What happens when a billionaire is refused entry to his own casino?

There has allegedly been an ugly altercation between billionaire James Packer and a 60-year-old security guard, at Mr Packer’s own
Via The Australian

There has allegedly been an ugly altercation between billionaire James Packer and a 60-year-old security guard, at Mr Packer’s own casino.

The security guard, Mr Iskandar Chaban, claims a physical and verbal incident erupted when he refused Mr Packer entry into the Melbourne Crown Casino.

Mr Chaban claims the billionaire screamed abuse, then pushed him aside, demanding the security guard be fired immediately.

“I was just doing my job”, Mr ­Chaban told newspapers yesterday. “I had no idea who the men (Packer and his entourage) were at first. How they treated me was inhuman”.

Crown has denied that Mr Chaban was fired following the alleged incident on New Year’s Day. The casino company claims this situation was handled with a routine inquiry.

A spokesperson for Crown has confirmed that a “minor incident” did occur though, resulting from a “misunderstanding”.

That hasn’t stopped Mr Chaban from securing representation via a Melbourne law firm, citing “pain and distress”.

The security guard claims he collapsed shortly after his altercation with Mr Packer, and required hospitalisation.

It remains to be seen whether this 60-year-old will be successful in his legal pursuit of the billionaire casino-owner.

Have you ever encountered a case of mistaken identity at work? How embarrassing would this be for everyone involved?

  1. I cannot believe he did not know who James Packer was where has he been.

    • Not all workers know the boss especially if they are new – that’s just my assumption. I worked for a multinational company before and I didn’t know how my bosses looked like even after I left.

    • For years I worked night shift at a hospital. I didn’t know what the president (CEO now a days) looked like. One morning I stayed over to help put decorations on the Christmas trees out in front of the main entrance. Well, this man comes strolling up past the nursing director and me. And I made the comment, “which doctor was that?” That’s no doctor, that’s the president of the hospital. Okeeydokeey smokey. So this man may have no idea who the billionaire was.

  2. Mike here-the guard was only doing his job. What ws Packer doing to attract the guards attention? It must be nice to becso rich & not have even your own security recognize you. Talk about undercover boss

  3. Not everyone knows who James Packer is ! Arrogance does’t firt in our society. Humility does.

  4. I agree he should be very thankful he was doing his job and looking after the security of his casino. How shameful to have someone fired for doing his job propely

  5. Why was he denied entry? The man is just doing his job. Just because of who he is shouldn’t alter the facts! I’d like to know why. The man is employed to do a certain job!

  6. I don’t care and how come he didn’t recognise his boss,sounds like someone out for a compensation claim.

  7. I believe he did not lose his job, but going to court he will lose his shirt even if he wins.

    • Because lawyers cost money and Packer can keep hom tied up for a long time. Also he would then not have his job at Crown because of some ethical prejudice the Packer lawyers will come up with, and seriously your employed as a security guard, would you not look up if you did not know whose organisaton your guarding in the off chance that they came through your area? I would sack him simply for his lack of attention to detail and incompetence.

      • lurch  

        grow up dip stick. The company I worked for for more years than I care to remember never met or knew by sight who the CEO was. Also why was packer refused entry, makes one think that he may have been breaking “rules of entry”.

    • His boss is the one that hired him, not Packer the money grub living of his dad’s wealth.

    • No the moral of the story is don’t push over employees and shout at them especially if your loaded as it will cost you.

    • In this corporate climate, who REALLY KNOWS who the boss is?? Great job mate !! I would and have done the same thing..

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