Why Australia’s first nuclear dump site is something we all need

This morning the shortlist of six places around Australia that could soon be home to our first permanent nuclear waste

This morning the shortlist of six places around Australia that could soon be home to our first permanent nuclear waste dump has been released. But this has nothing to do with energy, and everything to do with our health.

The six sites have been chosen from 28 that were voluntarily nominated by their own governments, the final destination will be a remote 100 hectare site and will hold “low-level and intermediate waste”, Fairfax reports.

The six sites are:

  1. Sallys Flat in NSW
  2. Hale in the Northern Territory
  3. Cortlinye, South Australia
  4. Pinkawillinie, South Australia
  5. Barndioota, South Australia
  6. Oman Ama in Queensland

Locals in these areas will be consulted over the next four months and the site should be operating within the next five years.

Perhaps anticipating resistance to the proposal, the Resources Minister, Josh Frydenberg, “This is something in Australia’s interests, we are required to store our own waste and this will also allow Australians to continue to benefit from the nuclear industry, in particular nuclear medicine.”

One in two Australians is expected to require nuclear medicine – which includes brain and bone scanning, as well as physiological scanning of the organs after the ingestion of a small amount of radioactive isotopes.

Mr Frydenberg says, “This is completely independent from the nuclear fuel cycle royal commission process underway in South Australia.”

Australia currently has enough low-level nuclear waste to fill two 50m swimming pools. Other waste includes laboratory items such as paper, plastic and glassware, material from medical treatment and even radioactive soil.

Do you live near any of these sites? Does it worry you that nuclear waste will be buried in your “backyard”? 

  1. No one in this country will want a Nuclear dump near them and let me suggest that will go even further and no one will want it in their State

  2. There in only one place for a Nuclear dump in this country and it is already contaminated with radiation, Maralinga the place where the British tested their Nuclear bombs in Australia. I can’t imagine anyone would want this dump near them

    • the Aboriginal people are still suffering the consequences of the British govt ( sanctioned by ours ) of that …think 3 sites is a bit overboard for SA …

    • yep I know, it was a disgrace and you know that red dust storm we had? the sky turned red? well they tested it and it contained radiation and it blew every where all around us

    • for sure Leanna …pity we can’t ship the nuclear waste off to a royal estate…not as though many people are allowed on their land ..2 problems solved ..perfect ..

    • I agree Carol but what about for our Nuclear medicine ? and we should never take any other countries waste

    • Don’t blame all Brits, the English was the ones who was behind it, I now live in Australia because of a power station built too near us in the north of Scotland and objected to by most of the locals with a few thinking it was good as they had a chance of work

    • Elizabeth Sanders this had nothing to do with English Power stations in a period ranging from 1956 to 1963 The British Government dropped Nuclear Bombs at Maralinga in Australia, you were probably not here then but I will give you a link to read, and no just like here in Australia our citizens seem to have little control of our Government , the British people are not to blame and Our Government should never have allowed it

  3. If you are selling it, the country that buys it should be responsible to dispose of its own wast, don’t you think? Why is Australia so stupid? If you sell cattle we are not asked to burry their bones are we? Or how about next door to a member of parliament .

  4. I guess we use it, we should store it. Most of us have at least a couple of people in their family whose life has been saved or quality of life improved due to nuclear medicine. There is a lot of SA with little in it and already has restricted access.

    • I once would have said that Libbi but SAs economy is in such a desperate place, I am left wondering if in all the emptiness in the north of our state we couldn’t find somewhere. My query on this would be around who actually benefits from this? The landowners get some huge amount above market value for their land, the Commonwealth must own bucket loads of land in that region why pay someone else to buy land for this dump if you own suitable isolated property already.

  5. Well! We don’t produce any thing in Australia .we make money from digging holes and exporting our coal…this is going to come to an end eventually, so we will keep digging, when we can’t sell coal, we will push our uranium, problem is no one wants the waste, we will get paid to take the waste back for future generations to look after…

  6. Who would be happy about a nuclear dump at their back door? It needs to be placed as far as possible from civilisation. There’s no second chances with this, we need to get it right the first time

  7. the first place the baddies will go to steal stuff for a dirty bomb if they cant control the detention centres who on earth will they protect this place

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