Watch out Aldi, Coles and Woolworth, this outsider wants in on Australia’s grocery game

Just when we’re getting used to Aldi and Costco and waiting on Lidl to open up shop, there’s more! Apparently,

Just when we’re getting used to Aldi and Costco and waiting on Lidl to open up shop, there’s more!

Apparently, global e-commerce giant Amazon wants to enter the grocery wars between Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. But h0w?

An Amazon insider revealed to The New Daily, the company planned to launch their “AmazonFresh” home delivery service in Australia “no later than 2017 to early 2018”.

AmazonFresh is a grocery and fresh food home delivery service which allows consumers to shop online and order for same-day delivery. AmazonFresh offers all the products you would find in a normal supermarket, at a comparable price to traditional outlets.

The service has launched in Seattle in 2007 and expanded to five major US cities with plans to go global with London next in the books.

Categories offered in the US include: ‘grocery’ (fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, eggs, meat, alcohol and milk etc), ‘household, baby, beauty, drugstore’ (medicine, grooming, oral care, pet care, etc) and ‘prepared foods’ (deli salads, meal kits, dips, platters, etc).

In the US, customers order online with delivery free for orders of over $US50. No information is available for Australian orders yet.

In Australia, there are already two startup companies doing this – Grocery Butler and Your Grocer. Coles and Woolworths, also have already been offering home delivery.

Apparently, the planned leaked when Amazon advertised for a Brisbane-based software developer to work on AmazonFresh, Business Insider reported.

“You will be responsible for building a system to support a new and confidential AmazonFresh initiative that will help revolutionise the grocery shopping experience,” described the ad.

Are we ready for another store?

Would you try Amazon Fresh or prefer your regular supermarkets?

  1. colin  

    more australian dollars and taxes ( Amazon are notorious for evasion) heading overseas.

  2. they wont get my money , I Like to see what I am buying and talk to people , how do you return food if they stuff up , or the food is bad

  3. Robyn Jefferson  

    Don’t trust Amazon. They are bad news. Stick with Aldi and Lidl.

  4. Rosie  

    I don’t like Amazon and after being outrageously ripped off by them for ordinary postage costs, never deal with them. Everyone knows postage costs to and from the USA is way over the top. But Amazon do it regardless of what country they’re selling in. No way Jose.

  5. Nancy Brenton  

    I won’t be one of their customers. Costco just spins my head and I really think it encourages people to buy more junk food as in desserts and nibbles – if it’s in the cupboard they eat it. I’m in my mid seventies and quite enjoy browsing the shelves for specials but only in one shop, Coles. It’s amazing the people you get to chat with and friends you meet to have a coffee with at a later date. Too much choice is not a good idea.

  6. Yvonne Janiszewski  

    Support our home grown supermarkets and help them stay on their feet or we will loose them to overseas companies. Even Adli, money doesn’t stay here. Although I shop in both Coles and Woolies, lets help Woolies get back on their feet, they will do it better. Just lets give them a chance. Like Nancy said, the people in Coles are great, friendly and helpful and they know their products. I’ve never had a bad staff member at Woolies either. Love both their new coffee shops.
    Help Aussie farmers, stay local.

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