What’s going on with Karl Stefanovic?

On the outside, it looked like Karl Stefanovic had the picture life.  A great career and the perfect marriage and

On the outside, it looked like Karl Stefanovic had the picture life.  A great career and the perfect marriage and family.  As with many things it isn’t always how it’s pictured.

After 21 years of marriage, it looks like things are falling apart for Karl and his wife, Cassandra.  According to News Limited, Karl has moved out of the family home and is staying at a Bondi apartment owned by his friend James Packer.

Friends of the couple were shocked by the news of the separation as the couple was photographed together looking happy not long ago.  They had originally met in the 90s as Karl was a young upstart reporter for WIN TV and Cassandra was working for ABC radio.

As Karl shared with Sunday Herald Sun, it was Cassandra that allowed him to get where he is today.  He said, “She gave up a promising career at the ABC, and I’m forever thankful and tremendously appreciative of that”.  He continued, “Cass wanted to be at home, and wants to be there now, and we’re very lucky to be in a financial position where we can do that.

“But should she ever want to go back to work, then, of course, she can.”

The couple have three children together, 16-year-old Jackson, 11-year-old Ava, and 10-year-old River.  While the couple is trying to work on their relationship according to reports the fact that Karl has moved out of the family home is not a good sign.  Many are sure that they will do what is best for their children and what is best for them.


  1. Andre Ambard  

    Never could understand how Karl got this far. I consider him to be rude and egotistical and how rude was he to Pauline Hanson a couple of years ago.

    • Wayne Watkins  

      I agree with you Andre & for this reason stick to 7 & 10 for news ……… and old Aunty !

    • Lyn Ford  

      Yes I agree with you, can’t stand the man. Full of his own self importance

    • [email protected]  

      Not a Karl fan, but being rude to a fool like Pauline Hanson is a point in his favour!

      • Joy Anne Bourke  

        Badangels, I do like Karl. I also Love Pauline Hanson, at least she speaks the truth and has for the last 20 years. There is so many people agree with her, and it shows now how true Pauline was and still is. Pauline is only saying what most people are thinking and saying.

        Anyhow besides that it is none of our business about Karl and his marriage. The media love making something out of nothing to do with us.

    • Bruce Taylor  

      Being rude to such a racist pig of a person as Pauline Hanson is something on which you deserve to be congratulated not critisised.

  2. PolaJohnFedmowski  

    Beautiful man, love you Karl 💋💋💋❤❤❤

  3. Jan Cooke  

    Karl’s biggest problem is his ego.

  4. Patricia Breen  

    He loves himself too much, doesn’t believe many people don’t like his attitude.

  5. Gayle Davis  

    Yes he seems to have lost something over the years, far tooooo comfortable in his ego, shame, he was worth watching up to his Logie win, but went down hill after that. I now watch Ch:7 another viewer lost!

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Gayle, I think differently, and like Karl. Well if you watch Sunrise you are an idiot, after what they did to Melissa Doyle, which was the best ever. Kochi thought he was the smart arse but he made a big mistake in doing that to Melissa. I would not watch Sam either as she acts too big for her boots and thinks she is the ants pants of Sunrise.

  6. Rachel Rush  

    Karl, he will DO WHAT HE WANTS TO DO!!!

  7. Faye Dapiran  

    Well I guess he is lucky he can stay in James Packers mansion – I mean house. Karl always seems egotistical, and is a chauvinist, so I wonder what happened. Sad for the kids, but plenty of marriages break up. I don’t watch ch 9 in the mornings anymore because of him

    • jenny garbutt  

      It is splashed on here for all to see, so everyone is going to give their opinion whether it is their business or not. You must have read it to comment Cathy Mcarthur, after all anyone in the public eye has got to expect a lot of feedback when it comes to their private life, whether good or bad 😛

  8. Lynda Adams  

    I agree with lots of those peoples comments but especially Cathy McArthurs………Its body else business

    • Lynda Adams  

      I meant to say ……No body else business

  9. Lex Hanley  

    At least there is not a 3rd party involved….

    • [email protected]  

      How do you know that?

  10. Laura Dicori  

    It is very rare for a man to leave his wife and family unless he has some one else in the shadows. It is sad for the children, but just wait a couple of weeks and it will probably come out that he met some one else. I hope I am wrong and yes it is really no ones business but there own. But sadly when you are in the public eye as he is people are going to have an opinion.

    • Essie  

      Doesn’t necessarily have to have ‘someone’ else in the shadows!

      After 40 years’ married, mine left, as decided he wanted to ‘become a single, independent person’.
      Has AS, & it became worse as he got/gets older, & other mental health issues, about which I wasn’t aware until he separated.

      No other person was involved, or is!

    • robyn  

      I disagree with there being a third party if the male moves out. Most Father’s I’ll leave the family in their usual surroundings and routine, enough discomfort for them under the circumstances. A friend recently said her parentsstayed together but as the youngest child, she could feel the discord between the parents who were cstaying together for the children” Her advice was not to do that as the kids know when something is happening. I do hope a bit of breathing space ends with what he family needs. Correct, nothing to do with General Public.

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