Will the voices of older Australians be silenced in parliament?

Some of the Liberal’s parties so-called elders might be pushed out of government by moderate, upcoming MPs. As Philip Ruddock

Some of the Liberal’s parties so-called elders might be pushed out of government by moderate, upcoming MPs. As Philip Ruddock and Bronwyn Bishop vie to keep their seats in Parliament, there are concerns that mature voices could be lost from Aussie politics.

Philip Ruddock aged 72, has served in parliament for over four decades. Now there are fears that much younger Julian Leeser will overtake Ruddock in the seat of Berowra, New South Wales. Liberal party sources recently told The Australian that Ruddock might be urged to resign shortly.

“If (Berowra) is contested, he will lose, but unfortunately it seems as though Philip is going to dig his heels in and it will get ugly”, the confidential source said.

“Nobody wants to see Philip humiliated. He is a hero of the party, he has devoted his life to public service. But the problem is there is a push for generational change across the party”.

Meanwhile, Bronwyn Bishop is likely to lose her seat to former Young Liberal president Jason Falinski. Moderate memebers of the party believe Bishop has disgraced herself by spending thousands in taxpayers’ money on a helicopter flight.

“You’ll probably have to carry her out in a box”, said former Liberal leader John Hewson. “She doesn’t see that she’s been totally discredited”.

Talking about bringing fresh blood to the Liberal party, Assistant Productivity Minister Peter Hendy said: “You’ve got to respect experience, you’ve got to expect abilities, but you also can’t have a situation where you never challenge incumbents – I mean you just couldn’t have that because you could never then reinvigorate the party”.

However, everyday Australians are worried that bringing in younger and less experienced candidates could mean pensioners and seniors are not represented by government.

As one lady commented online, “Sussan Ley is already the Minister for Sport, Minister for Health AND the Minister for Aged Care. With all those older pollies getting booted, who will represent older Australians? It’s not going to be the younger candidates, I tell you that! Nobody cares about pensioners.”

Whilst another added these changes “could cost the LNP big time. Ambition is fine, if you have the true ability to support your claims. These ‘want a be’ candidates have no real experience to prove they have the right to out good honest candidates”.

Are you worried that older voices are being shifted from Parliament? Are you confident that young, upcoming candidates can represent the interests of older Australians?

  1. All politicians want to remember that Australia has a growing aging population…remember at thenext election what this government has done to part pensioners

    • I don’t believe they are finished with pensioners yet, I think if they get re-eclected that they claim and mandate and bulldoze cuts through for ALL pensioners

  2. The “elders” in the Liberal Party certainly have not represented or had at heart the best interests of our ageing population.So it is a bit scary as to what the younger set might implement using the model of their “wise” Patriarchs!

  3. I don’t vote Liberal (some might have already guessed) but I would be sad to see Philip Ruddock be replaced by a young ladder climber. Replacing the thoughtful well spoken older politicians with those young gung-ho swearing shouting (Think Christopher Pyne) university graduates who have never experienced life anywhere but in the rarefied air of parliament house is not good news for our country.

    • On one hand I agree with you Leone, but then I would also have to argue that many, if not most, of our older politicians have been more pre-occupied with looking after themselves and lining their own pockets (eg. Bronwyn Bishop) than looking after older Australians. On the other hand, and rather disturbing, is that many younger politicians can only be seen as what I regard as ‘career politicians’ and are in it purely for self. All rather frightening.

    • I see Palmer can’t afford to pay his workers redundancy Leone , he siphoned $21 million into his political account..all that squawking you did yesterday and you were wrong

    • Carol Borham – I suspect many of the younger ones would be thinking about their pocket linings too!!

    • Philip Ruddock has not been in cabinet since 2007, he just sits on the backbench and surely no one would be supporting Bronwyn Bishop for another term !! After all the rorting and dramas with her in the last 12 months 🙂

    • I’d be happy to see Ruddock disappear, I don’t think he would be doing any ‘older’ voters any favours, isn’t he eligible for the pension yet !!! …… however, I’d be happy for Paul Keating to return to parliament 🙂

    • I was not wrong Leanna. Palmer has the right to operate according to the law, just like every other businessman Politician or not. Do you really think Malcolm Turnbull’s companies don’t put large deposits into Liberal Party coffers whether they have retrenched staff or not.

    • well time will tell Leone but unlike you I am on side of the workers, I leave the employers for the right to defend

    • I’m on the side of anyone being singled out to be bullied by the media – and by you – while much richer, much worse individuals do much more damage to many more in the work force in exactly the same manner. You are chasing a minnow while whales sail by unnoticed.

    • Perhaps you haven’t had the experience of typing the letters of a State Vice President of a large union. You have no idea how big, really big business operates. Bleating about Palmer and 200 odd workers while… never mind. “There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.”

    • Leone O’Sullivan –
      Donor Summary by Party – Annual Returns – Australian …

    • Victoria, keeping is a nasty nasacistic creep who only thinks of himself and what he can get, and why would we want him back. He was the one who called Australia the bottom of the earth and a banana republic. Glad he has gone and Evan better if we didn’t have to pay for all his extras he still gets.

  4. With the LNP in charge no one is standing up for the rights of older citizens.

    • many here are saying we need older Pollies, they need to ask themselves what have these older Politicians done for older Australians ?.. the answer is nothing, they don’t live in the same world as us and they have no understanding of who we are

    • I totally agree, Ruddock and the others (thinking Bishop) live in a different world than us, as far as I’m concerned they are bleeding the taxpayer and it’s about time they retire just on their superannuation and no other benefits, just like the rest of us.

  5. I think there should be a mix of young and older poiticians, but wonder if the younger politicians will have the welfare of the older generation at heart.

  6. We seem to be getting mixed messages. The government is rabbiting on about us working until we drop, then in the next breath they are telling their own members that at 70+ you are no longer relevant. I hope all of the older members dig their toes in and put up a fight. If they have to go down at least they will go down swinging.

  7. People were saying that there were not enough women in parliament, and I agree, but equally important is that there needs to be older politicians representing our elderly citizens, so let’s use our vote when the time comes!

  8. Time they gave their seats to someone younger with fresh ideas, who can contribute to a greater Australia and grow in the job

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