Who done it: marble table mystery solved

It was a party for the ages and we now know just how wild our politicians were on the night

It was a party for the ages and we now know just how wild our politicians were on the night Tony Abbott was ousted as leader.

In the new book The Road to Ruin, Niki Savva reveals it was Joe Hockey who broke the expensive marble table that made headlines around the country.

The day after the late-night bash, cabinet minister Jamie Briggs was rolled down the halls of government house in a wheelchair, having injured his knee while trying to crash tackle the outgoing prime minister.

Tony Abbott suffered a minor injury during the event too and had to have his hand bandaged after cutting it during the shenanigans.

Savva said the marble table in question was used as a speaking and dancing podium throughout the night, reports The Australian.

“Different people jumped on to an expensive marble-topped Italian table to speak or dance, but when Joe Hockey hopped on to it, the marble cracked,’’ Savva writes. “Hockey fell straight through the middle.”

Mr Abbott reportedly played the Elvis Presley hit Suspicious Minds, while the group of high profile politicians drank the night away.

The mystery over who broke the table was a topic of debate in the Senate last year as people tried to figure out who had broken it.

Mr Abbott said he would pay for the damage, which is thought to be around $1000.

Are you surprised it was Joe Hockey who broke the table? Which politician would you most like to invite to a party?

  1. Robert Curran  

    In future the pay for Australian Politicians will be PEANUTS as we think that monkeys can do a FAR far better job.
    And they would be more honest and sensible

  2. Patricia  

    I wouldn’t invite any politicians to my house.

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