We’re losing the war on terror: who are we fighting with?

In 2001 we went to war against Osama Bin Laden, and called it The War on Terror. We killed the

In 2001 we went to war against Osama Bin Laden, and called it The War on Terror. We killed the man and many of his militants chasing them under mountains and through villages with covert teams and clever technology. We thought we had won the war, but yesterday we learned that we did not. In fact, we proved beyond anyone’s belief that the war needs more attention and that didn’t kill his will to make innocent people suffer in demonstrations against western nations.

So what we have to ask at moments like this is what comes next? How do we use the solidarity of humankind against terror without inciting fear amongst everyday people, without sending peoples’ children into ground battle in primitive battle? We have to ask what needs to be done to secure the safety of people in the world, those with homes and those without, who are being affected by these relatively new militant forces we know as Islamic State and have not really put up enough of a fight against. Clearly we are not doing enough to put the brakes on their will to cause terror and this fight has to be fought differently to the last battles.

Whoever is responsible for Paris have gone to a whole new level of organization that we have not seen in a long time and they have struck us right at our hearts.

The perpetrators are dead, in their eyes, martyrs. The community is spooked, unable to comprehend how a simple Friday night could turn into a truly black Friday the 13th. And the Islamic extremists are celebrating their defeat of good people.

The world has watched as one of its most celebrated cities is left with bodies in the streets and blood on the roads. People had rifles pointed in their faces, and grenades going off in their football stadiums. This is not meant to be possible.

Sitting back, it is like we’ve ignored the behaviour of the Islamic State for far too long, in the belief that they were affecting someone elses’ world. We are much more comfortable with talking about Islamic Militants when they bring down planes over Syria, and cause displacement in other locations, just affecting countries that seem a long way away. But this changes everything, just like September 11 did.

Many of us have been to Paris, and feel a great empathy with the city. We know they are just like us, living their lives, going to work and enjoying concerts and football games like we would expect to.

While the G20 meets, the world outpours its solidarity on social media… but what are we all solid against? Do we even know who this fight is with and whether we are having the right fight? Is it with the scores and scores of homeless refugees who are nothing but lost in the world, or is it with the group that are making them homeless? Is it with the nasty extremeists or anyone who fosters the Islamic life?
Who is the enemy and what are we doing to stop them?
Is it time we escalated the War on Terror to a technological war that fights differently? 

  1. The terrorists themselves said they attacked France because of the air strikes, we have bought them at our doors. We should never have been involved in Iraq, it was an illegal war and that gave rise to all these terrorists. France has been attacked many times, this is not the first time. It is horrible and shocking and if the answer was simple, the problem would have fixed by now.

    • I agree with you Libbi, we should never have been involved in Iraq, however we were and are so now they need to unite with the rest of the world to eradicate these murderous lunatics once and for all.

    • I don’t claim to have any answers, honestly this is a huge problem and it will take smarter people than me to solve this problem. It is heart breaking

    • Not a necessary evil at all. Don’t do the terrorists work for them. ISIL uses the “westerners against Islam” narrative to recruit followers

    • We need US as our ally but that doesn’t mean we agree with everything it does. Remember the Russian cosmonaut who orbited our earth and said how fragile it was from outer space and how we should all look after it. And all we’re doing is wrecking it and killing each other. It’s very emotional. I’m outa here before it gets nasty.

  2. Bib Laden?Do you really believe some sand dwellers did 9/11?That was USA inside job.Who do you think armed ISIS?USA inside job again.Who do you think is behind all these evolution nonsense global warming and homosexual agendas?Who wants a nwo.Who wants to break down everything in the family?WHO wants to destroy Christianity so attacks it day in day out?USA govt is a part of this NWO who is a satanic religion.Who are the terrorists?WAKE UP!

    • You are entitled to your opinion Graeme Bell but in my opinion, you are inciting hatred of Americans!

    • What a load of claptrap from Graeme Bell ! Oh we’ve heard it all before – the moon landing was fake…what next ? The earth is still really flat ?! Just a conspiracy theory nutter !

    • Fran Spears Not americans but the american govt.Most western govts infact are part of this plan.The United Nations is a satanic organisation.Putin speaks truth and that is about it.

    • Colleen Wright TELL ME WHERE I SAID EARTH WAS FLAT ETC FOOL! Come on FOOL!You are so blind FOOL that you cannot see so all you do is attack.YOU ARE A FOOL!

    • Dids Gillen Evolution is taught as a science but it isnt science.It is unproven and mostly must be taken on faith.It is a religion.You cannot prove evolution.According to evolution everything started from nothing and then from a rock or a blob the whole thing started and completed.NONSENSE!

    • Graeme, if you can’t treat people with respect- no one will ever respect anything you have to say. Bye the way, that lady was not saying that you said the earth was flat. You totally missed her point. Sometimes hatred and tunnel vision can make us blind.

    • Fay Haynes RIGHT?So you people can tell me I speak CLAPTRAP.You can call me a NUTTER.And all that is RESPECTFUL but if I reply I am NOT respectful.,WELL YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!

    • Aileen Cutler Ex Hickman You are the FOOL.You ask “who made God” yet you accept that the world existed from NOTHING and that NOTHING reacted against NOTHING and then from a rock which isnt alive but which spawned LIFE.You accept non living matter that did not even exist created everything.YOU are the FOOL.

    • Graeme Bell Go and live in Russia for awhile and then come back and tell us all how u feel

  3. The cowards that did this are insane,suicidal, mental etc,perhaps a call to beyond blue

  4. So you think what they do is ok and let them just take over every country and do the same ever where . Get in the real world put a stop to them.

    • Which them? There are many and varied extremist groups who hide their murderous acts behind religion.

  5. I didn’t realise that we thought we had won the war on terror.
    I thought we had barely begun.
    I don’t know how this will ever end.
    These people have had their evil natures give them the feeling that killing is good and seemingly, their right.
    I don’t know what can be done with fanatics who are hell bent on killing innocents.

    • You only have to look at the recent boat people arriving in Europe.. 99 Per cent young men.. The future terriosts of Europe..

    • Yep only an idiot would even begin to think we had one. This war of terrorism hasnt even got started!!!

  6. Name calling certainly won’t do it, neither will hate. Enlightenment might, but I can’t see that ever happening.

    • Enlightenment for whom? The terrorists committing these atrocities. Daesh killing innocent Muslims. The weapons manufacturers making billions in profit for their shareholders out of the suffering of innocents. The religious fanatics running amok worldwide trying to impose their perverted version of Islam on everyone, especially women. The complexity of this issue is going to take a long time to resolve if it ever can be.

  7. We are not fighting with them, they are fighting with the world. I don’t believe the rest of the world has done anything to spark these attacks. I do believe that terrorists will use things to try to justify their actions and make us lay fault at something we have done. But like Hitler before them, it is no-ones fault but theirs. It is the power they crave, the brutality they enjoy and the sick minds they develop. I hope they all rot in hell and I can say that I do not feel guilty at the pure hate i feel for these people committing these atrocities, regardless of where they come from, what nationality they are or who they choose to blame for their actions!

    • But you haven’t given a resolution as to how we beat their game. How do we round up what we don’t know. You speak of Hitler. Do you think that is the way We should act?

    • No Jan Petersen, we shouldn’t act like that but that doesn’t mean we have to bute our tongues and mot mention hate. It is an emotion after all.

    • And it’s all about perception too Fran Spears. At this moment, if I knew any of them like you I would happily give my life by stabbing them, however we must be careful not to lump all the eggs into one barrel with hate mail. Some will misinterpret your meaning. Perception.

    • I already stated Jan that i was not against any nationality or religion, only the actual people doing this. I made that very clear. I guess you failed to bother to read that part. That would be you misinterpreting then. And i am not going to keep explai ing that when i put that quite clearly from the beginning.

    • Clearly you can be nasty. Perhaps media has gone to your head. No need for nastiness. I have a right to voice my opinion also. Sorry. Misread your post. I just worry about the hate side of it.

    • Well Jan Petersen what the hell do you expect from people when these murdering bastards just line innocent people up and shoot them?? Sure as hell not going to kiss their asses!! Far as I’m concerned the world could nuke them out of existence and I wouldn’t give a rats. Don’t EVER be a bleeding heart Jan these people will just laugh themselves silly as they cut your head off.

    • I know that Rosemary. I am more concerned about the reactions that can come from those who so far are not involved with these thugs. Too many confused young people are being drawn in and I don’t want to see that escalated because they read things like this as hatred towards their religion or race, whether it is intended that way or not. I would like to have lined up the perpetrators and slowly one by one have had the opportunity to castrate them. Drawing the rats out of their holes is difficult. This doesn’t do it. That’s all Im trying to say. And no, I certainly would not kiss their backsides, but this needs careful plotting. Stay open to the people. You will have more chance of identifying them then before the act rather than after. Surely that is a better solution. I realise we are all grieving but we also have to find something positive out of this or we are no better than they are. We the people have to trust our world leaders to decide an appropriate path forward from here. I won’t be back now.

  8. Start letting our politicians know we do not want Islam in Australia, also start standing up for Australian laws and values, support Reclaim Australia, we do not want to see or have a terrorist attack on Australian soil again

    • No , No, No I WILL NOT DO THIS!
      Terrorist kill INOCENT Muslim people everyday. Why do you think men, women and children are fleeing Syria and other countries that IS are attacking.
      What makes ANY non indigenous Australian think they have the right to Reclaim Australia. You All came by boat or plane. You are very wrong in my opinion. NOT IN MY NAME AUSTRALIA .💔🇫🇷

    • Great. Let’s do ISILs job for them. Islam has been in this country longer than the Westminster system.

    • My ancestors came by boat from Ireland had their
      Id’s with them, and came to work hard and make
      a life for their kids as did thousands of others
      from Europe, UK, they didn’t come to pick up welfare free housing and all manner of handouts
      they built this country, now all the so called refugees reap the benefits. Oh I forgot they left their IDs home, but even had enough dough left over after paying the people smugglers.🍀🍀🍀🍀🍺🍺🍺🍀🍀🍀🍀🍺🍺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    • Leonie Knight it is Muslims killing Muslims they are a religion if hatred, murders and pedophiles and you want them in Australia shame on you

    • Jo Bain is correct one of my uncle in laws was the Great grandson of Salayh Mahommet he was a Camelieer in Central Australia what some uneducated call Afghan Camel Drivers he actually was Muslim from Abyssinia which became Ethiopia . He went exploring with the English opening up Central Australia. So he was here before 1901 when Australia was Declared a Federation. So Jo is correct look it up.

    • Allen Clune your point is? I have never been on Welfare nor have I ever received handouts and some of my Ancestors were indigenous and some were Irish immigrant fleeing from the “Black and Tan” oh wait a minute does that make them Catholic Refugees?

    • Leonie Knight say no more you can’t and wont stand up and be a Australian we can all go on and recite our ancestry the point being if you come to Australia and become Australian stand up and be counted and fight for Australia or piss off

  9. I’m sorry but i feel hatred and disgust right now. I dont blame any one race or religion but just those who do it. I am not afraid to say how i feel. I don’t care if its not politically correct or if it upsets people on this site.

    • don’t hate because hatred will only fuel this and give the bigots an excuse to rant, we have rise above the level on these terrorists and think calmly and clearly to find a solution

    • Sorry , how can you not feel hatred for this scum who have acted out these atrocities.
      I am sure the families of these poor young innocent victims are not feeling love for the perpetrators..

    • Hatred solves nothing and only feeds the flame, feel sorrow for the victims and feel hope that this problem eventually will be eliminated

    • Well I hate them, the people involved in some of the sickest atrocities the world has seen. I’m usually not vocal about it but how can you not hate them.

    • hatred fuels irrational behaviour why would you even want to put yourself on the same level as these terrorists? We are above them and we look upon them with contempt but they are not worthy of hatred, they are slime

    • I hate them i don’t trust them and they make me feel uncomfortable in my own country. Political Correct can go away.

  10. This began long long ago in 1565, when the Knights Templar, sailed into Malta and slaughter thousands of Moors, or Muslims in their homeland, they have never forgotten or forgiven us since, and these latest wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria have just made it all explode

    • Yes you are right – those Middle Eastern countries have been cauldrons of hatred, religious fanatacism, faction fighting for centuries. The worst of it is that they have now spread around the world and infiltrated through weak immigration policies, they are really out-of-control. French Officials said on this morning’s news that hey can identify over 1,500 militants there on close watch. SInce the attacks they have completed raids in Belgium as well as Germany.

    • Ummm….no! Too long to explain so point form: Muhammad died, his religion divided into Sunni and Shiite. Sunnis started in the mid 600AD to march over North Africa (160 million dead, millions as slaves), continued over the entire Middle East ( 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus and 60 Buddist etc), into the Mediterranean, up both coasts to Spain. Into Italy, Rome attacked 2x. Trade route cut off. First Crusaders were peasants with no weapons only farm tools. Kings and Barons sold their possessions to build their own armies. All 7 wars were at the base of the Mediterranean to open the trade route and defend Rome. They Sunnies marched for hundreds of years unabated till they were finally pushed back. They were permanently stopped in 1912-13 with the fall of the Ottoman or Turkish Empire….not by the Crusaders. Islam said they were picking up were they left off.

    • The Knights Templar only operated between 1298 and 1300 – they wished to reclaim the Holy Lands – ironically the leader and instigator was a frenchman, Hughes de Payens – Arab invasion? These men sailed all the way to the Middle East to reclaim a bit of land that a Middle Eastern man (a Jew) had walked upon? At least they couldn’t claim they were protecting the oil supply!

  11. The people who did this are MURDEROUS LUNATICS, They hide behind the ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY to justify their MURDEROUS BEHAVIOUR. I don’t believe there has ever been enough done to stop Terrorism, hopefully now the WORLD WILL UNITE TO GET THE JOB DONE.

  12. I just hope my grandchildren can enjoy the peace and freedom that my kids had growing up in Australia.

    • My same here comment was directed to Helen Canny, I wish this also for my grandchildren and am positive that this can be achieved.

    • Hope I’m not around to see what our Goverment has don’t by letting these refugees into our country without visas birth Certs how in hell would they no they are refugee with no ID they could be using anyone’s name I’m sorry I don’t won’t anymore in this country let there own Goverment look after them instead of shifting them to other country’s I don’t want them here.by the time my grand kids get older we would probley have what’s happening in Paris you don’t no when this mob will start as they have foiled a few attempts already lucky the Cops stopped it before it happened which was aimed for the MCG on grandfinal day also the one in Sydney in the Main Street while people getting there coffee then held staff and workers held as hostages yes these are terriost our cover end let in don’t worry there’s a lot more out there so we sit and wait to see if this mob don’t retaliate

    • Sadly peace and freedom has long gone, we and our children were the lucky generations. Children in schools can’t even celebrate Christmas with Carols anymore because it isn’t politically correct. We’ve lost our culture, darn sad!!!

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