William, Harry and Charles give their most revealing interview yet

When Ant and Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years of the Prince’s Trust is a television special that aired in

When Ant and Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years of the Prince’s Trust is a television special that aired in Britain this week. The documentary focused on the royal contribution to charities over the last four decades, but also captured some candid moments between Prince Charles and his sons, princes William and Harry.

It was revealed that William and Harry affectionately call Prince Charles, “pa”. While the heir-apparent discussed missing his own grandfather, King George VI. Prince Charles also refers to Duchess Camilla as “my darling wife”. How sweet!

Meanwhile Prince William believes his younger brother is like any other, often popping around to Kensington Palace unannounced to visit Catherine and the little royals, George and Charlotte. Prince William hilariously claims Harry, “scrounges food off us and things like that”.

Prince Harry revealed how much he loves being an uncle. He told interviewers, “I can always hear the wheels of those plastic tractors that George loves playing on”. Whilst Prince William added that his children are “good as gold”, and that fatherhood has made him more sentimental.

You can watch snippets of each interview below. Share your thoughts with us!

  1. Loved watching those snippets. I like the Royals, Ant and Dec can bring out the best in anyone. I really want to watch the full thing now 🙂

  2. The young royals are a breath of fresh air, the queen must be so proud of them

  3. They are so unusual for royals , their mother would be so very proud of them , they are happy obviously love and respect each other enormously . And seem to live a reasonably normal life at home . I enjoy watching these two .

  4. I just can’t get past that adulterer Charles. The young ones seem great so far.

    • Dorothy Hughes  

      I know just what you mean & I felt the same way for years until I came to realise that these two – Charles & Camilla- really are soul-mates who have loved each other since their teens but were prevented by Royal protocol from marrying – he bowed to tradition & did the right thing but unfortunately with things not working out so well with dear Dianna & his strong feelings for Camilla never leaving him guess the result was inevitable. I cannot but be impressed (& envious) at how happy & truly comfortable they are together – I truly feel for Dianna & the pain she endured & for her beautiful life lost so shockingly – her gift of two gracious men to continue the Royal Line will be forever remembered & I look at these two fellows & see her again – my thoughts now are that if they understand their father & the conflict that his decisions brought yet still love him & accept Camilla then I find that I am able to do the same. Finally – I remember how it was way back when the announcement was made of his engagement to Camilla that there was surprise as his choice – I had to agree that no matter how beautiful & gracious I found her she just did not seem right for Charles. If she had married the right person & had a peaceful life with a loving husband & children – we would not now have William & Harry & co. Life is so unpredictable. Cheers.

      • Dorothy Hughes  

        I mean his engagement to Dianna ——- sorry.

    • build a bridge & get over it.! Diana was the one Charles chose to Marry & be the Mother of his children, Diana blew it by being a self centered public trollop.

  5. An unashamed Royalist. When I worked in London the bank used to put out a guide to shows ,movies and where the Royal family would be that week. Used to queue for hours and had gra

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