White House’s latest gaffe has social media laughing

You might remember hearing about the White House press secretary Sean Spicer calling Malcolm Turnbull “Trumbull” or “Trunbull”. Well, the

You might remember hearing about the White House press secretary Sean Spicer calling Malcolm Turnbull “Trumbull” or “Trunbull”.

Well, the White House has made another embarrassing gaffe about Turnbull and it’s giving everyone on social media a laugh – although it’s not likely Turnbull will find it so funny!

The White House has released a statement online about Donald Trump’s phone calls with world leaders.

The statement had the names and titles of 16 world leaders, but when it came to Turnbull, the White House just couldn’t get it right.

Turnbull was the only world leader not named, and the statement incorrectly referred to him as “the President of Australia”.

Yes, that’s right… the President of Australia.

While it was soon corrected by the White House, some people believe it’s a sign of a strained relationship between Trump and Turnbull.

Others on the other hand have seen the humorous side, taking to social media to have a laugh at the mistake.

The President of Australia has been trending on Twitter today, and it’s made a lot of people question – who is the President of Australia?

Suggestions for the President of Australia on social media include the Bundy Rum bear and a big muscly kangaroo.

At least some people can see the funny side!
Did this give you a laugh? What do you think? Honest mistake? or a sign of issues between Trump and Turnbull?

  1. It is neither funny, a mistake or a sign of times, it is dam right rude and from a person of no class or respect or knowledge for/of leaders of other countries. He really is a loud mouthed uncouth moron, we are better to work around him, we do not need his permission to conduct business in or for Australia.

    • Lynne Rodgers  

      I well done, beautifully articulated.

    • Norm Holtzman  

      I could not agree more! Trump has insulted our Prime Minister and therefore insulted all Australians. This is not a reality TV show Trump, this is for real. Show some respect for the rest of the world!

  2. rikda  

    .Lynnette KING
    “we do not need his permission to conduct business in or for Australia”I
    If that was true Lyn, Rex Connors would have completed the national pipeline from the north west shelf of natural gas to every state in the country.
    “I was a muscle man for wall street & big business. Al Capone only operated in 3 districts. I operated on 3 continents. I could have showed him some tricks (On getting what you want)”
    US Marine corp Major General Smedley Darlington Butler

  3. I def did not laugh. It just made me cringe to realise what an illiterate, ignorant, unprepared and embarrassingly rude group of morons are running the USA

  4. Glyn Johnson  

    It could have been worse … ‘President f Austria’

    • John Peffer  

      I have been waiting for Trump or his bunch of morons to come out with surprise that we speak English and that we are a “Small land-locked Alpine country”.

  5. well i sure dont know what is the bean in his bum now arrogant illiterate big mouthed this President is i wonder when he will be given the back door out it is what he has done he is one big mouth brat and in Australia this is what he will learn

  6. Linda Batrick  

    Am I alone here in standing up for Trump, who I think will do America proud. He is fighting for them even thou some of the people are so daft to think otherwise. he wants to secure the country as best he can. It seems to me that people who only look at the main (fake) news seconds are missing out on just what Trump is about. the way he has silenced that nasty Soros who is paying for all the protests around the country.
    All he had to do was to announce that he is a candidate for the 2020 election. apparently that can silence Soros. as a candidate he cannot be got at or that is tampering with elections. something like that . that was a master stroke from Trump.
    he is doing great things for that country and the people are paid to cause problems. people should start looking at the news that is telling the truth not the fake news.

    • Dawn Eastwood  

      What great things, please tell every one

    • Lorraine  

      Are you for real? the man is illiterate cant even read, god help us all

  7. Ian  

    What is it that Linda is on, I want some!!!

  8. Pix1  

    In future when electing a President please ensure only adults apply!!

    • A graham  

      Of a certain IQ level please.

  9. Murray Walker  

    Shows what kind of Drongos are running America and I thought our polies were hopeless !!!!!

  10. I don’t like Malcolm Turnbull and I’m very thankful he is only a Prime Minister and not a President. On the other hand I like Trump even less. He is just a bloody moron. You would think the President of the United States would know all the names of the people in other countries he has to deal with. He is just a bloody illiterate moron who would rather tweet then preside. He reminds me of a school kid don’t like you so I’m going to hang up on you. I feel sorry for this world of ours and what is to come

  11. With Donald and Mickey leading the USA, what do you expect?

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