Will Labor’s latest plans to smoke out the Government change your vote?

Labor’s numbers are sliding but they’re hoping this new proposal to increase cigarette pricing will change your vote. The latest

Labor’s numbers are sliding but they’re hoping this new proposal to increase cigarette pricing will change your vote.

The latest newspoll figures published in The Australian show the Opposition is trailing behind the Turnbull government, with 52 per cent compared to 48 per cent on a two-party preferred basis.

The Coalition’s primary vote is at 45 per cent to Labor’s 35 per cent.

And it’s looking even more dire for Bill Shorten as preferred prime minister, with just 17 per cent of voters saying they want him in the top job.


Now, the ALP are using a new tactic to get non-smokers on their side: they’re going to increase the price of a pack of 25 cigarettes to $40 by 2020 if elected.

According to the Opposition, the policy would generate $50 billion over the medium term and double quit rates.

“Money that we want to put towards budget consolidation but also towards very important health initiatives,” Labor’s health spokeswoman Catherine King said.

As for the poorest people who are smokers, Ms King assured they would not be left in the dark.

“We want people to stop, we want more people to give up, we want more people who are in difficult circumstances to give up as well because we know that smoking kills people,” she said.

“We’ll be making some further announcements about what we might do to assist people, particularly those areas of the population who find it very difficult to give up smoking”.

ABC reports Bill Shorten believes the policy is an alternative to the GST increase that may be on the cards.

“Labor wants to reduce the number of people who smoke; Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberals want to increase the GST and the cost of everything, including fresh food, school fees and going to the doctor,” he said.


We want to know today: Is the Labor party clutching at cigarettes? Or is this a good policy worthy of a vote? Will you vote Labor at the next election?

      • Brian Lee  

        Well, he DID say he’d never vote labour again, which is obviously referring to the party not the labour force, so he IS wrong – he should have written Labor! He is certainly not voting to get the Australian labour force into the government!

  1. Smokers will vote with their pockets in mind as we all do, I think this is a silly move because from what I have read , smokers are paying more than their fair share now

    • smokers won’t wear that and what about food and everything else they need? they will just have to give that up? Smoking is an addiction many won’t be able to just quit. I think they have just cost themselves the next election

  2. Sorry Mr Shorten , But if they got a more convincing Leader it would help. I just can’t hear any conviction in your voice.

  3. I’m not a smoker however one of my sons still smokes although he has tried to stop, instead of increasing the price of cigarettes to line your own pockets, HOW ABOUT HAVING THE GUTS TO BAN THEM. Then hopefully we will have a healthier environment for everyone!

    • They won’t ban them because for the Government cigarettes are a pot of gold, they are not interested in “saving ” people , they just want more money

    • Exactly my point Libby, that is why I’m unable to trust our POLITICIAN ( all ) because it has always been about the almighty dollar they don’t care what happens to anyone so long as the money keeps rolling in including for themselves.

    • If they ban the smokes they should ban alcohol and gambling. They do so much more harm to lives and families. Trish I hope your son can stop the cigs. I did about 10 years ago and finally I’m free.

    • Thanks Anne, I believe he is trying an electronic cig, that’s all he can do if he wants to kick them.

  4. Instead of raising the price, bring down the price of the products to help you give up smoking, or even better ban cigarettes all together. A better plan for Mr. Shorten would be to come up with some policies that the Australian people want and will be happy with.

    • Products to assist giving up smoking should be free if the government really want to stop people providing this revenue! (I am a non-smoker for 9 years!)

    • The drug champix, available on the PBS. ….. $6 for concession holders and normal script price for non. Not a lot of expense when you consider the cost of ciggies and the saving by giving up the darts. I am an ex smoker

    • New Policies? What a good idea. Sadly, Judith we haven’t had a politician that has had an oringinal idea ..in a very long time.

    • agree entirely. the cost of the products to help quit smoking needs to come down.

    • Judith as an ex smoker who gave up 10 years ago i can say with absolute certainty that raising the price of cigarettes has absolutely no affect on a cigarette smoker we will go without something else rather than our cigs. The only way to give up.cigs is wont power in other words i wont light up this morning. We are all brainwashed into believing that it is incredibly hard to give up cigs but the cravings leave you by five daysthe only time you even think about it is if you walk past a smoker just as they exhale and it is but a passing moment most of the time when you are in the vicinity of smokers or where they smoke you girst thought is YUK did I smell like that.

    • Phyllis Hunt products to assist you to give up smoking are only replacing one addiction with another just like putting a heroin user on methadone you are still addicted to a chemical substance…as an ex smoker i think i can make that statement with some confidence.

    • Judith Forbes – Labor party – what are policies??????????? – oh those are the things that take brain power to come up with but we don’t have any of those!!

    • Well Joan Savell I am an ex smoker, and I did it with the help of those products so I can say for fact that you are not right. I never said that putting up the price was a good idea, and it is extremely hard to give up smoking, and it takes 3 years for the cravings to fully stop. It is not the only way to give up by will power alone. Everyone is different and I did it my way and I am proud of that.

  5. So some of you are happy to vote lib to put up GST on everything, when you can give up smokes for your health & be better off in pocket & health? What kind of argument is that?

    • I knew this would happen, I think they have just tossed the election out of the window, there will be many like David out there

    • I agree we don’t need a rise in any taxes, but most of all I don’t want GST to rise, that will hit everyone the most in everything. Electricity, foods, if you can afford eating out, all services. Libs put in the GST & won’t think twice about rising it. Yes they should make tax avoiding companies who use tax havens like the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes in the countries they make their profits. Governments are weak to not get these to pay their dues like all of us do.

  6. Absolutely no faith, no trust, no hope with any of labour group bar Albo. He has to switch camp. They will just hold him back.

  7. Bill Shorten is looking sadder and more like a loser every time he appears. If he wants to stand in the next election and have a hope of winning he needs to be more positive. His body language says it all

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