We could be seeing a lot more of Jacqui Lambie

Independent senators will play a major role in Australia’s next government, leaving a balance of power to Nick Xenophon, Glenn

Independent senators will play a major role in Australia’s next government, leaving a balance of power to Nick Xenophon, Glenn Lazarus and Jacquie Lambie.

Whilst it’s increasingly likely that Australians will visit polling booths this July, Malcolm Turnbull will reportedly rely on independent preferences to win government.

As the Australian Associated Press explains, “With support of the Greens, the Coalition has changed the way in which Senators are elected”.

“Voters will be able to cast preferences above the line on the Senate ballot paper, rather than simply vote ‘1’ and let the parties decide where the preferences go”.

“A July 2 poll is still likely to leave a re-elected Turnbull Government relying on Labor, the Greens or whoever is left on the cross bench to pass its laws”.

In this case, Jacqui Lambie would retain a unique place in history. She’d arguably be one of Australia’s first female senators to wield such power as an independent.

Senator Lambie, along with her political party the Jacqui Lambie Network, has built an unusual public profile.

She has championed veteran’s affairs and national security, and has an outspoken social media presence with thousands of followers online.

Senator Lambie has controversial views on China (she’s previously referred to a Chinese “communist invasion”) and Sharia Law (Sharia supporters should “pack up their bags and get out here” she says) amongst other topics.

However, the Tasmanian remains unapologetic. “You can run and hide”, she once political opponents. “Or you can take a bucket of cement and toughen up.”

Would you like to see independent senators with a balance of power? Do you trust politicians like Jacqui Lambie to protect our interests?

  1. I would rather have a Senate that acts as a check on Government than have a Government with majority in the Senate..So yes i would prefer Independents to be watchdog….

  2. Jacqui will grow in her role and be a great force for TASMANIA women and aboriginal people .Individuality is what makes us real and human

    • Jan Cooke  

      Get real, she is an embarrassment to Tasmania and the majority of Tasmanians.

      • Lynne Highfield  

        Maybe to Tasmania and the majority of Tasmanian’s Jan, but she has quite a following on the mainland.

  3. Noel Baxendell  

    Independent Senators have protected vulnerable Australians from a lot of the nasties planned by Abbott and Hockey and which will no doubt be on the agenda again if Turnbull succeeds in winning control of the Senate through Senate voting changes. The Turnbull plan include university fee deregulation (only the sons and daughter of the rich could afford an education), pension cuts, gutting and privatising Medicare.

    But independent Senators are not able to put forward new policies – only the two majorparties can do this.

  4. derek  

    Until Queensland gets an upper house, the independents are crucial as a check on govermental excesses.

  5. Yes, we need independets in the Senate as they are the only true voice of the people. Politicians from major parties represent the interests of the parties, not their constituents. The Senate is a house of review, not a party room to rubber stamp government legislation. I hope Australian Liberty Alliance gains a few seats as well!

  6. richard  

    I would rather a strong senate of independants than a senate that is easily swayed lioke the greens are/have been

    • Joyce  

      Did you know that up until the LNP was elected the Labor Party where also voting for senate reform.

  7. They saved us from Tony Abbot so they have a great role in the senate, otherwise where would we be now?

  8. w eeles  

    Absolutely..they are as honest as the major parties probably even more so..bring it on vote independant

  9. Peter Dunn  

    Same old situation the tail wagging the dog, she is another one with an ego the size of Tazmania.

  10. Jurgen Gutschmidt  

    We need the Independents . No matter who is wins in an election, if that same Party wins the Senate seats, then they have a rubber stamp to change laws and Govern us the way they want. That to me is not democracy but dictatorship. We need the Independents as a safety leaver.

  11. Annette  

    Someone has to keep the bastards honest….

  12. kath  

    Yes yes and yes someone has to keep the idiots in line!!

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