What an appalling waste! The government is spending $18.8 million on this needless research

Last weekend, the Turnbull government launched a $600 million plan to tackle the ice epidemic, with improved funding for health

Last weekend, the Turnbull government launched a $600 million plan to tackle the ice epidemic, with improved funding for health and rehabilitation services. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull explained his plan saying, “the responsibility for tackling this very complex problem cannot be left to the police alone. We cannot arrest our way to success”.

While some Australians have welcomed this plan, which was developed in conjunction with the government’s National Ice Taskforce, key areas of spending have been called into question. Specifically, many people have opposed $18.8 million being dedicated to “research the impact of ice on users”, and questioned why a new Centre for Clinical Excellence for Emerging Drugs of Concern needs development.

One Facebook user, Jim Molesworth, wrote “what a waste of money. You can’t help people that don’t want to help themselves. Let them self-destruct if they are so determined to do it.” Whilst Laverne Kirton questioned, “what about more hospital staff, more police, more centres for the mentally ill? The list is endless.” Other members of the public are calling for ice funding to be redirected towards domestic violence outreach, small business development and social services.

Ice is a scourge that is destroying our community. Our hospitals are being inundated with people undergoing ‘ice psychosis,’ suffering from paranoid delusions, hallucinations and violent behaviour. Pubs and clubs are increasingly dangerous, with 82% of people who are assaulted during a night out believing that alcohol or drugs contributed to the incident. Meanwhile, the number of Australian deaths related to methamphetamine use continues to rise each year. The impacts of ice are self-evident, and don’t necessitate further investigation. 

We already know that ice and methamphetamines pose a grave threat to our community. So why has the Turnbull government committed to spending $18.8 million to “research the impact of ice on users”? Could this money be better spent?

  1. more money needs to go to deter the problem judges to do their job prisons be drug free and wardens to stop smuggling and help them in Gaol so they can beat the problem

  2. I have an interest at the moment in wanting something to be done about this drug, my great niece’s husband is taking it and he left home and her and her 3 teenage children in a hell of a mess, he took the motor out of her car and just left it sitting in the driveway !! She gave him an ultimatum get off the drug or get out. She won’t risk her kids being influenced. From what I can gather he has only been on it a few months and is hooked. So I would like to see them tackle this ice epidemic

  3. Against it unless there are some form of checks and balances. The recipients of this funding need to show tangible results for the expenditure, too much of this sort of thing is just shrouded in secrecy which open up the gates for wholesale misuse of the system. Who is it that decides who gets what? Seeing it’s public money, the public should have a right to know!

  4. Just use $70,000 for fuel to get donated hay to struggling farmers.

  5. Who will he take the money off to fund it? I think that is what we should all be asking, Australia has the largest amount of ice users in the world, something needs to be done but not at the expense of others

  6. While I agree with Jim Moleworth on what he said, I can also see that something needs to be done about this terrible problem. Maybe money isn’t the answer but I do not know how to fix it when people keep taking Ice regardless of what is written about it.

  7. They don’t need research, they need to employ more Police and impose tougher sentences, we already know this drug cause damage and death and is this funded with new money or are they going to cut some other health service for this or perhaps even pensions

  8. Sorry Tilly but he is in charge of it and he, the government, the opposition and others get to decide where it is to be spent whether you like it or not.

    • If we all switch on and do not vote above the line spend time below the line for your preference’s to have a better chance of what we want and not for hem to use for their own just to win

    • Just ask me, I am just a mum but I’ve lived a good time and we all know what is happening, stop all these ridiculous inquests into such problems, spend the money on homeless, hospitals,schools, needy people not fat cat lawyers and talk fests about solutions that are obvious, we all need to boycott the vote, none of them have our welfare at heart, give us a break we are intelligent people not dummies

    • Judith u hv every right to give ur opinion . A lot of people hv there heads in the ground .so don’t worry about what they think .and as I hv found out some people don’t want to hear the truth…

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