Women’s magazine makes ‘disrespectful’ mistake

Mistakes can easily be made in publishing, but some facts are very important to get right.

The magazine game is facing tough challenges in the online world.  In a rush to print, there can be mistakes.  However, one large mistake has Paul Hogan’s granddaughter and Channel Seven reporter Mylee Hogan a bit upset.

Mylee took a photo of a Women’s Day article about her Grandmother being happily married to Reg Stretton for a number of years despite the fact that Mylee raises that Reg passed away some years ago. Mylee tweeted directly to Women’s Day writing, “Despite the fact this is wrong, it’s disrespectful. Reg has been dead for many years. This is a photo of my nan out with her son”.

Women’s Day did respond to Mylee offering their “sincere apologies to you and your family. This was a genuine mistake and we are sorry if it caused distress to your loved ones.” 

Mylee also took the time to give a short review for the miniseries that was made about her family Hoges tweeting, “Despite a questionable wig and a few timeline errors… that was rather enjoyable. A couple of mates having fun and living the dream”.

What do you think about it?  Do you think that Women’s Day should make a formal apology to the family?

  1. Dawn  

    Absolutely they should apologise formally and publicly to the whole family. This just shows that their “sources”are total lies.I have no time for any of these magazines as their stories are fake! How many times has Jennifer Aniston been pregnant,Nicole and Keith getting divorced, Kate expecting twins and it goes on! When are the public going to wake up and boycott them all?

  2. Veronica  

    I agree with you Dawn. The only thing that will stop such false reporting is when the magazine is sued for made-up information!

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