Waleed Aly’s rant tells Australia just how to respond to these thugs

What’s the best way to deal with someone who is swaggering around, boasting about their bravado? Put them down by

What’s the best way to deal with someone who is swaggering around, boasting about their bravado? Put them down by exposing their vulnerability.

And that’s just what Waleed Aly has done on The Project last night, declaring ISIL (ISIS) as weak.

His rant was an instant hit on social and traditional media, as the nation collectively fist-punched the air and said “take that”!

Aly says ISIL is trying to split the world into two camps and launch World War 3 โ€“ “A global war between Muslims and everyone else”.

After explaining how ISIL commands terror around the world based on very little substance, Aly called for a unified response from “everyone else”.

“We are all feeling a million raging emotions right now. I am angry at these terrorists. I am sickened by the violence and I am crushed for the families that have been left behind, but, you know what, I won’t be manipulated. We all need to come together.

“I know how that sounds. I know it’s a cliche but it’s also true because it’s exactly what ISIL doesn’t want. So if you’re a member of Parliament or a has-been member of Parliament preaching hate at a time when what we actually need is more love, you are helping ISIL. They have told us that.

“If you are just someone with a Facebook or Twitter account firing off misguided missives of hate, you are helping ISIL. They have told us that.

“I am pretty sure that right now none of us wants to help these bastards.”

“They want societies like France and here in Australia to turn on each other.ย They want countries like ours to reject their Muslims and vilify them.”

“ISIL leaders would be ecstatic to hear that Muslims have been reportedly threatened and attacked in England, America and here in Australia because this evil organisation has it in their heads that if they can make Muslims the enemy of the West, then Muslims in France and England and America and here in Australia will have nowhere to turn but to ISIL.

“That was exactly their strategy in Iraq. And now they want it to go global.

“Saying that out loud, it is both dumbfounding in its stupidity and blood-curdling in its barbarity.”

Watch Aly’s passionate speech here to see his theory on why ISIS is weak and can be defeated with unity. Do you agree?ย 

ISIL is Weak

Waleed talks about how we can stop ISIL #TheProjectTVWritten by Waleed and Tom Whitty (@twhittyer)

Posted by The Project on Monday, November 16, 2015

  1. I think he is right and all the anti Muslim people are not making the situation any better , we need to embrace moderate Muslims in this country and draw them into the fight against terrorism. Disenfranchised Muslim youth will lash out if they feel isolated

    • Jim you are an ignorant man, do yourself a favour and before you make a fool of yourself do some research on the subject, it’s people like you who do more damage to society.

    • My concern is ‘ how does one determine who is a true Muslim and who is a radical Muslim’?

    • Leanna Stephenson I have cockroaches in my walls and every night they come out of hiding despite all of our efforts. ASIO and the police have a similar problem.

    • David Arnold then don’t be a fool man, get baygon, that is what this Government has done by bring in these ANTI terrorist law, they have got a bug repelant and I sugggest you do the same

    • and you are blocked Donna, I don’t have any patience with with people who don’t have the intelligence to do anything but name call, your kindergarten teacher is calling you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • There certainly are a few idiots here Donna Payne but it’s not Leanna Stephenson, you people really don’t want to know the truth!

    • having an opinion is one thing Owen but coming in and calling me childish names is another, I don’t know any of you and I am not going to tolerate name calling and verbal abuse

    • Owen opinions are fine, however Leanna nor anyone else has to put up with nasty people who resort to name calling or abuse, which every time this subject comes up those who have a different opinion end up resorting to, I agree with Leanna when that starts just BLOCK THEM!

    • You should have watched Q&A last night Sally, a moderate Muslim is just like a moderate in any religion, one who is not fanatical enough to perform acts of violence. They are just every day people who practise a religeon

      • But….Waleed Aly said “calling a muslim a “moderate” is insulting and will cause radicalization

    • Trish, speaking of name calling, did you not refer to someone as being an ignorant man? I think you all need to admit that we are not all going to agree and to respect each others opinions

    • Judy Cameron, read again what I said if you or anyone else here want to come in and verbally abuse me or name call , I won’t even hesitate to block you, I don’t know you nor will I ever know you..keep it in mind no one in here has to tolerate this

    • They, like Waleed. are plants designed to becalm any fears the innocent majority may have. Beware the Trojan horse.

      • Lyn  

        Seriously Steven your views and other like it are exactly what Aly is talking about and it is exactly what ISIL wants .. we have extremists in every religion and in non religious organisations .. they are the minority not the majority .. use your common sense not bigotry

  2. We are seeing mass hysteria now and the world is re acting – its a hard problem to overcome in many ways – and it seems like a war could eventuate because of these attacks on several peace loving countries.

  3. That’s all very well but who are these thousands of assholes that are marching through Europe and Sweden as an eg. rapping and destroying as they go. Yes you may not have seen all this if you only watch CNN and the mainstream media

    • Ann Stanton You can’t go on line then, photos , stories, every day, of their vile acts, Sweden th most Liberal country has now deported hundreds of rapists, many of their towns are now no go zones . In Germany a small town of twenty odd now has 300 living in their Castle , they maintain for tourism, They are terrified. TOO many to list.

      • Dawn, if you can’t verify your claims don’t post them. You are sucked in to lies. I have seen a lot of nonsense online, but your claims take the prize. I know people in these countries and what you have said is NOT SO.

    • that is exactly what i mean by people getting their news from the mainstream media. the world just doesn’t know what the hell is going on out there. hells bells, no wonder the west is doomed

    • Rob McGrath Would take all day, , If you don’t know what is going on you aren’t interested enough

    • Dawn, I am passionately interested. I couldn’t find them. Hence I asked you to share the information you said you had.

    • Hundreds of rapists? ?, dear me … what a horrible thing . And so strange my family and friends in Europe havent nentioned it..!!!. i was actually in greece , athens. And.the islands just 3 weeks ago…so have first hand knowledge of that area..and all was peaceful. . Maybe they were hiding from me…?..try googling what has happened in Syria. ..of course they are running… so would you… too many to list? Then stop spreading vile rumours if you cant prove it..Dawn Bruce your fear mongering is a disgrace .. labeling everyone the same..there will always be bad apples..your comments have proven it ..and Leigh Gretton calling people fleeing for their lives assholes.. shows you for who you are… maybe if indonesia invaded us killing our kids..maybe then you would understand..?. why was it brave for people fleeing germany and poland in ww2 to travel to usa..auatralia..uk .. but these people are assholes? ? Your comments make me fear for this wonderful country…

    • Very well said Ann Stanton, I don’t even bother reading comments that Dawn puts up anymore because I find them disgusting.

    • Caryn Spriggs rather be a do gooder any day .. your reference states deporting people with links to radical behaviour…no one would dusagree. With proof that a criminal should be dealt with.. these comments are about hundreds of rapists.. assholes. .etc.. sadly the joke is not on people who see the truth but on those who misinterpret the truth …

    • It must be a noisy group if they are all rapping. I hate rap music, much prefer they were Indy pop hordes.

    • Rob Mcgrath SWEDEN . IT has been on so many posts , But as I have contact with many FB pages ,how would I know which one , Many posts don’t have share, PLUS I have no idea how to share it to this, FB, Don’t tell me to cut paste as I can’t do that either. BUT what I say is true . Lyn Bradford I don’t bother with yours either, but you are not the only person on here.

  4. They are like a cancer. They just keep spreading themselves amongst us and killing us.

    • I am referring to extremists that are allowed to mingle amongst us. Extremists that are watched by governments all over the world but nothing is done about them until they cause this sort of terror in countries all over the world. I am definitely not racist and who are you to judge me.

    • Sharon Ryding
      You don’t seem to have any trouble judging others……
      That’s what gives me the right to judge you. …

    • Unfortunately your terminology does not infer that… hence the responses … perhaps …” extremists are known by authorities and not stopped until they murder innocents and then themselves” would have been clearer and this statement i would agree with … ?

    • Ruth Hourigan you are just rude. We all have the right to have an opinion but it’s rude people like you who think everyone should agree them that spoil these sites.

    • Sharon, when you start saying words like “they are cancer” you are opening yourself up for attack. If you had said ISIS or ISIL, that would be different. You can’t say that all Muslims are bad because they are not. We have Australians who are bad too, but in different ways. Just think about the little girl found in the suitcase; think about Ivan Milat.

    • Sharon Ryding
      Reread your comment. You are no better than those you have a go at. You are judging and calling people names simply because they don’t agree with you.
      Just as you are giving your opinion, so to am I. Or do you think that only you have that right?????
      If you don’t want people to disagree with you then don’t give your opinion on an ooen forum.

    • I am judging terrorists like every other Australian at the moment and if you’re not judging them as well at this time that’s very weird.

    • As I said Helen Joan Harmon I am definitely not and am far from racist. Maybe I left out the name ISIS but I thought the discussion was in regards to terrorists not Muslims.

  5. I agree with him 100%, unfortunately we have to many people who believe that all Muslims are terrorists, I read on here everyday. AUSTRALIA WAKE UP!

    • I don’t believe that everyone thinks that
      It’s because Australia is weak and allowing our values to go out the door
      Not allowing to celebrate Christmas etc etc etc in case we offend
      I’m open to any decent people living here providing they embrace our way of life and that is not happening
      When I go to another country I respect their way of life
      Should happen here as well

    • Caralyn that is your opinion, I’m sure you will discover there are many people who would disagree with you, are all Catholics bad? Of course not, WAKE UP!

    • How do you plan to differentiate Trish…….wake up call needed . Pure and simply….i would very much prefer them not in our country and get rid of tge burqa

    • Not all muslims are terrorists. True. But how does one ascertain who is and who isn’t given that prior to some act the perpetrator was considered to be normal?

    • why then dont you see the good ones giving the bad ones a hard time ,because they are scared and dont know either?

    • The normal good Muslims are standing up for their religion and way of life but we give more attention to ISIS! Have you listened to the article!

    • Wtf where do u live back of bourke.. walk rhro lakemba bankstwn brighton le sands i dont dare venture further theres punchbowl wileypark loads of housing commission areas. Full of mussies its scary dont try to parl there to adjust yur navman yud be told 2 move on. Dont park on tjeir area suburbs cos ul be harrassed by theyre begging not only do they want yur money they wany 2 move in yur home.. this has happened to me often.. oh ive assisted a couple of muslim ppl. How do i know they were muslim. I helped.. wearing the burqua n the male wearing his nightshirt (prayer clothes)

    • you might need to check out the Engish classes at the nearest Tafe Elaine King that is barely readable

    • Trish Daley we live in a freedom of speech country we listen to your version I think the many people would disagree and indeed feel sorry for you I feel you may have a hidden barrow your pushing just my view

    • Elaine King oh dear Elaine, that mangled rant not only made no sense but did you no favours. If you want your hate message to get out there, try having at least a small stab at being literate.

    • I think that some on this stream are forgetting the fanatics that murdered so many in Paris ARE Muslim. Yeeesss before you rant – not all Muslims are fanatics but is is clear that the murderers that we are all up in arms about ARE Muslims.

  6. Waleed Aly…A must read, he makes more sense than any politician. He has a brilliant mind!

  7. I cannot stand this man and The Project should be ashamed for allowing him to rant on TV about his own personal option.

    • For god sake talk sense, he is sticking up for the muslims who are murdering people all over the world and his views should not be allowed on TV where he works.

    • Wake up Magi, Wally is just as entitled to his views as Pauline and he has killed no one, that is just ridiculous

    • Educated? Does that make it OK a lot of educated people are and that does not make their views right.

    • Do you blame every Australian man for the 77 murders (this year) of Australian women and girls?

    • do you realize you can be sued for spreading untruths online ? Wally has never murdered anyone and if he had he would be in jail

    • The trouble with people like you when we do not agree with your views you start the BIG THREAT no wonder we all think muslims are a threat to society like what they did in Paris and around the world.

    • How I have I threatened you Magi? I have certainly challenged your ideas, but that’s not a threat.

    • No one is threatening you all I can see is a common sense reminder, don’t forget Hockey sued Fairfax and won for a headline that was online. Stop making untrue statements and you won’t have a problem, Wally never killed anyone, you sound delusional to me

    • Magi Robinson
      You get on a public forum and voice your bigoted and racists views. You make false accusations against a well respected Australian. And yet you think that others don’t have a right to voice their opinions. You are the one who is scaremongering and should be ashamed of yourself. You certainly are NOT an Australian in my book.

    • Waleed has not murdered anyone ,he is not supporting the terrorists, he speaks commonsense, he is one of the more intelligent, well read and we’ll spoken presenters on television, certainly on the Project.

    • Muslims Take Christian Children And Behead Them, Rape And Kill Their Mothers, And Hang Their Fathers and you people think this is OK you accept this.

    • Rob Mcgrath on the topic of Catholics and the IRA that at least did not rape babies or cut their heads off or gang rape the women of Ireland did they?

    • So Magi, you’re saying it’s OK to blow up little kids so long as you don’t behead them?

  8. I really listened to him and what he is saying makes a lot of sense I just hope a lot more people listen to him we don’t want to play into the hands of Isis

  9. we need to stick together,and love one another,love your fellow man,no matter what colour,creed or religion,x

  10. The day that muslims in Australia uncover their faces and proudly wear an Australian military uniform to help fight these criminals is the day I will truly believe they wish to be inclusive. At the moment all we hear from muslim leaders is excuses and “this is not true Islam”.

    • I know lots of muslim women who don’t cover their faces. Or even wear scarves. Was every catholic responsible for the IRA outrages? Is every Australian a drug smuggler? Does every man beat his wife? It’s not profitable to generalise about a whole group of people you don’t know.

    • It is not just the women who cover their faces and you can bet if a bloke has his face covered he is up to no good.

    • There are many Muslims serving in our armed forces and many who don’t wear face covering.
      Do you condemn the Catholics and tell nuns they shouldn’t wear their habit????
      How many good old Aussies have covered their faces whilst robbing banks or shops or home invasions and killing others. And none of them Muslims.

    • Chris Wallis your bloody scaremongering is more dangerous to Aussies than Muslim People you vilify.

    • How often, after some massacre, have neighbours of the perpetrator said that they believed him/them to be nice quiet people who seemed to be ‘normal’. This is the worry because they out breed non muslims and have children that, despite their parents being tolerant, embrace the radical views of their friends and teachers. Complacency now will backfire on future generations.

    • Now its my turn Trish….wake up to yourself and pull your head out of the freaking sand !!!!!

    • Yes Susan and I stand by my original post because I don’t hear muslim leaders in Australia making the “coming together” sounds that Aly talks about.

    • Chris Wallis you may as well recruit young Muslims to ISIS or to commit lone wolf attacks yourself. Hate never solved anything.

    • Nuns don’t wear habits these days, they are too constricting and set them apart from those they want to serve.

    • The Koran does not mandate full face covering, certain Muslim cultures do that. (Neither does the Koran ever mention Jerusalem is Islamic. For Mohammed it was all about Mecca.)

    • Chris Wallis You are not listening very well then as muslims are preaching peace each and every day , and getting slammed for not being the right gender to preach such a thing, not preaching enough, saying too much, not reperesenting true muslims (whatever that is) yadda yadda yadda. None so blind as he who will not see. Also ‘when they uncover their faces”. The vast majority do and I don’t hear you congratulating them for that. None of my many muslim friends and aquaintences wear a burqua. Some although not all wear a hijab which is fine by me as some of my catholic friends wear a crucifix as a sign of faith. Some of my jewish friends wear a jarmulca, I know a nun who wears a long black robe with just her face showing, I know many Hari Krishna who wear orange pj’s and so on. Of course non of the muslim men I know cover thier faces at all.

    • Chris Wallis – Have you ever worn a military uniform “to help fight these criminals” or do you think that’s just for other people, not you?

    • Judy Green yes I have and I continue to fight for Australian values. I am not just a keyboard warrior and I support anyone who will fight to keep Australia for Australians regardless of race creed or colour.

  11. Those “peace loving countries” are the warmongering countries that have repressed nations in the ME for so long that ISIS is seen as a reasonable response by radical Muslims. The more violent the response against Muslims the stronger ISIS will become.

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