Waleed Aly’s ‘bogan’ comments cause a stir

Waleed Aly has made a comment on The Project that's offended admin workers around the country.
Waleed Aly's joke about 'bogans' on The Project last night hasn't gone down so well on social media. Source: YouTube

If you watch The Project or simply follow the commentary about it on social media, then you’ll know Waleed Aly can often find himself in trouble over some of the things he has to say.

But this time he’s not in hot water over comments about religion or politics.

It’s his comments about bogans that really have fired up some people on social media.

If you missed The Project last night, the panel were discussing a job ad on GumTree that specified “no bogans” should apply.

Co-host Carrie Bickmore asked “Do you know yourself if you’re a bogan?”

Guest panellist Gretel Killeen said there was a town in New South Wales that had a ‘bogan’ statue.

“If you’re not sure, you stand next to their statue (and compare yourself),” she said.

It was all fun and games with the audience and panel laughing until Aly tried to make a joke.

“The other thing — if you are not taking bogans, where will you get good admin people?” he said to an “Oohh” from the audience.

Later in the program Bickmore gave him a chance to clear the air.

“Should I clarify? In my head I was making the opposite point to what came out, the idea that admin people are bogans is ridiculous, but it came out the wrong way around,” Aly said.

While Aly made out he was only joking, it appears his joke doesn’t have too many people laughing.

Social media has been abuzz with people, particularly admin workers, who have taken great offence to his comments.

What do you think about what Waleed Aly said? Just a harmless joke? Or did you find it offensive?


  1. Guy Flavell  

    Just a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Waleed Aly is also a bit of a joke and
    shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    • Geoff Cheesman  

      Couldn’t agree more Guy! Should there be an 18C class action against Aly?

  2. Jan  

    It seems that many of us have loved Waleed Aly for his outspokenness, and now it has become a case of tall poppy, where people think it’s okay to bring ‘him down a peg or two’ because he made a joke, or he makes a slip up, which we all do. Just accept that we’re all human, we’re just not in the public eye.

  3. marilyn donnan  

    Oh for goodness sake. We are not allowed a sense of humour? I know my status in life and confident of who I am. Just a very content retiree. With a loving family. STOP TAKING LIFE SO SERIOUSLY. AND STOP FOLLOWING AMERICAS political correctness. They know they have taken it too far. And now can’t change it back . And everyone now on eggshells.

  4. Jan  

    Just a joke! But I have to admit that some admin people I have had dealings with could come under the bogan umbrella!!

  5. Hans  

    Is he that swarthy looking character? I wish he’d make up his mind about beard or no beard!

  6. Ian Wilson  

    He’s a total airhead at his best!

  7. Gillian Simpson  

    What;s happening to us, we used to be able to make jokes and laugh at ourselves? Bogans used to proudly tell everyone they were a bogan. Come on people lighten up, everyone is so “Precious” these days.

  8. James Breen  

    Just doing his job. No need to apologise. If he’s an airhead, some people could benefit from a breath of it.
    No whining that I can see from the Bintang singlet-wearers (per Waleed’s offsider).

  9. Omg, are we even Australians anymore, where has the Aussie sense of humor gone, stop being so bloody precious and get on with it, it was a joke.

  10. Diandra  

    Trip over yourself Wally. How low can YOU go? You are a dipstick.

    • Therese  

      get over it. I am proud to be a bogan – we are unique and obviously not many of ‘us’ left with a sense of humour

  11. Faye Paull  

    For heaven sake people! When did we stop laughing at ourselves? Whether you like Waleed or not, it’s time to get over the ridiculous notion that nothing is to be laughed at anymore.

  12. Robbie  

    The contraversy appears to be…what is a bogan. Victorian seem to use this reference more than other states.
    I am claiming to be a Bogan. I was born in tbe Bogan Rivet flood years lived and raised on the Bogan River NSW. That makes me a true Bogan. I am a highly educated Nurse now teaching Nursing in Melbourne. I am a true blue Aussie Bogan and proud of it. It’s all in the individuals interpretation of the word. Some inferences can be interpreted as offensive.

    • Therese  

      We have become so politically correct as Australians we have lost our sense of humour. I see myself as a Bogan as my family come from a town with the name Bogan. I am proud of being a bogan. I have a degree, post grad studies and yet still a bogan and proud of it. Stand up all you bogans and be counted

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