Woman’s Day under fire for “Blatant made up lies”

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story” is a phrase usually uttered by a guy

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story” is a phrase usually uttered by a guy telling a slightly embellished yarn.  Singer and host Guy Sebastian has taken aim and accused the magazine Woman’s Day of doing the same thing.

Woman’s Day published an article about Guy and an unnamed woman walking through Melbourne Airport with the headline “Guy Sebastian:  Who’s that girl?”.  An excerpt from the article says “He’s never normally pictured far from his wife Jules and kids Hudson, four, and Archer, two, so onlookers were taken aback to see singer Guy Sebastian strolling arm-in-arm with another woman on a flight to Melbourne last week.

“While the brunette in question is Guy’s tour manager Bonnie, it was hard to deny the pair’s chemistry when she put her arm around Guy, and they looked into one another’s eyes.”

This didn’t sit well with Guy, who is happily married since 2008 and has two children, and he took to social media to fight back.  Guy tweeted “You guys really do just make up whatever you want don’t you?”  Adding that the whole thing “reeks of desperation”.

Guy also shared that the Woman’s Day photographer was yelling at the singer and trying to “antagonise” him.  Guy also claims that they edited out a male friend that was walking with him as well to make it appear more than it was.

Taking to Twitter again, Guy added “Blatant made up lies like these r harmful 2 loved ones & reeks of desperation,” adding “Can’t believe u paid that douche ‘photographer’.”

  1. Meryl  

    Don’t worry, Guy. I haven’t bought magazines for years because of this very reason.
    Not all of us believe the stories they make up.

    • Ailita Pang  

      I haven’t bought these magazines for years for this very reason. I believe these published lies cause great harm to the people concerned. But what amazes me the most is that so many women believe the garbage that they publish!

    • Karen  

      I haven’t bought magazines since Lady Diana was killed and the paparazzi was behind it.
      If it wasn’t for all these photographers and Paparazzi Diana would still be alive today.

      I refuse to read them as well because it’s just garbage in it about people personal life.

  2. Deb Lancaster  

    Stopped buying magazines for that exact reason. All the stories are made up and one magazine contradicts the other. If I were a celebrity I would sue.

    • Raylee morran  

      Don’t buy the magazines anymore for same reason. All trash. Nicole Kidman has been divorcing and having babies so often is an example. A pity, they were good magazines once

  3. Wendy Harty  

    Never buy the rubbish and that includes the New Idea, they are just trash and I think they should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Barbara Sands  

    I remember a woman radio announcer years ago on a Brisbane radio station would say in a very Aussie accent, “Oh it must be true, I read it in the New Idea”. Womans Day is in in the same boat.

  5. Maureen Gottschling  

    I don’t even read that rag in the Dr’s waiting room a y more!

  6. Dianne Evans  

    You only have to be waiting at Doctors and read some headlines they contradict themselves over and over not worth buying them. If I want to read fairy stories I want them to say that is what they are!

  7. Judy  

    Shame on you womans day you need to stop printing your lies and grow up. Obviously it’s not in your nature to tell happy news, I’m just amazed you’re not closed down by now.
    Well done Guy for putting them straight.

  8. Diane washbourne  

    I also stopped buying about 4 years ago,got sick the lies and stories about celebrities breaking up,pregnant,fat or having affairs …..total garbage

  9. Lorraine  

    Go get ’em Guy! It’s about time someone did

  10. Diana Hockley  

    The women’s magazines are all celebrity trash these days,. with no serious or interesting articles. The only thing worth looking at is the crossword.

    Yes they make it up as they go along. The rubbish they publish does smack of desperation and is plain lies.

  11. Lies Ads and not much else

  12. Karen Mallam  

    Well done Guy! Honestly, if people such as Nichole Kidman was pregnant every time Woman’s Day announced that she was the woman would have her own football team by now…it’s truly appalling. I too have stopped buying both Woman’s Day and New Idea

    • Gail Camelinat  

      I also stopped buying them about 3 years ago because of all the false rubbish they print. I got sick of trying to discover what was true and what wasn’t, so decided to stop buying and that would fix the problem. Feel sorry for the celebrities they print lies about. How about you start printing real articles for a change. The main two are as bad as each other.

    • Carol Broadbent  

      I’m not the only one to stop buying because of their lies! Also the photos they took of Kate Fisher on a balcony in her pyjamas this week…. I hope she sues them. Such an invasion of privacy.

      • Irene  

        Many years ago New Idea and Woman’s Day were great now they are utter rubbish with inuendos and blatant lies…..stopped buying them.

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