Why the price of bananas are about to soar… again

Right now we’re enjoying low prices on bananas but there’s about to be a big problem that could wreak havoc

Right now we’re enjoying low prices on bananas but there’s about to be a big problem that could wreak havoc for farmers and consumers.

A fungus, known as Panama Disease, which first appeared in Australia in the late 1800s, is back and threatening the existence of the Cavendish banana. What’s worrying both farmers and consumers right now is that there is no known way to stop it or its spread.

According to a new study published in PLOS Pathogens, there has been a confirmed outbreak of the Panama Disease – something agricultural scientists have feared since the last banana disease outbreak in the 90s. What’s worse is that the latest strain is a mutant of the typical Panama Disease, meaning banana stocks could get dangerously low.

Researchers are now warning that the strain has spread to Australia and will eventually make its way to Latin America, where the vast majority of the world’s exported bananas are still grown.

There are no ifs about this situation: it’s when that we need to be worried and prepared for.

Scientists believe the outbreak of the banana disease is threatening bananas because of the way they are grown – they grow side by side and are a type of clone fruit when commercially produced.

It’s only a matter of time before the price of imported and locally grown bananas rise, as we saw them do in the 2011 floods. And our beloved Cavendish could soon be no more.

Tell us, will you be stocking up? Are you a banana fan?

  1. They’re already nearly $4 a kilo at our Woollies here

    • I feeze them with skin off and cut into chunks. I use them in smoothies and thawed should be OK for baking in cakes and muffins.

    • Skin on if u want them for making cakes muffins etc skin off wrap half banana in glad wrap freeze then when frozen eat like icy pole they’re really yummy or freeze whole banana then put in food processor, process then refreeze you’ll have nice banana ice cream

    • In summer I peel bananas for the granchildren and put the on a wooden skewer, then dip them in chocolate and freeze, they are just like an iceblock ..the kids love them and they are healthy

    • Here’s my tip ! Am on my own ,so I buy enough to do me a week ! Wrap them tightly in a tea towel and store in crisper of fridge , they last and stay fresh !!

  2. How do you stock up on bananas. I don’t think bananas taste the same any more like most fruit and veg it just doesn’t taste right maybe it’s an age thing

    • I don’t know if it’s an age thing, I find out that mangoes have a bit of coconut taste and a bit of bitter taste mix since last year or so !!!, I thought it was only me feeling that way . I have been trying different type of mango but still feel that bittersweet coconut taste😩, I am crazy about mangoes but not anymore 😏

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