Woah! Tony Burke and Mathias Cormann go at it on live TV

While most politicians try to keep their cool in the election season, Former Immigration Minister Tony Burke and Finance Minister

While most politicians try to keep their cool in the election season, Former Immigration Minister Tony Burke and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann went into battle on live television last night.

The pair appeared on the ABC’s 7:30 Report where they discussed both party’s asylum-seeker policy.

It didn’t take long for them to get fired up and launch into a heated debate over the issue, with Mr Burke becoming quite upset by Senator Cormann’s words.

Mr Burke was answering a question about Labor’s policy when Senator Cormann interrupted him and accused him of not believing in the measures, which include boat turn-backs.

This was too much for Mr Burke who lashed out, unable to contain his rage.

“I’ve had 33 people die on my watch, don’t you tell me that I don’t believe this,” he yelled.

“Don’t you tell me after I’ve had those names on my desk.”

Mr Burke went on to say that while Labor’s policies on boats were the same as the government’s they had a different view on how to deal with asylum seekers in detention centres.

“We have a very different approach to Peter Dutton and a different approach to the government and an approach that people used to think was closer to Malcolm Turnbull’s views, except now they’ve seen, far from him changing the Liberal Party, the Liberal Party has changed him,” he said.

The exchange of words thrilled viewers who said this is the kind of action they want to see during an election campaign.

Commenting on Facebook, many people said we sick of politicians giving measured and prepared responses to questions and that it was refreshing to see some honesty and passion about Australia’s biggest issues.

Do you agree with them?

Would you like to see more interviews like this? Do you get sick of the way pollies usually answer questions?

  1. Rikda  

    I don’t know why it’s never mentioned but do people remember how the attack dog, Abbott & co, sabotaged every attempt made by the previous government to strike an accord with other neighbours, like Timor & Malaysia.
    They didn’t want the boats stopped because it was their ticket into government & blind Freddy could see that.

    • Catherine Balaz  

      Sick and tired of Liberals always interjecting and talking over people whilst insisting they get to say what they want without being interrupted. Crass, rude, arrogant and off-putting. Time they learn to behave like intelligent human beings and allow the people to make up their own minds without being verbally bullied.

      • You mean like every other politician, sick and tired of people pointing the finger when they’re all as bad as each other.

  2. Paul  

    I am tired of all the rhetoric…the bottom line is this…there is a formal process for screening and admitting those people who want to move to Australia.
    All those that choose to ignore this process and pay the ‘people pirates’ do so at that own risk.
    And we need to continue to make this alternate approach as difficult and uninviting as possible…full stop.
    I know that people will know commence to condemn me, call me a racist etc etc…that is your right as it is my right to call it the way I see it. And more importantly I have Australia, its people and its future at the forefront…not what the UN, Greens and all the others would have us do.
    The fact that the surrounding countries in the Middle East and Africa have the same culture and beliefs and beliefs and yet do not accept nor encourage and refugee intake is just plain wrong…and this tells me there is something wrong with the whole refugee mass migration.
    Keep the boats out…make the resettlement process for those who avoid the established process as difficult as possible.

  3. K. Harrington  

    I think we’re all agreed that we need to stop the boats – both major parties are in accord on that. They way thi\ose detained are treated is what concerns so many of us. The detention centres are being run like concentration camps. Anyone giving information risks imprisonment. Doctors are not allowed to report. Human services are denied access, as are the media. Why? What is this government hiding? Why are detainees suiciding? Why are they being held for years and not months as previouslY? Those are the questions we want answered and what we want changing.

    • Audre Signorini  

      Mr Harrington I agree with every word you say yes stop the boats ,but for God sake don’t destroy our humanity ,because we destroy ourselves in the process ,be transparent on what we are doing not shut up people from speaking out .We will be a better country for doing so

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