear or blind eye to things connected to it which are saintly.

    • I had no idea either Christa and Victoria , I have to tell you I was shocked and appalled

    • My husband was taught by the Brides of Christ and one nun in particular was very cruel and made the children suffer……suffer unto him seemed to be their mantra!

    • An interesting read, it appears she had some weird ideas about helping the needy and it would be worth knowing where the money is. It reminds me of those crazy cults in America, but on a bigger scale, sad and dissapointing that we have been blind and the money donated could have been more effective in reducing suffering and saving lives.

    • Yes. She is called Hells angel. Not so saintly. The real hero’s are the innocent people that suffered horrible desths at her control.

    • I had no idea about this either, I have praised her and I will leave my praise where it is.

    • Thanks Libbi, interesting read. I too, had bought into the myth, this information has been well ‘hidden’, makes me sad that innocent people suffered because of her radical conviction that the poor should suffer to be more Christlike and angry because she did the opposite for herself, ego perhaps? I’ve never had any faith in the Catholic Church (or others) having seen first hand in third world countries their hypocrisy.

  1. Regardless of your religious beliefs, most people acknowledge what a great lady Mother Teresa was.

    • My mate adopted one of HER Indian ORPHANS AFTER A LOT OF HASSLES THE KID RAN OFF WHEN SHE WAS 16 and was nothing but trouble.

    • Go and do some factual reading and not fawning Catholic propaganda and/or media pop star ravings. Be prepared to learn that she was neither “great” nor a “lady”. She certainly was no “saint”!

    • Agree with you Fran, that was very rude, again people can’t stand a different opinion.

    • Yes Lee, no need to be rude. And i am not a good catholic. I believe what millions before me believe and others are quick to pull down once someone is dead. But regardless there is no need to be rude.

  2. Mother Theresa denied the people in her care painkilling medication to ease their suffering but when she got sick, she had first class palliative care herself. She said of the poor “There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering,” But never suffered a day herself

  3. the Vatican had better start hoping for another miracle …in that Cardinal Pell gets better quickly …

    • I always thought that Christopher Skase was malingering; then he died! So I’ll reserve judgement on how ‘sick’ Pell is.

    • with Skase ..it was only money ….Pell has friends in high places …an likely to drag his illness out for years …but the wolves are circling his door….

    • Pell and Theresa hid behind the Catholic Church pretending they cared about ppl ……all the cared about was themselves….😡

    • Exactly Anthea ….another organisation of God botherers …all religions are evil …the cause of all that is wrong in this world…

    • Richard-Sylvia Gabriel, your church has let you down, but don’t take it personally, you are not to blame for the action of others.

  4. Yes! A truly saintly person. Mother Teresa is very deserving of the honour! Rosanna Taylor your comment is in poor taste. Totally uncalled for in honouring such a wonderful woman.

  5. Mother Teresa didn’t think of herself but of others, good to hear that she will be a “saint hood”.

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