We’ve been cooking Brussels sprouts wrong this whole time

Brussels sprouts are one vegetable that seems to divide us. You either love them or you absolutely hate them. Do

Brussels sprouts are one vegetable that seems to divide us.

You either love them or you absolutely hate them.

Do you remember dreading eating them as a kid?

Well, now there’s another thing about Brussels sprouts that could divide us and that is how to cook them.

The chairman of the Brassice Growers Association in Britain has criticised the traditional method of cooking Brussels sprouts.

That’s right, putting them in a pot and boiling them isn’t the best way to cook them anymore.

The chairman, Matthew Rawson, who grows the vegetable at his farm, told The Sunday Telegraph cutting a small cross in the base of the sprouts makes them “soggy and rubbish”

“Boiling them was traditionally the way of doing it, but putting the cross in puts in too much water,” he said.

“They turn soggy and rubbish. People who do that have ruined the Brussels sprout.”

So, how should we be cooking them?

Well, according to Rawson, you should try stir-frying, steaming or microwaving the sprouts.

“People now are learning that it is a very versatile vegetable. The big ones lend themselves well to a stir-fry.” he said.

“People are steaming them, and there are fancy microwave packs. It is being driven forward by people who are more creative.”

He points to creative recipes as breaking the negative image surrounding the Brussels sprouts.

The Daily Mail points to a host of new recipes using the sprouts such as Brussels with pancetta and chestnuts, and pistachio and pomegranate sprout salad.

What do you think about this? Do you like cooking Brussels sprouts?

  1. I love Brussel sprouts and will often use them in stir frys but love them microwaved with Lurpak butter and salt and pepper…..yum

    • Carmel Wells  

      Yummo!! Sounds good …. Will try that

      • Linda  

        I bake mine in the oven in olive oil and sprinkled with fresh rosemary. They don’t take long to cook and are really yummy!

        • MMMMM that sounds delish Linda. We stirfry them (halve them first) or steam them and we are real lovers of brussels sprouts. I’ll definitely try baking with olive oil next time.

  2. I really like Brussel Sprouts I find the best way is to steam them & serve with squeeze of lemon juice. Steaming seems to bring out the best flavour & does not over cook them

  3. Anne Jusaitis  

    I love them microwaved with a little blue vein cheese.. even our 4 kids used to eat them this way!

  4. Bernadette  

    Slice thinly, then stir fry in pan just smeared with chopped bacon or ham and shallots. Yumm!

  5. Fay Morrison  

    This household loves Brussels sprouts. Yes, I put a cross in the bottom (have been doing so for over 60 years) and cook in the microwave. Sprouts come out el dente and beautiful. Just a brush with butter and a grate of paresan cheese and pepper. Say no more……

    • Phillip Perry  

      I just put the Bussels in the Microwave in a small steamer bowl with the lid and when cooked add margarine with salt & pepper plus they make a great snack yum yum …☺☺

  6. Roberta Fronrath  

    I put them in a shallow baking pan with just a bit of liquid, chicken broth, water, pesto. And bake them

  7. Sue Green  

    I also put a cross in the bottom and have always done so. I do find steaming them the best option though and they don’t turn out soggy.

  8. Trish  

    I steam brussel sprouts like I do with all vegetables and I put a cross on the bottom of each to let the steam get in to the hard base. You can steam veggies for as long or short as you like depending on whether you want crisp, medium or mushy veggies.

  9. Junee Vee  

    I’ve always cut the cross too, then lightly microwaved them – perfect! But since I discovered roasted Brussels sprouts, I haven’t looked back – it takes the flavour to a whole new level. Choose medium-large sprouts and cut in half; toss with olive oil, a little crushed garlic, salt & pepper, then roast at 180C for about 15-20 minutes, turning once, till golden and tender. Yum!

  10. K. Scott  

    I boil them with a little sugar in the water until just cooked . Nice flavour

  11. Andrew Fisher  

    I used to wrap them in foil with a smear of olive oil and cook them in the oven for the same time as the carrots. it even got children to eat them.

  12. Leanne Laybutt  

    Unfortunately for me I know that Aphids love them & it makes me think about what they do to prevent this.

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