Woman finds nasty surprise in her Aldi shopping

A woman in the United Kingdom got a nasty surprise when she discovered the ‘funsize’ pack of bananas she purchased
MANCHESTER, UK - APRIL 21: People visit Aldi supermarket on April 21, 2013 in Manchester, UK. Aldi is one of largest global discount supermarket chains with 9,221 locations.

A woman in the United Kingdom got a nasty surprise when she discovered the ‘funsize’ pack of bananas she purchased from Aldi contained a family of stowaways.

Keely Pritchard, 22, from North Wales had given her three-year-old son a banana from the pack when she noticed an unusual growth on the skin.

When she sliced into the fruit to check it was safe for him to eat, Keely was shocked to see dozens of baby spiders crawling out.

As you can see in the video, the moment the banana was cut there is someone crying out “It’s all baby spiders. All I could find is baby spiders!”

Keely told the Daily Post that she’d already eaten one of the bananas.

“I saw the bananas in the fruit bowl and I ate one and when I went to get one for my son, we noticed a strange growth on it,” Keely says.

“I decided to cut it open and have a look and lots of baby spiders came out.”

It’s not the first time spiders have made an appearance in Aldi shopping bags. Earlier this year a couple from the United States made a gruesome discovery when a sac of spider eggs was found growing on a bunch of bananas they were purchasing.

While a Brazilian Walking Spider was found in a pack of fruit purchased at an unnamed supermarket in the UK and a redback spider was found in broccoli at a Woolworths supermarket in Australia.

Aldi in the UK has responded to the incident by saying it is investigating the matter with its supplier.

What would you do if you found a creepy crawly in your food purchases? Do you have concerns about the quality of fruit and vegetables being imported into Australia from overseas? Do you think our biosecurity measures are strict enough to reduce a similar risk?

  1. Kez  

    Oh for gods sake. Can’t believe people getting upset by a few little spiders…….doesn’t that say that the bananas have not been sprayed with lethal, poisonous chemicals so that nothing can survive? How incredibly precious people are when they find something that has been grown outside in a plantation as nature intended, contains a few insects. Get a life.

    • susan  

      I agree, I’m happy to buy herbs at the market, often they have small insects that are easily shaken off. Like you if there are insects there’s no spray!! yes get a life.

  2. Brian Lee  

    I have to say I agree most emphatically with Kez! As he/she says, insects on or in the food do indicate a lack of nasty chemicals – I remember many years ago when I lived in England, we were always hearing about Tarantulas crawling out of a bunch of bananas, (it’s where they live!), and no-one really took any notice, just step on the spider and get on with life. Certainly Aldi would have little or no control over this sort of incident – they could hardly be expected to carefully examine EVERY banana they offer for sale! I’m sure the other supermarkets would have the same occasional problem too, not just Aldi.

  3. Depends on where the spiders originated from?? some overseas country ?? if so what else is being brought in as well. This is how fruit diseases are spread country to country. If spider eggs can be transported so can flies and mosquitoes. It is not about the little spiders it is about what else comes as well. Disease spores are not visable

    • Ray Koch  

      Pretty simple, buy locally sourced produce and you won’t have to worry about it.

  4. Marg  

    I would be grateful that the fruit had not been so drenched in a toxic pesticide that some living creature could make it home however temporarily

  5. Marcia  

    Many years’ ago, when an aircraft was at its’ gate, after arriving back into Oz, a man came on board, & sprayed insect repellent, human friendly, up & down the aisles.

    What good it did, I often wondered, but it must’ve been effective, or it wouldn’t have been the practice.
    The Cargo Hold was sprayed as well.

    There was no outbreak of ‘crawly critters’ in those days.

    Maybe this procedure needs to be re-introduced.

  6. Not only spiders their was a snake in our box of bananas years ago when we owned a fruit shop they do grow in the orchards and farms not made in factories you know


    Also , the introduction of non indigenous creatures may create real troubles.

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