Woah! Lisa tells Clive what all of us are thinking

Bizarre politician Clive Palmer and Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson have clashed heads, in a fiery television interview this morning.

Bizarre politician Clive Palmer and Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson have clashed heads, in a fiery television interview this morning. Many Australians feel that Lisa said exactly what Clive needed to hear!

Palmer has been widely criticised after firing over 200 workers from his Queensland Nickel refinery earlier this year, despite donating millions to his own Palmer United Party.

Wilkinson challenged Palmer about this asking, “Did you authorise Queensland Nickel to donate almost $6 million to the Palmer United Party at a time when nickel prices were already at a slide, and there was a freeze on jobs?”

“You’ve boasted about being a very rich man for a very long time”, Wilkinson said after Palmer denied any wrongdoing. “Why don’t you pay the entitlements for the 200 families?”

“Clive, you’ve sat yourself in front of a lot of very expensive yachts, you like to show off your wealth”, she added. “Australia thinks you’re a joke at the moment”.

“You’re a politician in federal parliament these days”, Wilkinson said without holding back. “Is it fair to say that your stint has been at best an embarrassment – at worst a disaster?”

“You fall asleep in parliament, you often don’t bother to turn up – your socalled Palmer United Party has imploded. You’ve betrayed the trust of everyone who believed in you – from Queensland Nickel to your Chinese (business) partners”.

However, Palmer blamed any issues facing Queensland Nickel squarely on its administrators. He took no responsibility for any of the problems Wilkinson outlined.

Instead he answered, “I’ve been criticised in the press, (everything) is a fabrication by the Murdoch press and media. It’s untrue”.

Palmer was visibly flummoxed by Wilkinson’s fiery approach, but many Australians are happy to see him getting some ‘just desserts’.

As Today Show viewer said, “I think Clive Palmer is a bloody disgrace”. Whilst another added, “imagine a world with Clive Palmer and Donald Trump in charge?”

Are you pleased by Wilkinson’s upfront interview approach? Do you think Palmer needs to take responsibility for Queensland Nickel’s problems? Watch the full interview yourself below:

    • I agree, I don’t know what is the matter with these people..Clive had to face a hard interview so what? how many is he putting on the centerlink line?

  1. “This time I agree with Palmer Lisa didn’t give him a chance to answer the questions.

  2. I thought lisa was very rude worst interview she hss rver done and I don’t like Clive Palmer might be who owns channel nine

  3. Lisa is the most unprofessional interviewer of all time. A journalist she’s not! But being married to the ‘red bandana’ man says it all. As for Clive, he deserves grilling!

  4. As much as I don’t particularly like Clive Palmer but this wasn’t an interview. This was a reading of an indictment and found guilty without even allowing Clive to get a word in. I thought this interviewer (and it wasn’t an interview) was pathetic.

    • Derek, who else is going in for the kill? I agree with you as in my comments above, however, as I said where are the politicians letting public know exactly who is right and wrong. I admire Lisa having guts at least to confront him, but we are assuming she is correct in asking the questions to him that our politicians won’t publicly answer…..I had a boss once that said to me ‘Judy , never assume’……and he was right…

    • I was so disgusted with Lisa I let today show know that I will not be watching in future. Journalism is supposed to tell the public what is going on. Not for the journalist rudely make statements without the subject getting right of reply

    • Good on you. The channel needs to know what the public reaction is to bad journalism and she needs to be re-trained.

    • I think that Lisa and the rest are getting to Farr if you don’t like someone don’t do it like that

    • Libbi, that’s not the point. The point is that a so called journalist was rude and disrespectful in an interview. The job of a journalist is to provide the facts and allow the interviewee to put their case. Not hang draw and quater someone without allowing them to defend themselves. How can the public believe a word of what the media says when it is so biased and full of people like this?

    • Yep I agree with you ,Lisa behaved just like a bully ,I was very disappointed in her supposed interview ,she wasn’t going to let him speak she just wanted to show off ( look at me I’m going to stick it to Clive )

    • boo hoo derek and you going to whinge when then Government has to pay for the clean up of his mine and the workers redundancy? Anything he had to face in that interview is nothing compared to what his workers will be facing now.. no sympathy for him at ALL

    • David – you have missed the point of what I had to say too. I am not defending Clive Palmer one little bit. I hope that the authorities take him to task for his terrible neglect of his workers and the environment and the taxpayer. But he hasn’t been tried and convicted. Everything we have heard about this disaster is from the media and I don’t trust the media (or the politicians for that matter) one little bit. I put it to you? Do you really know what has happened and who is to blame? Do you have the facts? Or are you just basing this on media reports. Again, I am not defending Clive Palmer. I would have nothing to do with him.

    • Lisa Wilkinson is so much a Ch 9 interviewer! Their interviews are all about the interviewer and bugger the person being interviewed!

    • I wish Clive Palmer had just told Lisa Wilkinson to shove her interview where the sun doesn’t shine, and just walk off and refuse to do any more Ch9 interviewers! She is a real moron!

    • David James I have no sympathy for Clive either, but I will also not listen to an interview that is so rude and biased. I feel for the workers but I will not listen to such rudeness when I can easily turn the channel.

    • Derek Miles David jumps to conclusions over anything except that to do with Labor, He can’t have a rational view

    • He’s not a nice man but she acted like judge and jury she needs to pull her head in hanging around with Karl to long

    • Dawn Burce you dotty old bird, you don’ know me..thank god , keep your opiions about me to yourselff of I will report you to Facebook, the only good news about this, if there is any..;. is that those poor buggas employed by Clive will be on the unempolyment list before the next election and that will reflect badly on the Liberal Party. his deciet is all on Public record

    • i went off that appealingly rude ignorant I’ll-mannered piece of garbage after she appeared on ABC Q and A. She’s banned from my living room.

    • She used the same antics when she used to interview Tony Abbott when he was prime minister. Total lack of professionalism and respect for the office. As far as Clive goes, he doesn’t deserve respect but she shouldn’t be allowed to conduct interviews with an unprofessional attitude.

    • Dawn Bruce your comment made me choke on my coffee. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, but congratulations on managing to bring Labor into a discussion on Palmer. You never fail to do it

    • She thinks he is an idiot he could so what’s that make her afraid won’t be watching that shot anymore think Clive is an idiot have a look at the clown she married

  5. I was disgusted in the interview. Lisa was a bully and very rude and totally unprofessional. I am not a fan of Palmer’s but he was trying to answer the questions and Lisa just talked over him. This was one if the worst interview i have seen. She needs talking to.

    • maybe we need a few more people like her, and show us what a lying and selfish person he is.

    • Maria Van Eijk not when it is pure bullying. Did you watch the interview Maria?

    • Lisa has become an “expert”on everything. Why is it that T.V. presenters suddenly have the right to bully and embarass everyone they don’t agree with. They have lost me as a watcher, if you are a fan of Clives or not, he does not deserve to be publicly humiliated by this self opinionated woman. Shame.

    • Maria Van Eijk No one deserves to be publically humiliated. Absolutely rude and arrogant woman who is just a T.V. presenter.

    • Margaret MacDonald so agree. Everything or places ,Lisa has done or visited. She proclaims she loves Australia yet spends every holiday overseas. She is a know it all (so she thinks) over Today. I will watch Studio 10 from now on.

    • Me too. I think that Channel has lost more that they think in viewing. No need for rudeness, and respect should be sown to all those interviewed. They are in a trap situation with a nasty person interrogating them. Time to go Lisa, you have made me ashamed of being an Aussie woman.

    • Channel 9 needs to restructure their programs sick of the rude big ego jurnalisits they have employed. Channel 9 you need to listen to the Australian public and fix your shit

    • Margaret MacDonald Yes. This is the 4th Estate gone mad. It is common now. Interviewers have become the story, the celebrities, the authorities, the editors, and the censors. It’s the same with ACA and all those reports where the reporter is front and centre on camera and the destruction is around the fringes of the screen… you know, that slow walk through the streets where the cameraman walks backwards… and that silly shot where the ‘intrepid” (hate that word) reporter is ducking behind a brick wall in the front line with her military pot on her head and bullet proof vest …

    • Did anyone watch this …. I saw Clive talking over her as she was asking the question then complained he was being talked over …

    • Geoff Enkel i watched the interview and Lisa asked the question and before he had spoken two words she was interupting him. This happened throughout the interview, very unprofessional.

    • Geoff Enkel yes I did watch and Clive was speaking over her because she kept interrupting him when he was trying to answer…

    • Very unprofessional – sorely disappointed by Lisa. So rude and although I’m not a fan of Clive Palmer, I’m certainly not a fan of Lisa after seeing her rude, bullying interview.

    • so if owned a ice cream shop ,if you make a profit ,put a swimming pool in your back yard ,then sack your workers do you get a hammering from media ,,????

    • Obviously Clive Palmer was asked on the programme to answer questions about the collapse of his nickel mine, but Lisa didn’t give him a chance to answer. She was totally out of line and out of control.

    • It is TYPICAL of These Kind Of Women to Talk Over You ! They Think That They Are So BLOODY SMART !!!

  6. Well done Lisa you told him the truth what a lot of people are thinking

  7. Clive was not content with getting rid of the mining and carbon taxes, he wants a free ride for everything! A liberal LEANER!

  8. She was rude, unprofessional, biased and has lost any credibility she ever had. And your comment “… what all of us are thinking” is also biased. You are definitely not speaking for me. And he didn’t get what he deserves, he wasn’t even allowed to answer a question without being talked over. Your bias is showing all too clearly. If you want to make statements like that at least have the professionalism to include the phrase “in my opinion” or some such. I’m becoming very, very disillusioned with you SAS.

  9. It used to be Derryn Hinch now it’s Lisa, Peter ( bandana boy) & Clive who are legends in their own minds, ban the lot from our TVs

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