Why soon you might be happy to see a parking inspector out and about

They’re often considered as villains of the streets, waiting until drivers have walked away from their cars only to pull

They’re often considered as villains of the streets, waiting until drivers have walked away from their cars only to pull out their pocket book and slap a parking fine on your car window, but parking inspectors are set for a ‘Mr Nice Guy’ makeover. A new initiative in Adelaide will see parking inspectors issuing fewer fines and more smiles, as they take on the role of “ambassadors for the city”, as reported by News Corp.

This is something many people are hoping will roll out across the country, looking we’ll see less grumpy inspectors on the road and more friendly faces. It goes without saying that most people have at least one parking horror story to tell, whether it’s arriving back at your car to find the inspector giving you a ticket – and refusing to let you go without it – or having to fight city council in a parking fine dispute. Having more understanding and helpful inspectors would no doubt make the job of finding a park on a busy street, and keeping it, a lot easier.

Parking and information officer Tim – who only provided his first name for privacy reasons – told News Corp the hardest part of the job was convincing people that not all parking inspectors are out to fine you.

“Providing information to people is part of our job and we are very approachable,” he said.

“Unfortunately, there is a certain perception about what we do and a bit of a stigma with it but hopefully that can be reduced.”

There have even been calls by Adelaide City Councillors for the inspectors to undergo etiquette training, to encourage a more friendly and helpful approach as they pound the pavement.

Are you looking forward to dealing with friendlier, more helpful parking inspectors? Have you ever received a parking fine you didn’t deserve?

  1. Good God who’s going to break the news to the parking inspectors about being nice and humane. Thats akin to getting Caligula to take Sunday school classes. Worse still who gets the job of telling them they’re human? The shock will kill most of them.

  2. In a dispute as we write with Gold Coast City Council for having the audacity to park my car outside my home when it was waiting to be repaired, due to its suspension being faulty. I couldn’t drive it into my semi subterranean garage . Basically they couldn’t give a cuss , don’t care and don’t want to know . Ok I’ll take it court , I’m retired I’ve got the time and I’m seriously pissed off .

    • You go girl? They’re absolute mongrels, they won’t back down no matter what. I’d love to hear the outcome. Good luck.

  3. Back in the 60’s in the UK the local policeman would knock on the door to politely ask you to put your parkers on at dusk ,no parking inspectors either.

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  5. colin  

    so poor Willimina could not go into the housed get a piece of paper writing down the problem? so tired of people slagging off this person and that. You park illegally then you should be fined. i was with a friend and the disabled park was in use. we waited in a coffee shop ands a fully abled run across the street to the car. about to get in i advised him as to my friends inconvenience. boo hoo tell some who cares was the reply. took his number and reported it

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