Why a 70yo Aussie accused of sexual abuse doesn’t believe he should be punished

You might remember a case earlier this year of a 70-year-old Australian man being arrested in Bali for allegedly sexually
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You might remember a case earlier this year of a 70-year-old Australian man being arrested in Bali for allegedly sexually abusing young girls?

Well, he’s making headlines again and this time it’s his reasons for why he shouldn’t be punished that’s raising eyebrows.

Melbourne man Robert Andrew Fiddel Ellis was arrested in January for allegedly sexually abusing as many as 11 girls aged between eight and 17 years old.

So, you might be wondering why he thinks he shouldn’t be punished?

Well, in a letter Ellis wrote to his lawyer he defended his actions.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Ellis wrote he had every right to molest the girls because he paid them.

“He paid the girls in full immediately after the liberties were taken and the law in full by his 16-week ordeal in the Polda [police] remand cell,” he wrote, referring to himself in third person.

“I am solitary and unmarried and my sex instinct was not ministered to in my own country.

“In all probability my young friends desperately want me returned to them.”

If you thought that was bad, here’s how Ellis’ lawyer’s defended his client last month in court.

Benny Hariyono told the court Ellis acted in a ‘grandfatherly affection towards the children’.

So, what is Ellis actually accused of doing?

Prosecutors in Bali are accusing Ellis of targeting girls from poor backgrounds and molesting them while he bathed them at a home he was renting on the island.

The prosecutors told the court Ellis paid the girls 200,000 rupiah ($20) each

The case has been described as “one of the worst sex abused crimes” ever committed by an Australian in Bali by a former Victorian police officer.

The former officer – Glen Hulley, who runs an organisation against the sexual exploitation of children – told the Daily Mail pedophilia was rampant in Bali.

“What a lot of people don’t understand is you won’t see a lot of this stuff going on in tourist areas… it’s bad for business,” he said.

If you’re wondering what’s next for Ellis, he’s due to be sentenced in Denpasar District Court on October 18.

  1. elena  

    Humanity in decay, regression, crumpling…rotten, degenerating… dehumanisation to the core OMG!!!

  2. Kathryn Lance  

    Interesting that his lawyer tries to condone the disgusting behaviour with such cliche’s…..
    Really makes you question the actions of such educated lawyers regarding the action of these lowlifes. I thought the role of a lawyer was to outline the facts, not make up some whimsical fanciful story that only makes both the lawyer and the client look like deviants.

    • Trish Briggs  

      I wholeheartedly agree. I think some lawyers are every bit as bad as the lowlife they defend!

  3. No excuse for pedophiles. Hope he suffers maximum punishment.

    • Pauline  

      He won’t but his victims will get life, like me!

    • Trish  

      I too hope he is given max penalty in a Bali jail…..scum of the earth

  4. Pauline  

    He won’t but his victims will get life, like me!

    • Trish Briggs  

      That, unfortunately, is the truth! It’s about time we started to feel for the victims like yourself. You have my deepest sympathy.

  5. Pauline  

    I hope he and others of his ilk die horrible deaths – is that so bad of me?

    • Heather  

      No it’s not. My life sentence is hell too. I’m 67.

      • glenn murray  

        cut his balls off and let the germ bleed out.

  6. robyn pearson  

    he should have his balls cut off and then put to death the sick bastard anybody touching kids should be given the death penalty

    • elena  

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 100% agreement from me! even better, hang him by his balls until expire!!! ah…also his adviser to share the experience…

  7. Ian  

    he should also be charged with procuring under aged children for the purpose of prostitution ..

  8. linus  

    lets check out the lawyers family, sisters, grandchildren etc. Maybe then theses sick people will not get the defence they ask for. Lawyers bow to who pays them without conscious so maybe their female family should be told who are paedophile protectors. Obviously we need to try something new and slimy just like the paedophiles do to protect the next generation. I

  9. Marion  

    No excuses instead of trying to blame others take full responsibility you are a piece of crap and belong in jail for a long time victims of the likes of you have a lifelong sentence

  10. Alphonse  

    He’s a paedophile.
    He needs the death penalty.
    End of.

    • Joann  

      Yes but castrate the basted first (without anaesthetic) The lowest form of humanity

  11. N Bryant  

    Lock him up and throw away the key

    • Trish Briggs  

      Or, give the key to a roomful of Mothers!!!

  12. Ken Goodman  

    Treat him as they do Drug Runners.

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